This time last week, I had no idea I would be sending cash to Minnesota…
Congratulations to Michele Bachmann for winning this week’s Ten Buck Fridays. In a ten-way race, Bachmann ran away with 42% of the vote.
Bachmann is certainly a worthy conservative candidate who faces a tough fight in the fall. Liberals love to loathe Michele Bachmann, and they’re ready to invest large quantities of cash to beat her in November.
So please, if you can afford to give Michele Bachman a little cash this week, send an Alexander Hamilton to Bachmann for Congress. (And if you’re not participating in the current recession, perhaps you’d like to send a Jackson, or even a Benjamin.)
Thanks again to all the great conservatives who have jumped on board to support TBF this week. It’s been fun firing up the old Google machine to find dozens of new TBF enthusiasts. Check in with Polemicon for the unabridged list of TBF supporters, and let him know if any names are missing.
And please continue submitting nominations for next week’s poll. Several names have already been submitted, but there’s plenty of room for more. On Sunday, the top 10 nominees will identified, and the TBF cycle will move on!
Eighteen weeks until the ultimate tea party on November 2, 2010…make every week count!

(Don't forget to "label" your donation!)


Reaganite Republican takes note! (Ten-Buck Fridays ROCK… and Twenty’s Twice as Nice!)

Ten Buck Fridays explained
Maggie’s Notebook: Send your bucks to Bachmann!
TBF has EXPLODED this week. Head on over to Conscientiously Conservative to visit the blogger who created the concept and began pounding away at this idea several weeks ago.
ROBOT NOTE: Busy day today so I flat-out copied RightKlik’s announcement. Hope you don’t mind, buddy. Besides, you did such a good job with your post, I didn’t think I could do any better. Why mess with perfection?
UPDATE Bob Belvedere alerts me that Maggie uploaded a list of blogs promoting Ten Buck Fridays, and here they are:

1) Conscientiously Conservativetarget

2) RightKlik

3) The Conservative Lady

4) Mind Numbed Robot

5) Left Coast Rebel

6) Lady Cincinnatus

7) The War Planner

8) Hack Wilson

9) Libertarian Advocate

10) Polemicon

13) JBlog Central

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