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Happy Sunday patriots! The latest poll is up and running on the sidebar.

Another outstanding list of nominees for this weeks TBF poll. I’ve nominated John Faulk from Texas’ 18th District, who is running against the disgrace that is Congresswomaaaaan Sheila Jackson Lee.

If you reside in Texas I would urge you to at least consider placing your vote for John Faulk. I normally don’t press readers to vote one way or another in these polls, but in my opinionated opinion the Congresswomaaaaan needs to go and Mr. Faulk will be an excellent choice. I will say that no matter who wins the poll this week, along with my TBF donation, I’ll personally be making an extra donation to Mr. Faulk’s campaign.

Mr. Faulk’s YouTube page here.

John Faulk on the issues here.

As is normally the case, Right Klik has the complete roundup of information on all of the very worthy nominees.

He also adds some reminders:

Contribute to last week’s winner, Chip Cravaack.
What form of government would you prefer?
Lilac Sunday: My email to Rush Limbaugh
Tell the big talkers about TBF:

Took a road trip yesterday and found what might be the highway Bob Dylan sang of in Highway 61 Revisited. We didn’t see no killin’ though.

Oh God said to Abraham, “Kill me a son”
Abe says, “Man, you must be puttin’ me on”
God say, “No.” Abe say, “What?”
God say, “You can do what you want Abe, but
The next time you see me comin’ you better run”
Well Abe says, “Where do you want this killin’ done?”
God says, “Out on Highway 61”

Here’s southeast Texan, Johnny Winter’s version…

Today, in the robot’s mail box I found the latest installment of

The Peter Morrison Report

Summary of this week’s report:

Conservative stalwart Leo Berman has officially declared that he’s
seeking the office of Speaker of the House, currently held by Joe
Straus. Straus is a RINO who supports abortion and gambling,
campaigns for liberal Democrats, and uses his power to block
important conservative legislation. Replacing Straus with Rep.
Berman would be a huge victory for conservative Texans, and we need
to support Leo Berman in his bid for the Speaker’s job.

Take action:

Please fax the Republican members of the Texas House and urge them
to vote for Leo Berman for Speaker of the House.

Also, please call, write or fax the member of the Texas House from
your district and urge them to vote for Leo Berman for Speaker of
the House. If you need to look up their contact information, you
can do so here:

Unlike Congressmen, it’s possible to actually get your state
representative on the phone. This is by far the most important
step to take, as your rep will be naturally cautious to oppose the
incumbent speaker because of his power to determine the fate of
committee assignments and legislation. Only constituent pressure
will help them muster the courage to act.

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In reference to the earlier post which called out the 11 Texans who voted for ObamaCare. Just in case you didn’t notice the new tab, I’m pointing it out. There it is, top right. See?

After a thorough and exhaustive search, the opponents of the TEXAS 11 have been located. I’ve dedicated a page on this site to reference the democrats and their opponents.  You’ll find it at the top  labeled TEXAS 11. Simple. Now go give their opponents some money!

UPDATE: After a thorough and exhaustive search, the opponents of the TEXAS 11 have been located. I’ve dedicated a page on this site to reference the democrats and their opponents.  You’ll find it at the top  labeled TEXAS 11. Simple. Now go give their opponents some money!

Original Post:

A reminder via email.

We need to get information on who they are running against and everyone send donations to their opponents.

Here they are… the 11 Texans in the U.S. House who voted YES for the ObamaCare health care reform bill. They all need to be voted out of office!!! They failed to represent the people that elected them. You may not be able to vote for or against, but someone down the line can.

Am looking for info on their opponents. If you have verifiable names of candidates,  email me or leave a comment and I’ll be more than happy to pass it on in updates to this post.

I can foresee a new page in the near future concerning Texas political races so, be on the lookout.

While on a trek over to Louisiana today, something glinted in the corner of my eye right after crossing the TX/LA border, the Sabine river. So, I pulled over, got out and… Hey! it’s an Anna Little for Congress campaign sign!.Anna Little for Congress sign Louisiana

What are you doing in Louisiana little buddy? Come down all the way from New Jersey for some creole cookin’ did ya?

Guess some of these LA folk know a good conservative when they see one.

So, back into the car, off to do some business and I’m on the way back, and on a hunch mind you, I stop at the Texas tourist center. Bam! Another one of those Little guys.

Anna Little for Congress Sign Texas 1
I like how the six flags of Texas look in the background.

Then, as I’m about to pull out of the parking lot, I spy another Little sign.

Anna Little for Congress sign Texas 2

About now I realize, this is the same sign. The Little guy is following me! So I open up the car door, it jumps on in and away we go. Now it has a happy home right in my front yard. Which is where all good Little yard signs should be after all.

Anna Little for Congress sign Texas 3

Please, don’t let a Little sign be neglected. Adopt one today and give it a home.

Thanks to Russ from That’s Right for allowing me to join his adopt-a-sign program.

You can find more serious information about Mayor Anna Little at her website, Anna C. Little for Congress.

The Muslim faith is a troublesome one. So much of the righteous outrage, alarm and hyperbole that surrounds it is self inflicted. Just like this meaningless tripe over their “prophet” not wanting to be depicted in any way. Why would he do that? Were the artists of his time really all that bad? Probably not as bad as a semi-silver robot.

Oh well.

I did a quick search and found that Wackopedia has a couple of renderings of Mohammed. Some of them going back in time quite a ways. Did the Muslims of earlier times kill all of the artists and forget to burn the art?

Today, either by some mysterious muse, or maybe it was divine inspiration, I was led to The Other Club where I found a spot-on take of the whole mess. I highly recommend the read.

The Other Club was also instrumental in these two finds: The Mohammed Image Archive and the Jesus and Mo online comic strip.

I’m not going to spend too much time on this, except to point out that this is America, and in America, I will draw whomever I damn well please, whenever or however it pleases me to draw him, it, she or whatever. If you want to be offended about it get the flock out of my country.

Oh and Comedy Central is off of my remote’s favorites list for good. Too bad to, because I like some of their shows.

Now for the Draw Mohammed Day 2010 robot entry. I got to use my new toy as well. The Wacom Intuos2 6×8 Graphics Tablet (USB).
As you can see, it’s going to take some getting used to, but like I said before, I didn’t want to waste a bunch of time drawing a prophet, unless of course it would make me a profit.

I’ll throw links to anyone who posts a drawing of Mohammed. Send me an email at robot at mindumbedrobot dot com. If you don’t have a website, include the graphic and I’ll post it. If you don’t SAY you want credit, then I’ll post without.

Stogie over at Saberpoint has been all over this from the start. He recently got an email from a Muslim who was none to pleased with him and proceeded to take the words right out of my mouth in his reply. You can read that exchange here.

And one more thing, shut up with the whining and grow a skin. The USA does not abide Islamic law.

UPDATE: Linked by The Classic Liberal,  The Troglopundit, who recognizes greatness when he sees it, and Grizzly Mama, who has a nice round up. There are more links to be found at Atlas Shrugs and Anthroblogology.

Also, Anthroblogology and Grizzly Mama can thank Mohammed or at least the person who started the EDMD meme, because they’ve been added to the Robot’s blogroll.

UPDATE II: After some careful consideration, Wyblog joins the fun with a roundup of sites joining in the solidarity. And my apologies to Sean at Tilting Suds for not linking to his Mohammed collage earlier.

As I recall, a couple of days ago, General B. Belvedere posted a rather alarming story. According to TCOTS there are some pictures of some racist Miss USA Contestants out there and I aim to find them. Wait a second while I pretend to do a quick search….

Hmmm, Something is amiss here. Can’t find any ladies in white hoods on the interwebz. Let me go back to Bob’s original posting


My bad. He said raaaaacy, not raaaaacist. I feel like such a boob.

Well, now that I’ve screwed this post up like, totally,  you deserve some reward for your clicking trouble, so I’ll post a few of the raaaaacy beauties for your enjoyment.

How to choose? They are all so offensively lovely. Wait! I know. I’ll pick Texas and the bordering states! Yea, that’s the ticket.

Now for some solidarity, let’s play guess the state…

Here’s a reminder of why you need to click that Help For Tennessee link in the top middle column.

You do know there are five a’s in raaaaacy, don’t you?

Want more? OK, here is more Rule 5 than you can handle.

Here is this week’s installment of the Peter Morrison Report. But before we get to that, I have a question. Why has it become a raaaaacial issue to speak against an illegal activity? Especially one that will clearly bankrupt the country if the practice is continued?

The Peter Morrison Report

Summary of this week’s report:

Texas State Rep. Debbie Riddle created a firestorm when she told a
left wing talk show host discussing the recent Arizona bill that
the reason race-based Hispanic groups aren’t in favor of a
crackdown on illegal immigration is that they’re used to
entitlements and want to keep them coming. Questioning
entitlements going to illegal aliens is an unpardonable sin in
politics. We need to commend Rep. Riddle and thank her for speaking
up on this issue and for refusing to back down in the face of
numerous personal attacks on her character.

Send a fax to Rep. Riddle,

Full report:

Texas State Representative Debbie Riddle (R-Tomball) found herself
in the middle of a firestorm the other day after she gave an
interview to an obscure left wing talk show host in Houston. An
attorney named Geoff Berg hosts a weekly talk show called Partisan
Gridlock on station KFPT which, just like Berg’s politics, is on
the far left end of the FM dial. KFPT is affiliated with the
notoriously radical Radio Pacifica network. For an idea of where
Berg and KFPT are coming from, just look at a few of the programs
on the station’s schedule: Queer Voices, Proyecto Latino
Americano, Uprising, Arab Voices, Nuestra Palabra and Voz de la

Berg was interviewing Rep. Riddle about her call for a crackdown on
illegal immigration. Rep. Riddle has promised to introduce
legislation this year that will be very similar to the recent bill
passed in Arizona; in other words, she wants a law on illegal
immigration that will actually be effective. During the interview,
Berg employed a typical left wing tactic – he prefaced his question
with “Without making it a racial issue…”, and then proceeded to
bluntly make opposition to illegal immigration into a racial issue.
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UPDATE: The Austin TEA Party has a petition in support of the revisions here.

This in the mailbag today from Peter Morrison concerning the changes proposed to the new Texas schools curriculum. The SBOE has done some fine work and needs Texas conservatives to back up their recommendations. What follows is an explanation of those changes with links to the full texts and a fact sheet spelling out the proposals.

The Peter Morrison Report

It is extremely important that conservatives and patriots from around the state contact the Texas State Board of Education to voice support for the revisions that the SBOE made earlier this year to the Texas social studies textbook standards.

If you can, please take one of the following actions:

1. Sign up to testify before the State Board meeting in Austin.
Wednesday, May 19th will be a full day of public testimony before the SBOE. The signup to testify starts early on Friday, May 14th. Be sure to call the Texas Education Agency early on that morning at 512-463-9581 to make sure you get a spot to testify!

2. Contact the SBOE by sending them an email at and let them know that you support the
revisions that have been made.

Right now, the SBOE is hearing from groups like the League of United Latin American Citizens (LULAC), NAACP, Mexican American Legal Defense and Educational Fund (MALDEF), Texas Families of Incarcerated Youth, Sikh Coalition, U.T. Austin Department of History, Carrizo-Comecrudo Tribe of Texas, Hindu-American Foundation, Coalition for Educational Reform, Texas Holocaust and Genocide Commission, and many other individuals.  They have been asked to include more minorities, more liberal groups, less about our Christian heritage, less about limited government, more about race and gender, and less about free markets and gun rights.

The SBOE has already heard from lots of liberals and liberal groups. They need to hear from conservatives as well!

Please either call 512-463-9581 and get a spot to testify or email the SBOE at:

The information below is from my SBOE representative, Barbara Cargill, one of the conservative members of the SBOE:


This Fact Sheet clears up much of the misinformation from the media about the K-Grade 12 social studies standards.  Please feel free to share it.  Many of us on the State Board of Education (SBOE) will continue to work diligently for rigorous history standards that teach our children about their rich heritage and emphasize our country’s founding principles.  We want students to learn more about the Founding Fathers and patriot heroes of both our state and nation. Important leaders who were neglected previously have been added to the standards.  These include John Quincy Adams, John Hancock and John Wise.  And we have placed stronger emphasis on key historical documents such as the Declaration of Independence and Constitution. Students will learn the liberties and responsibilities guaranteed by each amendment in the Bill of Rights.

Here are examples of some of the outstanding standards that have passed so far:

American History:
-The student understands the concept of American exceptionalism.
-Describe how American values are different and unique from those of other nations;
-Describe U. S. citizens as people from numerous places throughout the world, who hold a common bond in standing for certain self-evident truths.
-Discuss the meaning and historical significance of the mottos “E Pluribus Unum” and “In God We Trust.”

U.S. Government:
-Analyze selected issues raised by judicial activism and judicial restraint.

Grades 1-3: (with the word “equality” added in Grades 2-3)
-Identify characteristics of good citizenship including truthfulness, respect for others and oneself, responsibility in daily life, and participation in government by educating oneself about the issues, holding public officials to their word, and voting.

Grade 6:
-Understand the importance of morality and ethics in maintaining a functional free enterprise system.

Grade 8:
-Describe how religion and virtue contributed to the growth of representative government in the American colonies.

Over the last few months, the SBOE has heard testimony from people representing League of United Latin American Citizens (LULAC), NAACP, Mexican American Legal Defense and Educational Fund (MALDEF), Texas Families of Incarcerated Youth, Sikh Coalition, U.T. Austin Department of History, Carrizo-Comecrudo Tribe of Texas, Hindu-American Foundation, Coalition for Educational Reform, Texas Holocaust and Genocide Commission, and many other individuals.  We have been asked to include more minorities, more liberal groups, less about our Judeo-Christian heritage, less about limited government, more about race and gender, and less about free markets and gun rights.

The final vote is on May 21st.  The conservatives on the SBOE need help from patriots across the state to ensure that the revisions we have made to the standards are upheld.  On Wednesday, May 19th we will have a full day of public testimony.  People from many of the same organizations listed above will be back to speak to the SBOE.
Please use this opportunity to come and address the Board yourself!
Signing up to testify for the May 19th State Board meeting begins on Friday, May 14th.  Please call the Texas Education Agency early at 512-463-9581.

If coming to Austin is not an option, let your voice be heard by e-mailing
The proposed social studies standards are posted at

Charts that list the historical figures in the social studies standards are posted on that same page for verification of information.  Please take a look at the standards for yourself and do not rely on what the media says.  The Fact Sheet is pasted below for your convenience.

Thank you for your encouraging messages and for your support about this important issue.

For our children,

Barbara Cargill
State Board of Education, District 8
Chair, Committee on Instruction


State Board of Education
Social Studies TEKS Fact Sheet

A. FALSE ALLEGATION: The State Board of Education is not listening
to educators and experts and as such the SBOE should send the
social studies standards back to the original review committees.

FACT:  The Social Studies TEKS review committees and some
history experts made some revisions that were unsupportable, and
the State Board of Education had to direct changes or vote to
return to the original content.

Christmas, Neil Armstrong, Thomas Edison, Albert Einstein,
religious heritage language, Independence Day, Veterans Day and
Christopher Columbus were either removed completely or partially
from several grade levels by the review committees. The State Board
of Education members have assured concerned members of the public
that these historical figures and important concepts were placed
back in the standards where they had been taught for the previous
10 years. This action was based on the urging and feedback from
numerous educators, experts and concerned members of the public.
One “historian” even suggested Alexander Graham Bell and the Texas
Rangers should be removed from Texas social studies standards. This
recommendation was not adopted.

B. FALSE ALLEGATION: The State Board of Education is making
decisions on its own and not listening to educators.

FACT:  Numerous educators urged the State Board of Education
to teach students accurately about the country’s religious heritage
and American Exceptionalism.

The State Board of Education voted to include requirements that
students study about America ‘s religious heritage and American

C. FALSE ALLEGATION: The State Board of Education is deleting
minority figures from the social studies curriculum.

FACT: The proposed Social Studies TEKS include more minority
representation than ever before.

Among the many individuals who have been added to the standards are
Crispus Attucks, Jose Bernardo Guillermo de Lara, Alvar Nunez
Cabeza de Vaca, Wentworth Cheswell, Francisco Coronado, Bernardo de
Galvez, Juan de Onate, Adina de Zavala, Enrique Esparza, W.E.B.
DuBois, Carmen Lomas Garza, Henry B. Gonzalez, Raul A. Gonzalez,
Maria Mitchell, Ellen Ochoa, Jose Antonio Navaro, Irma Rangel, Juan
Seguin, Erasmo Seguin, Phillis Wheatley, Lulu Belle White, Diane
Gonzales Bertrand, Simon Bolivar, Bessie Coleman, Tomie de Paola,
Marcus Garvey, Lydia Mendoza, Kadir Nelson, Danny Olivas, Raymond
Telles and Amado Pena Jr.

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Here's another reason Texas should follow Arizona's lead ? It is WORKING already! Read the rest of this entry »

Friend of the Robot and fellow Southeast Texan, Peter Morrison, has chimed in on the Arizona Illegal Immigration law issue with a call for action to our leaders in Austin. The Robot could not agree more.

Peter issues a newsletter from time to time and has graciously given permission to share his thoughts with you.

If you would like to receive the articles directly, you can sign up at the link to the right under “Texas Political Links”.

Here is

The Peter Morrison Report

The governor of Arizona just signed into law a measure that gives
local law enforcement the power to actually do something about
illegal immigration.  It’s one of the toughest laws in the nation
dealing with the illegal invasion, and all the right people are
denouncing it.  Now it’s time for Governor Perry and our
legislators to give Texas the same kind of bill.

Send a fax to Gov. Perry, Lt. Gov. Dewhurst, and Speaker Straus,

Full report:

The Arizona legislature passed a bill this year that can actually
have a real impact on the massive invasion of illegal aliens that
all states in the Southwest are experiencing.  Unlike so many bills
dealing with illegal immigration, which usually do very little to
actually crack down on the problem, Arizona’s SB 1070 has some real
teeth in it.  For starters, it makes it a violation of state law to
be in the country illegally, which is a great end run around the
federal government.  The Washington, DC establishment always claims
that only the feds have the power to enforce laws against illegal
immigration, because it’s a federal crime, not a state violation.
Then they turn around and do nothing to enforce federal immigration

The bill also authorizes local law enforcement officials to arrest
illegal aliens, which is another critical component.  Since the
federal government refuses to do its duty to protect the nation’s
borders, SB 1070 gives the men and women in the police and
sheriff’s departments of Arizona the authority to do so.  This is
how it should be, as federal law enforcement manpower simply isn’t
sufficient for the task.  Once illegals get past the Border Patrol,
it’s up to local communities to deal with the problem.  The bill
also bans “sanctuary cities”, and makes it a crime to knowingly
transport anyone who is in the country illegally.  This is exactly
the kind of legislation conservatives have been demanding for years.

Arizona’s governor, Jan Brewer, at first played coy about whether
she would sign the bill, refusing to comment on it either way.
Finally, though, she bowed to public pressure and signed it into
law.  She said the bill will allow Arizona to “work to solve a
crisis we did not create and the federal government has refused to
fix – the crisis caused by illegal immigration and Arizona’s porous
border.”  Governor Brewer is up for re-election in November, and
with polls showing that 70 percent of Arizona voters were in favor
of the bill, refusing to sign it into law would probably have been
the death knell for her career in politics.  Illegal immigration in
Arizona is even worse than here in Texas, and voters all over the
political spectrum have finally had enough.

Naturally, it didn’t take long for the leftists and
multiculturalists to start denouncing Arizona’s long overdue
crackdown on illegal immigration.  Several left wing groups are
already promising to fight it in the federal courts, and liberal
politicians and pundits have been condemning the bill in
apocalyptic terms.  That’s because they want the invasion of tens
of millions of illegal aliens from third world nations to continue;
they know that the invasion will result in millions of future
Democrat voters.  They don’t mind seeing America turned into a
Balkanized country if it guarantees a permanent Democratic
majority.  That’s exactly what will come about if we don’t
immediately take serious steps to begin reversing the invasion of
illegals from south of the border.

Barack Obama, naturally, has condemned the bill.  In his view the
new law threatens “basic notions of fairness that we cherish as
Americans, as well as the trust between police and their
communities that is so crucial to keeping us safe.” It’s quite
telling that Obama was quick to condemn the Cambridge police
officer who rightly arrested one of his pals, but is now suddenly
concerned about trust between the police and “communities.” (Notice
he didn’t use the word “citizens.”)  One of Obama’s favorite
preachers, the far left-wing Jim Wallis, called the bill “a racial
sin.”  The liberal Roman Catholic Archbishop of Los Angeles, who is
notorious for his support of illegal aliens, even compared the new
law to “German Nazi and Russian Communist techniques”.  These over
the top hysterical reactions are proof that this bill is liberals’
worst nightmare.
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