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From Right Klik:

Ten Buck Fridays is proud to announce that Stephen Broden is the winner of this week’s TBF poll. Broden demonstrates a profound understanding of the compelling issues that are at stake in the upcoming election.

Pastor Broden in 2009:

I’ve just made my donation to Stephen Broden’s campaign for Congress. Please join with me and the over 80 TBF blogs and patriots in support of conservative candidates who will fight for us in the halls of Congress.

Mr. Broden’s donation page is here.

Please make a note of Ten Buck Fridays somewhere on the donation form.

This week marks the first time that a candidate I nominated did not win the TBF poll, but I’m not upset about it. John Faulk made a great showing and I’m glad to see the many Faulk supporters out there who wish to dethrone Queen Sheila J. Lee.

I will, as promised, be donating to both of these worthy campaigns.

Mister Faulk also had a bit of fun with the straw poll, showing what a true gentleman he is. For the details on that and the info on the winner, Patricia Sullivan, I surrender the virtual podium to my worthy colleague, Right Klik:

For much of this week, I was wondering what we would do if our TBF poll ended with a tie. Patricia Sullivan and John Faulk were literally deadlocked almost every time I peeked at the poll results.
Making it even more interesting, Sullivan and Faulk made an intriguing deal. Now I’m looking forward to seeing Mr. Faulk in one of Patricia’s tee shirts!
Sullivan and Faulk both worked very hard for your vote, and I want to thank both of them for their good-natured rivalry. I wish them both the best of luck in their quest to unseat two of the most vile leftists in Congress.
In the final hours of this week’s poll, Patrica Sullivan pulled ahead for the victory, so now we focus our attention on her. If Sullivan wins the primary election on August 24, she will go on to face the loathsome Alan Grayson in November. If Sullivan is to succeed, she will certainly need your love, support, and appreciation, but she will also need some cold hard cash.
“But RightKlik,” you exclaim, “I don’t live in Sullivan’s district, and I’m not really keen on this idea of giving up a portion of my walkin’ around money for conservative candidates.” Well, Maggie has a few words for you.
Please give generously to Patricia Sullivan so she can go on with her noble work. I want to hear about some big numbers from Patricia’s people next week!
Patricia’s Donation Box is on the very front page of her website. Contribute to Patricia Sullivan for Congress:
Don’t forget to label you donation “Ten Buck Fridays”
Make your donation to Patricia Sullivan here.
Patricia Sullivan info:
“Thank you Patriots! Although it was an honor just to be nominated, we are thrilled that YOUR hard work and networking handed us a BIG WIN in the Ten Buck Fridays’ poll! Blogs will be spreading the word and you can too. Donate $10 and help us stay on pace to beat Alan Grayson!”

“Patricia Sullivan Won! My congratulations to Ms. Sullivan, a worthy opponent, who campaigned hard and got her base out! Losing to the future CongressMOM FL-8 was an honor. We all need to help her as much as we can. My leadership PAC will be making a contribution to her cause. I hope all of you will do the same. As the loser, I will follow through and post a picture of me in Ms. Sullivan’s campaign Tee shirt! GO GET’EM PATRICIA!”
More updates

Both of you who read this blog on a regular basis Anna Little for Congress sign Texas 3know that I’m a big Little fan. Jersey girl is alright with this robotic writer, so I’m extremely pleased to announce that this weeks Ten Buck Fridays vote has been tallied and Anna Little has emerged victorious.

Now head over to Anna’s site and donate what you feel you can afford. Anna is facing a tough incumbent in Frank Pallone and her campaign can use every dollar.

RightKlik has a nice post detailing the Anna Little victory and give suggestions on another worthy candidate if you are feeling extra generous.

Super-Blogger, Nice Deb has picked up the TBF torch and is running with us, as is StopTheACLU, Maggie’s Notebook, WorldDailyNews, Hack Wilson, The Conservative Lady Polemicon and many many others.

I’m swamped with work today so, this is short and sweet. Go give Anna Little some money!


While on a trek over to Louisiana today, something glinted in the corner of my eye right after crossing the TX/LA border, the Sabine river. So, I pulled over, got out and… Hey! it’s an Anna Little for Congress campaign sign!.Anna Little for Congress sign Louisiana

What are you doing in Louisiana little buddy? Come down all the way from New Jersey for some creole cookin’ did ya?

Guess some of these LA folk know a good conservative when they see one.

So, back into the car, off to do some business and I’m on the way back, and on a hunch mind you, I stop at the Texas tourist center. Bam! Another one of those Little guys.

Anna Little for Congress Sign Texas 1
I like how the six flags of Texas look in the background.

Then, as I’m about to pull out of the parking lot, I spy another Little sign.

Anna Little for Congress sign Texas 2

About now I realize, this is the same sign. The Little guy is following me! So I open up the car door, it jumps on in and away we go. Now it has a happy home right in my front yard. Which is where all good Little yard signs should be after all.

Anna Little for Congress sign Texas 3

Please, don’t let a Little sign be neglected. Adopt one today and give it a home.

Thanks to Russ from That’s Right for allowing me to join his adopt-a-sign program.

You can find more serious information about Mayor Anna Little at her website, Anna C. Little for Congress.

Been meaning to post this video. As appropriate as it is…

Carol made a new video. I had to swipe it.

Guess they weren’t TEA Partiers, or the MSM would have been all over it like fleas on a hound.

The Camp of the Saints has a couple of things to say about it.

William Teach over at The Pirate’s Cove found some other news on the riots in a couple of protests.

Gator Doug also has an expose’ on the May Day riots in Greece.

Even more on the protests from Michelle Malkin.

Matt Ross at Western Front America has legal dissection of the Arizona law and some more video.

Question: Does anyone in the MSM know how to use a search engine?

A quick search using the words “illegal protest violence” turned up plenty of evidence to support the fact that there was violence at the protests. Why is it ignored?

Here are some of the results: Red State, Hot Air, News Busters.

If you don’t have any of those sites bookmarked yet, what are you waiting for?

The Classic Liberal has the best round up I've seen. Read the rest of this entry »
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