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OK folks, gather round,  I’ve got an announcement. I’m about to commit an act of *gasp* Capitalism. I’m sure this will send Obama’s head spinning. The ‘bot is going to sell some swag!

Initially, there will be only one design. You can order it in any color you like, as long as it’s black and you can order any size you want, as long as it large or extra large. Except now. If one of you loyal readers, commenter or blog owners (you know who you are) were to request a special size before Thursday 7-1-10, when I place the order, I’ll include your request. No need to pay up front, we’ll go on the honor system.

I know where you blog.

Here is the design. Pretty slick, don’t you think? Lets everyone know the content of your character or that you are a character. Either way, at least you get something for your 20 bucks. (Shipping included in the continental US only.)

Hey, quit drooling, it’ll ruin your keyboard.

I’m in the process of getting a GPal account set up. That will be the payment system. If you’re wondering who the heck GPal is, Pamela Geller of Atlas Shrugs has just switched to GPal after PayPal went all wacko on her and threatened to cut off her account. They did see the error of their ways but Pamela already had a plan B. Oops! Good on her.

Leave your pre-order requests in the comments of this post, or you can email me at robot[at]mindnumbedrobot[dot]com with the subject line TSHIRT SIZE REQUEST. Let me know how many as well.


UPDATE: Linked by Little Miss Attila!

UPDATE II: Thanks to Steve at Texas Pixel Magic for the glowing tee-shirt banner.

UPDATE III: Looks like I’ve got to back up on the GPal payment method for now, I truly thought it would be easier to find an online ecommerce site that uses it. If it’s out there, I haven’t found it, so I’m forced to choose between Google Checkout and PayPal. I’m going with PayPal, as I think most everyone I know of already has a PP account. Hopefully the ecommerce site I choose will be able to integrate with GPal in the future or another will come available.

UPDATE IV: The Shoppe is open!

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