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How did I miss this?

I just caught an article on The Daily Telegraph proposing that very theory. The Voyager II was sent out 33 years ago. It contained a data disk loaded with enough information on the Earth and we humans for future alien life forms to easily come here and overtake the planet. Now, it seems as though someone or something has reprogrammed the output of V’ger because the signals from the probe that the scientists are receiving don’t make sense anymore.

Someone better call Jodie Foster! We need the top decryption analysts on this right away. And we need the primer.

OK, I realize I’m mixing movies here but, I volunteer to mate with the new life form that Voyager has become, but only if she looks like that bald chick in the first Star Trek movie, or Daisy Fuentes.

Even a robot has a cull factor.

My first question when I saw this news was to wonder aloud what the Obama regime is doing to prevent the obvious threat from alien life that this could pose? Then I thought, nah. They aren’t doing anything along those lines. They’re probably busy drafting new entitlement  language into the Amnesty Bill to ensure the aliens vote Democrat.

This is not good news.

Just think, we sent a gold plated  LP disc into space with the probe. We probably pissed them off when they realized they left their record player in the other spaceship and had to go get it. Then they start playing the thing only to hear then President Carter! How wussified they must think we are.

Also, I’m just questioning here, what kind of timing is it that we are again beset with the worst President since Carter? Coincidence? I think not. It may be that Carter was an alien life form and that Obama is as well. They are just using the occasion of Obama’s Presidency to now hatch the second phase of their evil plan, which sadly for yours truly, will probably not involve Salma Hayek or Daisy Fuentes.

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July 2022