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Posting has been light this week, as I’m sure both of you are aware. Been a lot of happenings at work and here at the Robot’s Pub and Pool Hall.

The new shirts are back from the printer and we, meaning me, myself and the imaginary girlfriend who lives in my head, are busy with the learning curve of setting up the tax and shipping options in the Robo-Shoppe.

Of course, I wasn’t aware that I needed to register with USPS for any shipping options, and I didn’t find that out until today (Sunday). USPS is, of course, closed for renovations on Sundays don’-cha-know, which means the new shirts won’t be available through the online store until some time tomorrow (12/13/10). Arrgghh.

As of now, I’m busy trying to “stock” the products in their respective online bins and such, which entails creating a new product for each size if I wish the program to help me keep track of inventory, and I do. Tedious.

So, rather than continue to bore you with the further details, I’ll share with you a couple of photos of the final products. We changed the coloring of the “Peace thru Strength” tee to a more solarized, psychadelic type of motif, which I think is pretty cool. Here, see for yourself. (I think they look even better in person.)

The other, “Smiley Face Nuke” is radical as well.

We here at the Robot’s Pub and Pool Hall think every red-blooded American needs one of these fine pieces of apparel, so we are offering them at the rock bottom price of $16 each plus tax, title and shipping.

We can’t think of a better way to thumb your nose at the despot of the month than to smile in the face of danger or turn a beloved sixties commie/hippie icon on it’s head.

That’s all for now.

We’re off to the shoppe to stock some inventory.

Peace out. ~ ‘Bot

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August 2022