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…I take a break from the campaign trail to submit who I believe to be the winner of the contest. For if it is, in fact, a contest, our Fearless Reader: Barack Hussein Obama, is indeed the winner due to the fact he has declared war on every living soul in America and the free world for that matter. That the world just happens to contain a super-stretchy, pant-suit load of those feministic type people is not just a coincidence, it is a crucial part of the plan to divide and conjure. It also matters not that said feministas are clueless to Obama’s chicanery. In fact, it makes the offense ever more – um – offensive.

To illustrate, I give you the ultimate example of brain-washery.

Big tip of the tin chapeau to The Tree of Mamre from where I gleefully swiped this magnificent work of art.

For those uninitiated with National Offend a Feminist Week, please visit The Other McCain, Three Beers Later or The Camp of the Saints for your introductory materials, mandatory lampshade and sippy-cup.

Blog note: Originally posted on 5-9-12.

In honor of RS McCain’s Offend a Feminist Week, I’ve decided to post a few more pictures of the very beautiful and bodacious, Shannon Richards, who I posted here before to honor RS McCain’s Rule 5 . I figure, what would offend a feminist more than a pretty woman going out of her way to show off her figure? *gasp*

Now class, pay attention. There will be a pop quiz at the end of this assignment.


To be honest, there are so many things wrong with the feminazi movement, I won’t begin to lay it out. The damn thing is close to 60 years old and as worn as my Vans. (The shoes, not the vehicle.) They have made caricatures of themselves and for that, a little light-hearted poke in the eye never hurt anyone. Unless you actually poke them in the eye. Which of course I’m not advocating here. That would be unprovoked violence, which I abhor. You’re not even reading this any more are you? I’m just wasting pixels. ~ Enjoy.

Why am I thinking about lollipops?

Oh, and happy Cinco de Mayo!

Question, if you’re still with me. Why do we celebrate a Mexican victory over France, in America?

Told you there would be a quiz at the end.

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