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Laugh out loud funny.
This one is sure to go viral.


Well done!

Earlier this week, an old friend reminded me of this band from the eighties/nineties called World Party. Karl Wallinger was the crux of the thing as I recall and played most of the instruments on the studio versions of the songs. He’s also a former member of the neo(?) Celtic band The Waterboys.

Seeing World Party and Jelllyfish in Austin along with a thousand of my closest friends ranks up in my top three favorite shows. Good schtuff, that

Just for fun, try a little game of “Spot the Influence.”


After campaigning for nearly 5 months, we took a break last Friday evening and jammed-out to the masterful tunes of Mr. Phil Pritchett and The Full Band. Without knowing the political leanings of P2, I gathered some strong libertarian concepts in the lyrics of his songs.

Here’s a couple of shaky video examples. Enjoy:


I clicked play.


Could.  Not.   Stop.  Alien.   Hand.

Damn you, Trog.  Damn you!

Now it’s stuck in RAM.

Quick. Find some Foo Fighters.

Ahhh, now that’s more like it.


BTW, Zilla’s got a baad toothache and needs some tip jar action. How about helping her feel better? You’ll feel better too. Thanks!

Slackjaw Jezebel


Enjoy your July 4th weekend, folks!

Sorry so quiet. Been busy at work during the day and at the studio at night working on a new project. This one is shaping up to be pretty intensive so blogging will likely be lite for the foreseeable future.

Hang in there. I’ll be back before you know it.

Here. Have a little Fleetwood Mac to tide you over.





Per my good friend Rodney’s recommendation:
Lincoln Durham – “Mud Puddles”

Here’s one from this past South by Southwest at Threadgill’s in Austin -“Living This Hard”

And one more: “Reckoning Lament”

You guys have a great nite. Be safe.

A couple of Automotivators inspired by the Wisconsin public employees union protests.

Photos thanks to Ann Althouse here and here.

Around the blogosphere:

The Trog has a question about the happenings.

R.S. McCain has a list of employee salaries and wonders on a Cheesehead Revolution.

General Belvedere has a few choice words as well.

Also, my favorite frugal female has found the Wanted Poster of the Day Week Month.

Update: Chris hands the hypocrites their walking papers.

American Perspective found the Dem’s a hidey-hole.

Civil discourse?

Jesse Jackson: “Someone threw a protest and didn’t invite me?”

Shamus sez: ‘Edumicashun = Indoctrinashun’


speaking of Spellchek…

Now, since it’s Friday, how about some music to fit the theme of this post?

Belated Valentine’s Day greetings to my female blogging friends.

Here’s a little Heart for you. <3

First up, we’ll keep with the All Sarah-cuda February theme. (You had to know that was coming, right?):

Next, another one of all time Heart faves:

Hope you ladies had a great Valentine’s Day.

I’ll try to be a little more punctual with the gifts next year. :)


Yea! I finally issued phase one of the behemoth project for comments today. If they decide to make any changes on design principles, they’re going to have an unruly robot to deal with, let me tell ya, especially after I tried to include them in the process and was brushed off. Grrrrrr.

Oh well, such is life. Today, I’m unchained…

Continuing the mantra of “I never met a communist I didn’t like,” the Obama’s welcomed Chinese Dictator Hu Jintau to the White-house with open arms and a formal dinner this week while his Democrat cronies prattled on about China’s currency policies and paid token lip service the country’s human rights violations, all the while warning China that “If they don’t straighten up, we’re going to use some really tough language, Little Mister.”

Note to our comrades in Congress: have you looked in the collective mirror lately? Anyone noticed that China holds the majority of US debt to the tune of $1   trillion? Threatening China with tariffs at this point would be akin to telling your loan shark to take a flying leap off the nearest skyscraper, with equally horrifying and predictable results. Cement shoes, anyone? Stop with the useless posturing and set your own finances in order before you start telling others to balance their checkbooks.

Personally, I think the biggest points scored for the Obama’s were by Michelle with a tie-dyed flaming red and orange something-or-other that must have been retro-fitted from a set of movie theater drapes, which was overly dramatic and so, fit the occasion perfectly, in her own obtuse way. Hu knows? Maybe the drapes in question will be returned to said cinema and enshrined after the occasion.

I also wonder if they re-gifted those Chairman Mao tree ornaments, or if the dinner plates were leaded with Mao’s likeness. Yum!

On a related note, a classic rock band has weighed in on the situation:

Heh, sorry. Couldn’t resist.

Here’s another relevant one:

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