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Can you handle the truth? – From Eternity Road:  Making Amends: A Mini-Manifesto

The Daley Gator has what Adrienne calls “A good start” punctuated with a picture of porkiness. Darcprynce also found a telling video.

Opie is getting all Rule 5 on us and calls out some more shenanigans from Eric Holder

Red has a monster linkfest over at Corndog wherein she graciously links the ‘bot, TYVM. Be sure to wish her a belated Happy Birthday also.

The Other McCain hasn’t so much lost a daughter as he’s gained a son and the always adept Smitty manages a FMJRA with a hangover (guessing about the hangover – projection on my part. I know I would be) What’s with all the whining Smitty? Someone didn’t link one of you posts? I’ll admit, It is worthy of linkage.

Proof Positive hammers a couple of great posts on two blogs. What is he, ambidextrous or something?

RightKlik has the list of nominees posted for vetting before tomorrows poll. Time to make your voices heard. And bring your justification.

Ruby Slippers has some stats she’d like to share with you.

Are We Reliving the 1930’s

Gateway Pundit waves goodbye to the first oil rig to abandon the Gulf. This is just the beginning.

Bob Belvedere has a case of the Red Eye with good reason.

Donald Douglas put a good scare in me. Then promptly redeemed himself. *Whew* Close one.

Victor the Contractor, posted something or another about a Democrat the free mark… – Dayum she’s hot!

Kristen Bell stopped by to say hello to Jamie. I’m sure she was on her way to my place.

Live! “Sex,” Onstage!

Maggie’s got a scoop.

Steve has really been doing some fine work lately calling out Obama’s preferential treatment, unintended consequences of going green and more on the Global Warming fraud

A Nation of Cowards questions the possibility of NASA’s race based initiative?

I warn you not to mess with the Jedi Princess.

If you saw a heat wave, would you wave back? Carol want’s to know.

Saberpoint has OilBama’s new theme song!

Are they just ate up with stupid in the New York City Hall?

Is the tent too big? Maybe that’s the problem.

Lance has a request. I’ll add that yes, I want one too, so double the order.

Move along Citizen, move along…

We missed the cut on this list, but oh well, we’ll take the high ground and double link back.

Krisitn has a lineup of GA candidates for you.

That’s it. I’m outta here. Have you seen a Bunni around here?

Late Entry: Libertarian Buddha has moved to WordPress! devo [lution]

Correcting an omission/ synaptic misfire: Bride of Rove ponders a Sublime Irony and offers another selection of loose thoughts and links of her own.

OK. One more. Just added Conservative Perspective to the blogroll. He’s got some great head bangin’ metal music going on at his place right now, if you’re so inclined.

Lately, I’ve sensed an undercurrent in the blogosphere, a small rift between a few well reasoned bloggers trading barbs pertaining to the “isms” of Conservative and Libertarian. While I don’t presume to know the minds of said thinkers, I will offer a quick thought on the topic. Perhaps someone fresh into the fray can offer a new perspective or a reminder as to a common goal.

In describing methods of rule or governance, some scholars have done so pictorially, using a line with anarchy on one end and tyranny on the other. They go on to break the line into levels of governance, such as monarchy, theocracy, democracy, communism, socialism etc., as they reside on the line of how much or how little government and what type it is. A friend once told me, when we were discussing the difference between Conservative and Libertarian thought, that he sees his role as a Libertarian as to pull for the least possible government in order to balance the extreme left’s argument for the most government. This, in my thinking, would place Conservatives just to the left of Libertarians on that line, but at least standing side by side.

This is the tug of war we find ourselves in, with many factions of thought hanging on to the same rope, each of them tugging with differing amount of force. It has always been the case to some extent. Hamilton and Jefferson were at odds over the allowable reach of Federal government, arguing some of the same points we wrangle with today. Jefferson and Adams also, close friends as they were, found themselves divided in the middle of their lives over their basic beliefs, at last to reach a sketchy reconciliation in their later years through a famous series of letters.

All this is to say that it would be a shame for such a fissure to develop between the Libertarian and Conservative camps at this moment in time. The way I see it, if you and I are holding the same rope, and we are pulling in the same direction against an opponent, there is no intelligent way for me to justify turning around to face you and begin pulling the other way. To do so only helps our common enemy.

While on a trek over to Louisiana today, something glinted in the corner of my eye right after crossing the TX/LA border, the Sabine river. So, I pulled over, got out and… Hey! it’s an Anna Little for Congress campaign sign!.Anna Little for Congress sign Louisiana

What are you doing in Louisiana little buddy? Come down all the way from New Jersey for some creole cookin’ did ya?

Guess some of these LA folk know a good conservative when they see one.

So, back into the car, off to do some business and I’m on the way back, and on a hunch mind you, I stop at the Texas tourist center. Bam! Another one of those Little guys.

Anna Little for Congress Sign Texas 1
I like how the six flags of Texas look in the background.

Then, as I’m about to pull out of the parking lot, I spy another Little sign.

Anna Little for Congress sign Texas 2

About now I realize, this is the same sign. The Little guy is following me! So I open up the car door, it jumps on in and away we go. Now it has a happy home right in my front yard. Which is where all good Little yard signs should be after all.

Anna Little for Congress sign Texas 3

Please, don’t let a Little sign be neglected. Adopt one today and give it a home.

Thanks to Russ from That’s Right for allowing me to join his adopt-a-sign program.

You can find more serious information about Mayor Anna Little at her website, Anna C. Little for Congress.

Government should be like a friend you call on, in an absolute emergency, to help you defend your person, property or freedom. Not be like a thief or rapist you need to barricade the door against.
Wonder where that thought came from?

Good Writing

Found a couple of cool sites today that are going into the blogroll.

The first I found through The Classic Liberal’s blog, who btw, has another followup piece to the Conservative/Libertarian question.

The new site I spotted is Eternity Road and while I was following that link they pointed me to an excellent short essay over at Primordial Slack that I will call the must read of the month. Great story telling that one.


Next, why is a latino woman schooling her city council on Arizona’s illegal immigrant law? Go here for the video and commentary. More from Tammy Bruce an the issue here.

And this from Human Events:

Ever wondered what the U.S. border with Mexico really looks like?


Congress is Rum Dumb

Puerto Rican Rum that is.

From Michelle Malkin:

For our consideration, Puerto Rico’s unemployment rate is about 15.9% and 45% of its citizens live below the poverty level – so statehood for Puerto Rico would basically be like adopting another Michigan. If we?re hell bent to adopt another country, how about Singapore or New Zealand?

For some, statehood for Puerto Rico simply boils down to ~ you guessed it ? “benefits::

“First of all, we are demanding full benefits of our citizenship,” said Thomas Rivera Schatz, the president of the Senate (R-Puerto Rico). “Already, we haven?t those full benefits and we fight the U.S. wars. We are part of a U.S. government and we don?t have the full benefits of our citizens. We can?t vote for the president. We don?t have representation in the House or the Senate. So, those are some of the benefits we are demanding.”

Do we really need more dependents? Why on earth, at this time, when we are providing so many people with so many entitlements do Nancy Pelosi and the Dems want to make Puerto Rico a state? I wonder how many of them would vote Democrat? This is the wrong thing to do. We do not need more dependents. We need jobs and less taxation.


What The…?

Next, on the military side of things, these two gems from Defense Tech:

The first headline read “Russia Losing Valuable Arms Buyer as Chinese Defense Industry Ramps Up”

I have to ask: Ramps up for what?

Read more here.

War on Terror

Then there was this article, speaking on Afghanistan “Taliban Believe They’re Winning…”

“The insurgents perceive 2009 as their most successful year,” the report says. Higher levels of violence, poor turnout during the Afghan presidential elections and reports of Afghan government fraud contribute to a sense of success among the Taliban. While ISAF has seen some success in certain parts of Helmand, putting in place the Afghan government and security forces, the “hold and build” part of the COIN strategy, has been slow. The Taliban have re-infiltrated areas cleared by the Marines and are again intimidating the population.”

I thought we were supposed be out of Afghanistan by now?

Look, if we are going to be there, let’s kick some ass already and get it over with. No, this is not a different message from 2 years ago. I said the same thing when Bush was in office. I just didn’t have  a blog then, so you’ll have to take my word for it.

The difference with this regime is they don’t see any political capitol to be gained by getting out or winning right now. I’m not sure they would know what the true purpose of the war is if it was a scud missile flown up their arses. The fact is, that any advances in the war are to be attributed to the soldiers themselves. Any lapses go on the asshats in the White House due to their politicization of the war and apology tour!

Now I’ve gone off on a rant, but that is what you came for, isn’t it?

Go read the report here.

Things that make you go boom.

The Classic Liberal has the best round up I've seen. Read the rest of this entry »

Those freedom lovers who put liberty before all, to a fault. Sometimes they miss the fact that while the ideas Libertarianism promotes are very worthy and worthwhile, practicality just gets in the way.

While it is true that most people are virtuous, moral and well meaning. Some are mean, amoral, or just downright evil and can’t be trusted.  It is the latter that governments are invented to protect us from. Sometimes I think that most dyed-in-the-wool Libertarians forget this.

Don’t get me wrong, I love the idea of Libertarianism, I think it is at the core of the founding principles and of Conservatism. I also think it must be tempered with common sense. I’ve said before at the other blog that I believe the founders meant to limit the Federal Government to affairs of the nation as a whole. It has no place in our personal lives. Yes, I believe the income tax, social security and medicare/aide and the Seventeenth Amendment should all be repealed in due time. I know that most Libertarians would agree with me on this.

Where we get sideways though, is the issue of where the state and local governments have jurisdiction. A Libertarian friend once told me that even state or local government should have no place in your personal life. If this is the Libertarian’s belief, then they are wrong.

The Tenth Amendment lays it out with clarity that cannot be ignored.

Amendment X

The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.

This tells me that the writers of the Constitution gave the people of each state the power to do what they want within the confines of that state. In other words, if the people of California want to legalize dope, they can. If you don’t want to live in a state that allows pot heads, move. Simple!

The way I see it, under the Constitution, the states were set up to each be it’s own laboratory, testing out their own particular brands of government, with the referee being the Federal Government, who was there to make sure they play nice with one another in the sandbox of America.

The idea works at the local level as well, communities can and should be able, within the constraints of the rules of the State Constitution, to make their own community by-laws, laws with respect to vices, personal public conduct, etc.

As I understand it, a true Libertarian would have none of this. They would have no laws restricting personal freedom whatsoever, be they federal, state or local. While this sounds very well intentioned, it actually is an imposition of sorts. That means that I cannot, if I wish, band together with like minded individuals and form a community experiment with a certain set of rules for the town. Say, no drinking. So, in effect Libertarianism, taken to its own ideal, is a form of quasi-anarchy in that it forces me to live in a society without social boundaries, which is a society I would not want to live in. Where is my freedom and that of my companions to form a commune if I so desire?

Sincerely, am I missing something here? If I misunderstand the tenets of Libertarian thought, please correct me.

No form of government is perfect, just as no political ideology is perfect. They are man-made and thus subject to the failings of man. Much like the rambling inconsistencies of this writer. But I’m working on it, and that is what we should all be doing in respect to this government within the true intent and meaning of the Constitution. Not bending it to suit our own ideal of what we would have it mean.

So,  the question was, “What to do with those pesky Libertarians?”

I’ll tell you what we do with them.  I believe that Libertarians and Conservatives are on a close enough plane in the realm of political thought that we should have no quarrel in the current arena. The fight against the “fundamental transformation” going on  is far too important to magnify petty differences in our ideology. We must band together for the common good of the nation. Perhaps in doing so we can find more common ground to agree on as well.

My 2 cents, adjusted for inflation.

UPDATE: TCOTS has a plea. Gator Doug interjects. And The CL has a well placed volley.

Also linked at The Washington Rebel and A Conservative Shemale.

Better company would be hard to find.

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