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I can’t believe my tin-clad ears. When I hear those who I once considered hardened republicans come out softening the base with statements that mean in effect “it’s a lost cause”, my stomach churns.

I heard Fred Thompson on Hannity yesterday in effect surrendering the Kagan nomination as a given, my radio caught a tongue lashing.

Poor radio. It’s not your fault.

It’s the fault of wishy washy conservatives who are scared to pick a fight. What they don’t understand is that we are still pissed about Health Care, bailouts, take-overs and our loss of freedoms and money, in effect EVERYTHING this regime is doing and wishes to do. I have one word for you republicans and conservatives.


Oppose everything Obama, Pelosi and Reid want to do. At the very least make it harder to get these things accomplished. That is what we expect you to do. If you bend over and take it, we are paying attention and you will be ousted with the rest of the mongrels when the time comes.

That’s all for now, If I go on, this blog will lose its PG-13 rating.

UPDATE: Wyblog has a fine example of why my head is about to assplode.

UPDATE II: I wrote earlier that the wishy washy conservatives are scared to pick a fight. I was wrong. They aren’t scared to pick a fight. What I should have written is they are afraid to fight at all, because we are in a fight already and although we didn’t start it, we should damn well be willing to finish it or to go down swinging.

Here is my point. The progressives have infiltrated the ranks of all of the parties and should be ousted from every nook and cranny of government, if that means that all we can do for now is to not allow another fox in the hen house, then that is what I expect them to do! And if, in the mean time, you show yourself to be a RINO, you just put a target on your back as well.

There, hopefully I made it through that without too many expletives.

Now I’m off to draw Mohammed. Got to get ready for Thursday.

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