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Just this morning I changed some text to the last post about the cartoon. I felt a line or two wasn’t worded properly, so I changed it. Being as that text was of little import, it was just an intro to  a cartoon and no one is likely to quote that particular piece of drivel anyway, I don’t see any harm in revising it.

On the other hand is the case of an article to which I might like to add some corroborating information. It was published a few weeks ago, and I’m considering an addendum since I think sometimes people are hesitant to follow links provided in an article because they are in a hurry or fear their ADHD might take over (like me) and get side tracked from the topic at hand.

While pondering the addendum, I was reminded of a post over at Little Miss Attila’s place last year where she discussed some basic guidelines of blogging, and was wondering if what follows would be an acceptable form of revision rather than a re-write and/or re-publish of the article under another title or an additional piece referencing the original article, which would split them up.

For the sake of this example, I’ll use some Lorem Ipsum text:


Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Robot blathering on about something or another. Aliquam rhoncus justo in nisl dapibus sed dapibus libero auctor. Curabitur tincidunt posuere augue, ut cursus urna iaculis vel. Blather blather blather. Vestibulum viverra, ligula eget mollis aliquet, arcu orci venenatis dolor, quis aliquet quam nunc tempor felis. Sed bibendum arcu as noted in the article in The American Spectator:

This will be the added quote from the article previously linked but not quoted. Sed porttitor accumsan erat a sodales. Integer luctus dictum posuere. Proin gravida blandit nibh id fringilla. Pellentesque ut cursus nisl. Donec ultrices facilisis imperdiet. Fusce condimentum justo sed dui blandit eleifend.

Article continues verbosely meandering along…


As in the example above, the previous article is in the original text’s color and the new text will be in some color designated at the end of the article as addendum. No other changes other than whatever verbiage is necessary to include the new quote(s) in a readable manner. As mentioned earlier, the only reasons to include the quote(s) is, I feel it will help the validity of the original arguments and possibly entice some readers to actually follow the links they may not be inclined to do otherwise.

Any thoughts pro or con?

How do you handle such things at your blog?

Oh, and in case your wondering, the post I’m considering adding the quotes to is the one on treason from President’s Day.

UPDATE: Changed the words “This will be the added quote from the article previously referenced.” to “This will be the added quote from the article previously linked but not quoted.” in an attempt to clarify.

Space Shuttle Discovery landed today, ending her final space mission and making her the most traveled human transport in history.

39 missions – 148,221,675 miles. SALUTE!

Space shuttle Discovery lifts off from Pad 39A at the Kennedy Space Center in Cape Canaveral, Fla., Thursday, Feb. 24, 2011. The crew of six astronauts are on an 11-day mission to the international space station. / Wilfredo Lee / Associated Press

What a great program with so many achievements. Sad to see it end. I’ve followed it from the very beginning. When I grew up in Houston, I’d pretend to be doing reports for school and write or call NASA for pictures and whatever they would send on Apollo and the Shuttle and space flight in general. Wish I still had those old photos and artist renditions of the shuttle and various spacecraft they sent me.

Let’s all drink a toast to Discovery and the fine folks of NASA.

Most of us out here still love you guys.


Image found here.

The sexual revolution revisited.


Note: The Prime page gets a new addition.

Great discussion in the comments as well.

Whaddup my blogging buddies and all you lurkers out there?

Yea, I’m talking to you ‘OBammy. I know you hired a Big Brother to keep an eye on me. That’s OK, I’ve put him to work. See, last week we installed a new monitor at the studio for a stereoscopic effect. In 3D, even.

Dual monitors rule.

After tweaking the settings a bit, I’m ready for the session this weekend.

That was last week.

This past weekend, a good number of the family and I made the 3 1/2 hour (1 way) trek over the river and through the woods to Grandpa’s house for his 83rd birthday. Yours truly was the dedicated driver that day. Tuckered out was I, but not too much the next day to continue preparations for the zombie apocalypse.

Enter the Robo-Gardening mini adventure.

This was taken yesterday evening after completing the plot and framing. I was going to stand the timbers up for about 3 feet to mount a screen for a dog barrier but then I thought, why not use the entire thing as a column and put in some runners to try out some upside down tomatoes? I’ll let you know how that comes out.

Got some good soil in the plot today and will be planting in about 3 weeks to a month. I may start the UD tomatoes as soon as the nurseries put them out. We’ll see.

That’s what’s up in my little world. I’m hoping to get some *cough* real *cough* blogging done later in the week. You know how it is,  sometimes one has to put personal bidness before blogging pleasure.

Check you later in the week.



Yea! I finally issued phase one of the behemoth project for comments today. If they decide to make any changes on design principles, they’re going to have an unruly robot to deal with, let me tell ya, especially after I tried to include them in the process and was brushed off. Grrrrrr.

Oh well, such is life. Today, I’m unchained…

Count me in!


UPDATE: Funny stuff going on in the comments here. It seems I’ve been labeled a Robo-tease.

Har-dee har har.

Well, in my defense I was having some trouble getting the whole ‘prostate + hooters’ thing reconciled in my head, then it occurred to me that there was no need for confusion… or is there?

This one’s for you, Odie, Christopher and Kid :)

Click the pic for a better view.

Found here, if anyone is interested.

Well, as close to here as I can be and not actually be here. This is a drive by post, really.

Work has been kicking my butt lately so I’m obviously not posting as much. I am however working on updating the US Timeline page in my spare time and yesterday added some new entries mentioned in an outstanding post over at Fuzzy Logic. I’m also working to add a few more later this evening or tomorrow. The rueful thing is, there are ever more additions to make to the list. :(

Meanwhile, my friend Steve sent me some musical pron that I just have to share. Some Rule 5 in the form of Meytal Cohen.

This chick rocks! Check it out:

What is Rule 5 you ask?

The Other McCain’s Sunday roundup offers a pretty broad example.

As does The Pirate’s Cove

American Power

The Camp of the Saints

The Classic Liberal


Yankee Phil

and The Daley Gator

Catch you on the flip side.

Merry Christmas fellow automatons! And you humans too.

Update: One of my favorite Christmas songs:

Here’s a small sampling of Christmas posts from the Robot’s blogroll:

The Troglopundit found some beauties singing well, beautifully.

A new addition to the blogroll, PoliticalJunkie Mom, brings Bill Whittle: Christmas in America, circa 1776

Hey, did anyone else notice Pundit and Pundette passed the One Million hits mark? Congratulations Jill! That’s some great work you’re doing over there. Pundette found a great rare Christmas song Everybody’s waitin’ . . .

Angel got jazzed up for Christmas, Ray Charles style. Good stuff there, Angel.

Chris has a few Christmas messages for us. “…this coffee cup is my Christmas gift to you“, “The Best Christmas Tip Story Ever” and “Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and Hugo Chavez wish you a very Nuclear Christmas

My good friend Steve, of Motor City Times has been hitting the Christmas music for the past week or two. Let’s see if I can find a common tag over at his place to link to them all. Hold on.

Now, I swear that I wrote that prior to going to Steve’s site. Check it out, he’s waaaay ahead of me. Great minds and all…

The Motorcitytimes Christmas Music Roundup

plus today, Apollo 8 Christmas Eve Broadcast

Thank you Steve!

Bunni’s Christmas Wrapping……Cats

The War Planner: “Merry Christmas, Mr Scrooge, in keeping with the situation..

YankeePhil found A Perfect Christmas Meal MMMMMMMMM, BACON

Jamie found Jennifer Aniston in red!

A Christmas He Will Never Forget – Obi’s Sister

Ronald Reagan Christmas Address (video) – Reaganite Republican

The Daley Gator just informed me of their own Christmas Linkapaloosa – Yowza! – Thanks Ed and Doug. Merry Christmas to you both!

Randy, of the Roundtable found Santa Baby! – I love that song. Merry Christmas to you too, Randy.

Mean Ol’ Meany gives the gift of blogging traffic tips and keeping up with gubment regulations. Hey someone has to do it. ~ Thanks Meany!

BTW, stop by Red’s place and offer some get well wishes. Hope you’re back to your cantankerous self soon, Red! Are you trying to get better or have you been watching too many vampire movies? 8^0

More rare Christmas music at Bread Upon the Waters.

SENTRY JOURNAL’s version of ‘Twas The Night Before Christmas

Vicki found some cool Classic Christmas TV Commercials

Gorges says: Merry Christmas!

KingShamus found Santa Meets Cops – I wonder if those guys work for Michelle?

Matt has another of his great link round-ups. Christmas style.

Dustbury: Stocking Stuffers? Hmmm. or Mistletoe the line. <— That’s just wrong.

Foamy’s got some choice words about the war on Christmas. [Language warning]

Here’s a neat idea – Rocket’s into Roses! – American Perspective

Robert Belvedere has been busy with the Rule 5 action.

iOwnTheWorld found someVintage Christmas Ads

Verum Serum: If Mary and Joseph Were on Facebook

Wait a minute. Verum Serum wasn’t on the blogroll? Omission corrected.

T.L. Davis, over at Washington Rebel, has his own take on the Night Before Christmas – A Redneck Christmas – Yee Haw!

Pixie’s under the weather. Get well soon! Being sick sucks anytime, but at Christmas, well, just makes it worse. She still found time to post some Chipmunks and Charlie Brown. Cool!

Maggie informs us: What Christmas Is

Christmas Rule 5 from the Pirate

American Power – Wonderful World and Zombie Holiday

Teresamerica – Animals Singing Christmas Carols

Need a hot last minute gift idea? – SpellChek

RightKlik has a nice round-up too.

Merry Christmas Carol!

Stacy posted a great video of his family wishing us a Merry Christmas and also one of Herman Cain doing the same.

Adrienne, what beautiful stars you have…

Proof: Dean Martin – Let it Snow

Cool! Woodsterman found Bailey the Unknown Reindeer

KurtP has some singing signing Monks.

Joan, you are beautifully eloquent:

I’m curious. Is there some dark harm in believing in a virgin birth at that time, in that place, in those inconvenient circumstances? In believing in such a thing, am I inspired to fear and loathing, or might I share in an utterly unlikely miracle that makes me doubt my own goodness– and to look up for answers instead of around for a stone?

Also, this video, because charity begins at home and Joan asked us to share it. Visit her site for more info.

I may add on later, if time permits.

Merry Christmas, my friends and reader. May God bless you all.

Articles that caught my attention this morning. I’m just bookmarking as I read here, so no particular order. Kind of a stream of consciousness, random sampled information ingestion.

It tastes better than it sounds. Try it.

And finish your milk.

Oh, and quite a few of these links are from new additions to the blogroll.

Give The People What They Want

Bonus at POWIP, Aimee Mann!

Penélope Cruz Anchor Baby?

The Future Of The Right: Top 8 Under-40 Conservatives To Watch

Sorta Blogless Sunday Pinup

Careful with those guns, Ma’am – Possibly NSFW

Wake Up To Some Power Pop

Study Confirms That Fox News Makes You Stupid

Well, that explains it then.

This Is A Rule 5 News Special Report…

A Little Christmas Larceny

Herman Cain is savoir-faire. He’s everywhere!

Herman Cain for president?

Herman Cain Fever: Catch It!

Are you ready for Herman Cain 2012?

Full Metal Jacket Reach Around Early Christmas Edition

Democrats wonder why they have difficulty finding support among Religious voters.

lol – How Iron Man should have ended

Michelle Monaghan, Fear, and Control

Britain has Coldest December on Record: Where are the Alarmists?

Unburdening Government

At this rate the cast of Jersey Shore will get invited to the White House before Liu Xiaobo’s family does

Ok, brunch is so over. Time for a Sunday drive and maybe some bar-b-que later, or something. I am not spending the rest of the day on the computer. So there.

Have you noticed what a beautiful day it is?

Have you bought a T-Shirt yet? Get ’em while they last!

ps. Here’s a song that’s been stuck in my head the last couple of days. You’re welcome.

When I was playing the Need for Speed games, Brooke Burke happened to be one of the celebrities they embedded into one of the games. Lucky me.

Now, lucky you.

As usual, click to embiggify.

Read the rest of this entry »

Image from

It’s a beautiful day in this neighborhood,
A beautiful day for a neighbor.
Would you be mine?
Could you be mine?…

Won’t you be, my neighbor?

Hi boys and girls.

Welcome to Mr. Robot’s neighborhood.

A lot has been happening over the last few weeks, and sometimes we get so busy that we forget to take time for friends. to smell the roses so to speak.

There are lots of flower gardens in Mr. Robot’s neighborhood. There are lilies, daffodils, dandelions, azaleas, obaminions, daisys, Chaz Yonsons. Not to mention the rose bushes.

And speaking of roses, it’s been a while since we’ve gone to see our friend Carol who, strangely, makes the robot dream of electric sheep. (shhhh – Don’t go there. This is a PG 13 show.)

Would you kids like to come with me to visit the nice ladies in the neighborhood? Sure you would. Let’s go.

Carol has been busy decorating and adding her own brand of Christmas spice to her No Sheeples Here! website. She has also been honored with a nomination for the “Grande Conservative Blogress Diva 2011” award from Gay Patriot. And we here at the Robot’s Pub and Pool Hall congratulate her for this most deserved nomination.

Just beyond Carol’s abode is one of my favorite magnolia blossoms, Obi’s Sister. I wonder what Obi’s Sister has been up to this week? Let’s peek in to find out….
Look! she’s found Teh Awesome.


AP Soils Itself – Shame On Them

You mean all we had to do was just ASK?

C.S. Lewis is just a children’s author. Who knew?

The Metaphors Keep Rollin’ In

Obi’s Sister always brings the good stuff to the party.

Down the road a little more, we find Opus#6 doing some redecorating of her own.

Good for her. Woodsterman does indeed have a knack for the olde school workmanship.

Opie shares that bit of beauty with us and in the post before, asks us to answer this sobering question:

Tell me again how Islam is the religion of Peace?

One wonders what can possibly be the reasoning of the Democrat party to align with people such as this.

Then we find her giving no slack to the President and his regime and offering another thoughtful rumination for our consideration.

As we walk down the streets and lanes of Mr. Robot’s Neighborhood we also find some other great things on display and ladies espousing their unique points of view.

Here’s a random sampling:

Walmart Terror

Fat People: A Threat to National Security

Naancy Pelosi and the rest of the democrats are more than slightly insane…

They are a cranky bunch over there on the left. I like it!

Christmas is Coming, HERE’S HELP!

Criticizing Islam: International Crime?

Paul Ryan Rocks It in Congress: Schools the Spendthrift Morons on the American Dream & the Impact When Taxes Are Raised (video)

Names to Remember: Senate Sponsors of the Dream Act

So where, exactly, do you think your money is safe?

Social conservatives battle fiscal conservatives for the soul of the Tea Party

One of These Things Is Not Like the Other.

Deja Vu: Duck and Cover “New” Policy for Nuclear Attack

TSA misses another security breach

Feds Force Oklahoma Bank to Remove Crosses and Bible Verse

Santa’s “Naughty or Nice” List: Liberty Counsel Publishes List of Retailers


Good Example

Books for young readers

Obama admits “there’s a sense he hasn’t been successful”

Love Condi! Meet Leeza…

To Sexist AP, HuffPo Inanely Bashing Palin Is More Important Than Helping Haiti

Class Warfare, Revolution, Civil Unrest and the Unified Quest 2011

My Christmas 2010 Book-Giving Guide

Merry Christmas Patriots! Good News! Santa Claus is a Republican!

Rush Goes RINO Hunting!

World Thought Police – Part 1

Politico calls Obama a “duffer”

*sniff* Say it isn’t so! *sniff* – Merry Christmas Cassandra. Robo-love to you and yours.

Season’s Greetings and Merry Christmas!

How Women Dress in the Workplace – Woman Honor Thyself

The Mexican Blackbird…

Beware Those Who Seek Absolute Power

Gifts & Good Reads Linkaround

Journey to the Western Sahara.

Video: The 12 Days Of Christmas Winter

Hey, What Happened to Fixing our Image Around the World?

NOW Hags Target Hooters, Claiming The Restaurant Sells Sex To Kids

WikiLeaks: Cuba banned Sicko for depicting ‘mythical’ healthcare system

You think you have property rights? Think again.

They’re Called Boobs: the Toxic Lies of Erin Brockovich

Textbook Post #3: Blogging Is A Real Learning Experience

Go Christmas Shopping at Second Hand Rose

UPDATE: I missed this yesterday which could have been a worse mistake but for finding it today. Which is to say, how fortunate for those of you who had also missed it, because now, you haven’t.

Due to the thoughtful presentation and thorough documentation of the following article,  it will be included on the “Prime” page of this blog for future reference.

Bravo Fuzzy.

History Class (Circa 2100)

Thanks to all these ladies for their hard work, for making my little neighborhood look and smell so nice, and for keeping your sharp eyes out for the monsters under the bed, or in the White House.

Merry Christmas ladies, and to you readers who put up with a drunken automaton.

…to the Robot’s garage.

The old bearded gentleman brought me  new K & N Typhoon cold air intake kit (the blue tubes and the box with the shiny carbon fiber top for the uninitiated). A friend and I installed it Wednesday evening. More him than me, actually. It’s good to know someone who owns a garage with a lift. – Yes, we had to get under the car to install the intake behind the grill.

Needless to say, I’m excited to have 7 – 8 more horses under the hood. I can already tell the difference in the response time and you can hear the carbon fiber top slam against the intake box if you romp on it. Those horses want some air NOW! I’d heard that sound before, and just didn’t know what it was.

Don’t get me wrong here, I’m no tuner geek by any stretch of imagination. In fact, this is the only modification I’ve done to this car. I’ve even still got the stock radio/CD changer. So, no chips in my future.

Hell, most of the stuff I’ve bought over the last couple of months has been food stuffs and survival gear. Gotta give in to the boyish side every now and then.

Now I’m off for a spin. ~ L8R

PS. Can anyone guess the make/model of the car? Super bonus points for year.

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