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Almost finished with the project. As a reward for your patience, I offer a few photos of the lovely Shania Twain, who, I hear may be back on the market. I’ve got my phone set on Robo-dial and programmed with various alluring messages, just in case she answers  ’cause you know, there is no love like Robo-Love…

If you are unfamiliar with the Rule 5 phenomenon, please see The Other McCain’s brief explanation. You can also check out other bloggers who engage the Rule 5 at their blogs with delightful results.

American Power – Rev it up!

The Camp of the Saints – You must comply.

American Perspective – Vote!

The Troglopundit – Too sexy.

Washinton Rebel – Earthquake!

Pirates Cove – Vote Naked!

The Classic Liberal – Classic beauty.

A Nation of Cowards – Delightful.

The Other McCain – Bikini!

Wyblog – Inez!

The Daley Gator – Bull riding.

Theo Spark – Totty!

Caught Him With a Corndog – Big Boobs!

Our rabble rousing friends over at Washington Rebel have relocated their lair. No doubt an attempt to fool the noses of the government’s internet snoop doggy dogs. In the process of moving, the rebellious crew have taken some liberties with the local women folk, snapping photos of them in, shall we say, compromising positions.

Well done sirs. Well done.

The Rebel appears to be expanding the roster of fine writers at the new digs as well. The more the merrier, eh? Too much is never enough? Too much of a good thing is usually a great thing. You know, that whole sum of the parts is greater than the holy cow she’s hot!

Be sure to update your blogrolls and if you haven’t done so, place Washington Rebel prominently in your bookmarks.

Rebel brothers, I thought you might need some help getting unpacked and sorting out your files so, I’ve taken the liberty of calling the steno pool.

A word. Peeping through windows with an SLR to your eye and a beer in your hand is no way to go through life, son.

But it’s  a hell of a way to entertain your  friends.

Congratulations on the new site!

This week’s Rule 5 features a lithe and sultry young lass.

I’ve always had a secret attraction to Pink, the little spunky punk/pop rocker. She’s both adorable and fearless at once. She’s got a drive to be something bigger than herself that’s for sure and her music is not too bad either, and that’s coming from an old school rocker. I saw a feature on Palladia the other day called Carnival that would put even the biggest Lady GaGa production to the test.

Shut up ‘bot! Get on with the pictures!

Ok, Ok! Geez. Hold yer freaking horses already…

Beware the LBD.

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In keeping up the high standards of Rule 5 here at the Robot, and to augment what some other fine bloggers have already offered this week in the hotness category, such as EoP, TCL, Rebel 5, Theo Spark, WyBlog and POWIP plus a new find, Hell on Earth, and also to double down on my bid to be included in The Other McCain’s weekly Rule 5 Roundup, I’ve decided to continue my obsession -er- infatuation with all things Eva Mendes. Here are a few choice photos of the lovely lady for our enjoyment.

As usual, most of these embiggen with the clickin’. Some are ridiculously huge. You’re welcome.

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What with some loon on Huffpo conjuring up the mental imagery capable of scarring the minds of millions by offering a bounty for a Glenn Beck sex tape, I thought a little mind bleach in order, so I’ve spared no expense and a couple of minutes to scour the interbebz for this gem of a memory washer.

The Eva Mendes Sex Tape!

Yes! And it is everything you had hoped for, except what you really wanted. Great stuff anyway.

I wonder if this will pass muster with the Rule 5 committee? What say ye Smitty?

For more Rule 5 hotness, check out Bob’s Rule 5 roundup.

American Power brings the goods as well.

This week, a tribute to simplicity and class. The ladies hold this secret weapon in a secluded place us guys know nothing about and they use it sparingly. If you get hit with one, you may as well surrender immediately. All is lost. Not that losing in this case is such a bad thing.

The weapon in question? The Little Black Dress.

Cameron Diaz

While searching for LBD pictures, I found evidence of an upcoming fashion trend. I’ve heard of getting poured into a pair of jeans, but the following put a new twist on things indeed.

For more info on Rule 5, see The Other McCain’s always incredible Sunday Rule 5 roundups.

National Cheesecake Day!

And there was much rejoicing…

What’s that? You’ve never heard of National Cheesecake Day? Well there must be one, because Chris Wy of the famous WyBlog says there is.

And we take Chris very much at his word, we do. Three of the sweetest words we will ever hear.

Both of me.

All of us.


Why are you looking at your monitor like that?

Ha! I get it.

You must be one of those cheesecake haters! How dare you turn your back on the greatly adored and forever admired, adorned with cherries and or strawberries, very much beloved, cheesecake.

I’ll have you know that the robot was raised on cheesecake and we’ll have none of that talk of banning the creamy sweetness around these parts, no-sirree.

So, with that in mind, and with a tip of the Rule 5 mechanical fedora to R.S. Mcain of The Other McCain and his trusty sidekick Smitty, the Robo-diner will now serve up some dessert in the lithe and beautifully British form of the lovely and talented Misz Rachel Weisz.

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R.S. McCain is forthcoming with TMI today, or as a friend of mine likes to call it, “overshare.”

I’m blogging completely naked from a posh suite at the fabulous Venetian Resort Hotel?


I really wish I hadn’t read that, but since I did, you must now be subjected to the same mental torture, in keeping with the current regime’s mantra of sharing the wealth and spreading the pain.

After all, this is an equal opportunity blog.

OK, wash your mind out with a couple pictures of Bobbi Billard.

Have I mentioned Rule 5?

Oh Yea!

This week’s Rule 5 of The Other McCain’s “How to Get a Million Hits on Your Blog in Less Than a Year” features a stunning brunette by the name Olivia Munn. We can’t have too many stunning brunettes now, can we?




Stunned by Munn.

Here, let me help you with that…


A while back, I made note of the Robot breaking the Technorati Top 100 US Politics, well today I notice the blog is in the top 50 in USP, and top 100 in General Politics!

Woo Hoo!

Where did I put those noisemakers and funny hats?

Hmmm, the New Year’s supplies are packed away. Guess I’ll just drink a beer and smoke a cigar. Oh, that’s right, I quit smoking.

Speaking of smoking, thanks, toots, you are smoking.

Some would ask, “‘Bot, what’s your secret?” The answer is, it is a secret, even unto me, for I haven’t a clue as to their algorithm. Still, it is kind-of cool. Whatever I’m doing, Technorati seems to like it, so, we’ll keep doing whatever that is.

I know there are blogs out there that get huge amounts of traffic compared to my little smidgen of the web, sometimes they throw links my way. That is really the biggest factor, in my estimation.

So, with that in mind, I go back to what R.S. McCain, of The Other McCain  would call “Shameless Blog-whoring.”

Have fun with what’s left of your weekend folks.


Can you handle the truth? – From Eternity Road:  Making Amends: A Mini-Manifesto

The Daley Gator has what Adrienne calls “A good start” punctuated with a picture of porkiness. Darcprynce also found a telling video.

Opie is getting all Rule 5 on us and calls out some more shenanigans from Eric Holder

Red has a monster linkfest over at Corndog wherein she graciously links the ‘bot, TYVM. Be sure to wish her a belated Happy Birthday also.

The Other McCain hasn’t so much lost a daughter as he’s gained a son and the always adept Smitty manages a FMJRA with a hangover (guessing about the hangover – projection on my part. I know I would be) What’s with all the whining Smitty? Someone didn’t link one of you posts? I’ll admit, It is worthy of linkage.

Proof Positive hammers a couple of great posts on two blogs. What is he, ambidextrous or something?

RightKlik has the list of nominees posted for vetting before tomorrows poll. Time to make your voices heard. And bring your justification.

Ruby Slippers has some stats she’d like to share with you.

Are We Reliving the 1930’s

Gateway Pundit waves goodbye to the first oil rig to abandon the Gulf. This is just the beginning.

Bob Belvedere has a case of the Red Eye with good reason.

Donald Douglas put a good scare in me. Then promptly redeemed himself. *Whew* Close one.

Victor the Contractor, posted something or another about a Democrat the free mark… – Dayum she’s hot!

Kristen Bell stopped by to say hello to Jamie. I’m sure she was on her way to my place.

Live! “Sex,” Onstage!

Maggie’s got a scoop.

Steve has really been doing some fine work lately calling out Obama’s preferential treatment, unintended consequences of going green and more on the Global Warming fraud

A Nation of Cowards questions the possibility of NASA’s race based initiative?

I warn you not to mess with the Jedi Princess.

If you saw a heat wave, would you wave back? Carol want’s to know.

Saberpoint has OilBama’s new theme song!

Are they just ate up with stupid in the New York City Hall?

Is the tent too big? Maybe that’s the problem.

Lance has a request. I’ll add that yes, I want one too, so double the order.

Move along Citizen, move along…

We missed the cut on this list, but oh well, we’ll take the high ground and double link back.

Krisitn has a lineup of GA candidates for you.

That’s it. I’m outta here. Have you seen a Bunni around here?

Late Entry: Libertarian Buddha has moved to WordPress! devo [lution]

Correcting an omission/ synaptic misfire: Bride of Rove ponders a Sublime Irony and offers another selection of loose thoughts and links of her own.

OK. One more. Just added Conservative Perspective to the blogroll. He’s got some great head bangin’ metal music going on at his place right now, if you’re so inclined.

This week, in the Robot’s entry for The Other McCain’s Rule 5 of How to Get a Million Hits on your Blog in Less Than a Year, we celebrate Australia, or rather an Australian beauty by the name of Nikki Visser.

I won’t say too much more because you stopped reading this about two seconds after you spotted Miss Visser.

As usual, click to hugify.

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