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Wisdom, Yoda has.

Not that it would have done any good, but…

Every step in the right direction,

is a step in the right direction.

I haven’t featured a blog lately because well, I’ve been lazy. There, I said it. I was also having a little battle in my tin-clad head about how much the previous posts extolling the virtues of some of my favorite bloggers were beginning to seem cookie-cutter in their formulated ummm… formulation.

I’ve gotten over that.

Now, I think I’ve found some inspiration by way of  Wisconsin Representative, Paul Ryan through a bit of commentary on  Ryan’s recent budget proposal and the firestorm of conservative bloggers squawking about how it doesn’t go far enough.

No sh*t, Sherlock.

It doesn’t.

But the road to fiscal solvency begins with a single step – Confucius said that – and Rep. Ryan should be applauded, not berated, for proposing that first tiny step. (Never mind the fact that it won’t pass. Obama has to sign it, don’t you know?) At least he’s getting the issue out front and center to show the insolvency that is our government’s financial mess and it’s bloated entitlement programs.

Enter Lance Burri, The TrogloPundit, who also happens to hail from Wisconsin. [insert cheese quip here]

Lance has taken the Ryan budget argument to a logical conclusion. Here’s a large excerpt:

It’s an incredible thing to consider: a budget plan that cuts $6.8 trillion in spending over the next 10 years; that cuts deficits by $4.4 trllion over the same time frame; that actually reduces spending, but still isn’t completely balanced.

A plan that’s going to be ravaged for its cruelty and hatred, for its sheer indifference toward human suffering, for its blatant choosing of corporate profits over hardworking families. [‘bot – never mind the sheer demagoguery.]

It’s Hitler’s next coming, except without the love and personal warmth.

This should tell us two things:

  • This is how far gone we are. For a plan this bold to still not solve the problem means the problem has become so big you can see it from space.


  • Whatever the final budget bill is, it won’t be anywhere near as good as this.

That’s the nature of adversarial politics. Sure, I think we should just take Ryan’s plan and pass it. You think I’m being incredibly stupid: budgeting is easy, after all! Just figure out how much money you have, and spend it. Don’t spend more than you have!

But. No matter what you do – no matter how reasonable, thoughtful, necessary your plan is – somebody’s going to hate it. Whether out of ideology or good old-fashioned American political opportunism, somebody (or, more likely, a large group of somebodies) is going to spend a great deal of effort casting you as a monster for even thinking about it.

Go ahead, read the whole thing. It’s worth the time and Lance thoughtfully included video of Rep. Ryan explaining his “Path to Prosperity.”

Speaking of Ryan’s proposals, when is the last time a politician uttered words like those that weren’t just platitudes and hokum? Not since Reagan if I recall, and Kennedy before him, but I was a mere notion of a circuit board then.

So, aside from the one article, why the feature?


For the instinctive wit, logic and brevity of presentation. And having been at it since 2004 or before, longevity. Don’t dismiss the gig at Right Wing News or the Million Hits Club either. I could also point you to the snarkish commentary, his uncanny ability to make a humorous and relevant motivational poster out of every situation, or the unbelievable fact that a neanderthal can operate a keyboard or computer at all.

Look, the main thing is, he links to me. So there’s that. And he’s a nice guy, as far as evil geniuses go.

Hell, with a bit of coaxing and a small fee, I could go so far to say it would be good to see him elected to some sort of political service.

V. P. for instance.

How about a Ryan – Burri ticket? He would certainly be better than Joe Effing Biden.

Barring that, how about Dog Catcher? Joe Effing isn’t even qualified for that one. Besides, I hear cavemen are really good at that hunter-gatherer thing, especially with a light saber.


A couple of Automotivators inspired by the Wisconsin public employees union protests.

Photos thanks to Ann Althouse here and here.

Around the blogosphere:

The Trog has a question about the happenings.

R.S. McCain has a list of employee salaries and wonders on a Cheesehead Revolution.

General Belvedere has a few choice words as well.

Also, my favorite frugal female has found the Wanted Poster of the Day Week Month.

Update: Chris hands the hypocrites their walking papers.

American Perspective found the Dem’s a hidey-hole.

Civil discourse?

Jesse Jackson: “Someone threw a protest and didn’t invite me?”

Shamus sez: ‘Edumicashun = Indoctrinashun’


speaking of Spellchek…

Now, since it’s Friday, how about some music to fit the theme of this post?

A new Automotivator for you. Sorry ’bout the visual. Here’s some eye bleach.

Ever since the “don’t touch my junk” business, I’ve been tinkering with this idea and finally found the picture to hopefully make it work.

Thanks to The Weekly Standard for commissioning this artwork and for publishing the informative article on the Anthropomorphic Global Warming fraud that accompanies it.

UPDATE: What do you think? Should the Smithsonian give me a grant for creating this? They seem to have plenty of money laying around for “high art” these days.

UPDATE II: Steve Burri has chimed in with one of his own. I bet AlGore would like some of those parachute pants right now. Mom!! The Mind Numbed Robot is Picking on Al Gore Again!

Sorry. It had to be done.

Sort-of brings things into perspective, doesn’t it?


Here’s a bottle of eye bleach.

The Muslim faith is a troublesome one. So much of the righteous outrage, alarm and hyperbole that surrounds it is self inflicted. Just like this meaningless tripe over their “prophet” not wanting to be depicted in any way. Why would he do that? Were the artists of his time really all that bad? Probably not as bad as a semi-silver robot.

Oh well.

I did a quick search and found that Wackopedia has a couple of renderings of Mohammed. Some of them going back in time quite a ways. Did the Muslims of earlier times kill all of the artists and forget to burn the art?

Today, either by some mysterious muse, or maybe it was divine inspiration, I was led to The Other Club where I found a spot-on take of the whole mess. I highly recommend the read.

The Other Club was also instrumental in these two finds: The Mohammed Image Archive and the Jesus and Mo online comic strip.

I’m not going to spend too much time on this, except to point out that this is America, and in America, I will draw whomever I damn well please, whenever or however it pleases me to draw him, it, she or whatever. If you want to be offended about it get the flock out of my country.

Oh and Comedy Central is off of my remote’s favorites list for good. Too bad to, because I like some of their shows.

Now for the Draw Mohammed Day 2010 robot entry. I got to use my new toy as well. The Wacom Intuos2 6×8 Graphics Tablet (USB).
As you can see, it’s going to take some getting used to, but like I said before, I didn’t want to waste a bunch of time drawing a prophet, unless of course it would make me a profit.

I’ll throw links to anyone who posts a drawing of Mohammed. Send me an email at robot at mindumbedrobot dot com. If you don’t have a website, include the graphic and I’ll post it. If you don’t SAY you want credit, then I’ll post without.

Stogie over at Saberpoint has been all over this from the start. He recently got an email from a Muslim who was none to pleased with him and proceeded to take the words right out of my mouth in his reply. You can read that exchange here.

And one more thing, shut up with the whining and grow a skin. The USA does not abide Islamic law.

UPDATE: Linked by The Classic Liberal,  The Troglopundit, who recognizes greatness when he sees it, and Grizzly Mama, who has a nice round up. There are more links to be found at Atlas Shrugs and Anthroblogology.

Also, Anthroblogology and Grizzly Mama can thank Mohammed or at least the person who started the EDMD meme, because they’ve been added to the Robot’s blogroll.

UPDATE II: After some careful consideration, Wyblog joins the fun with a roundup of sites joining in the solidarity. And my apologies to Sean at Tilting Suds for not linking to his Mohammed collage earlier.

I was thinking the last two AutoMotivators were too serious in tone. So, I started wondering, if the general public didn’t know what was really happening in Greece, how would the left spin the photos? So I did a couple in that vein. Then got off track again. Sue me.

Is it just me or does anyone else see a correlation between high government taxation + the number of people who work for the government or who are dependent on government funded programs in Greece and the rioting people whining about their “entitlements” being decreased or taken away?

I thought the Greeks were smarter than this. At least, they used to be.

I’m wondering, is there a  pattern that may be repeating itself?

Socialism never works. No matter how many times it’s tried, or who does the trying.

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