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While on a trek over to Louisiana today, something glinted in the corner of my eye right after crossing the TX/LA border, the Sabine river. So, I pulled over, got out and… Hey! it’s an Anna Little for Congress campaign sign!.Anna Little for Congress sign Louisiana

What are you doing in Louisiana little buddy? Come down all the way from New Jersey for some creole cookin’ did ya?

Guess some of these LA folk know a good conservative when they see one.

So, back into the car, off to do some business and I’m on the way back, and on a hunch mind you, I stop at the Texas tourist center. Bam! Another one of those Little guys.

Anna Little for Congress Sign Texas 1
I like how the six flags of Texas look in the background.

Then, as I’m about to pull out of the parking lot, I spy another Little sign.

Anna Little for Congress sign Texas 2

About now I realize, this is the same sign. The Little guy is following me! So I open up the car door, it jumps on in and away we go. Now it has a happy home right in my front yard. Which is where all good Little yard signs should be after all.

Anna Little for Congress sign Texas 3

Please, don’t let a Little sign be neglected. Adopt one today and give it a home.

Thanks to Russ from That’s Right for allowing me to join his adopt-a-sign program.

You can find more serious information about Mayor Anna Little at her website, Anna C. Little for Congress.

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