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Goes to Bride of Rove, who sliced right through to the bone with this gem:

Carol isn’t buying the Sestack lies and neither am I. *shrug* We are full on into lawlessness now. This is what it looks like. They lie right to your face and no one will investigate. The press are in on it. This is what the fall of civilization looks like from the inside. This is societal decay in the last stages of rot. I remember thinking in the 80’s: What is it like to live in the USSR? You know they HAVE to know that nothing they read is true. They must sense that the reality they are living is in no way matching the lies politicians are feeding them every day. People who speak out are silenced or discredited. How soul eating is it to live in that machine?

Well? Now we know.

Emphasis mine. Spot on Madam. Spot. On.

Thanks to Pat at So It Goes in Shreveport who led me to Bride of Rove with this praise:

She could write out directions to build a computer (and probably has) and I’d read it with rapt attention.  She’s gifted.

I saw her site the other day (yesterday?) up at The Other McCain as the featured blog. Sorry to say I passed up an opportunty. Sometimes God just keeps puttin the carrot in front of you so you have no choice but to follow.

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September 2021