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Iranian Hostage Crisis – part deuce

Just across Robo-news desk comes a  story that three American hikers have been held by Iran for 11 months, and now their mothers are coming forward with the claim that the hikers were seized in Iraqi territory.

This brings to mind a multitude of questions, many of which I will forget by the time I finish writing this sentence.

1. They were hiking where? Even if they were hiking in Iraq, I still must ask this question.

2. Just where exactly are the best nature trails in Iraq? a) Apparently right next to the Iranian border!

3. Why am I just now hearing of these hostages eleven months later? – That’s some fine reporting there Lou.

What? – Oh.

4. Why are these guys not on the front page and leading every MSM outlet every day?

5. Where is the hew and cry for their release? I’d bet if they were Obama supporters they wouldn’t still be there eleven months later.

6. Where is my beer?  a) It’s too early for a beer on a weekday.

7. Where was I?

Oh yea,

8. You know who else had  incident involving hostages held by Iran in Tehran?

9. Why hasn’t our President, who has often expressed a desire for communication with President Ahmadinejad, been campaigning for the hikers’ release? – This would seem to be a good opportunity for a beer summit with the Iranian Prez.

10. How do you like the bold and italicized text?

11. They were hiking where?

12. Where were their mothers before they took off on the hiking expedition?

13. Where is my beer?

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November 2021