Or should I say pubescent?

That’s just how childish and immature the thugs have been. Throwing their temper tantrums and attacking the adults who are trying to balance the state’s budget.

Oh, and it’s sort of ironic that the html used to line through the word “public” in the headline is “<strike>” isn’t it? Or is it just fitting?


Without further ado, let’s kick things off with a video by Matt from Conservative Hideout:

More from Conservative Hideout on Union Thugs.

Anne Althouse has been covering the Wisconsin protests from get-go. Also, more at Althouse under Scott Walker and Wisconsin.

Here’s a quick splash from Instapundit this morning:

PROFESSOR JACOBSON: The Other Loser In Wisconsin: Law-Enforcement Credibility.

UPDATE: Death Threats Against GOP Legislators in Wisconsin.

ANOTHER UPDATE: The “mob scene” at the Wisconsin Capitol morning aimed at preventing the Assembly from voting.

WELL, YES: Ezra Klein admits: “Scott Walker’s procedural maneuvering last night was … legitimate.”

Adrienne: The loony left shows us what civility looks like…

And, while I’m linking based on tags, Adrienne has a convenient ‘teacher’s union’ tag.

Doug Ross gives us a tutorial: A Brief, Illustrated History of the Public Sector Unions That, Together With The Democrat Party, Are Waging War on the Taxpayer

Carol of the No Sheeples Here has a helpful video on Collective Bargaining for ewe:

A Helpful Primer On Government Unions And Their Monopoly On Power

Also, thanks to Carol for pointing us to the new blog by Nice Deb, who says:

Good lord, what drama queens these people are…

Here’s the new site: Left-Wing Institute For Civil Discourse

Fine work there, Ma’am. Damn fine work.

Pundette has been aggregating a lot of great work and adding her own insight to the carnival of miscreants as well. Here’s a couple of tags to get you there: Wisconsin and Unions.

Of course, you remember a small aggregation, and an Automotivator I did close to the beginning of their temper tantrum, don’t you?

More links by tag or search term:

The Other McCain on Wisconsin

The Troglopundit (Who just so happens to be a proud Cheesehead) – Wisconsin

Bob Belvedere’s The Camp of the Saints – Wisconsin

The Lonely Conservative has been tirelessly reporting on the unions and Wisconsin as well.

Obama Fail Blog – Obama Opens Up New Front in War on America (Wisconsin Edition)

Gateway Pundit was also ever-present on the Wisconsin story:

A NEW LEFTIST RECORD… 18 WI Republicans Receive Death Threats This Week

It’s Done… Governor Scott Walker Signs Union-Regulating Bill

Sarah Palin Rips Commie Hypocrite Michael Moore (Video)

Gov. Scott Walker: “People Should Be Upset With Dirty Tricks Done By Those 14 Senate Democrats” (Video)

as well as in Indiana:

Stunner. Republican Harassed & Woman Assaulted at Indiana Union Rally (Video)

How’s this for indoctrination?

From Wyblog: Montclair, NJ public school assignment: write letters supporting the teachers union

NewsReal Blog: 7 Child Predators Protected by American Teachers Unions

Obi’s Sister: WI Businesses That Supported Gov. Walker Threatened

American Perspective has some videos and commentary on Union Thugs in action.

The Daley Gator: The ultimate danger of government entitlements?

Sentry Journal has a few good posts on Wisconsin as well.

William Teach is “just wondering” about the possibility of Ezra Klein’s heroin addicted necrophilia. *shudder*

Frugal Cafe: Wisconsin Near Anarchy — Most Collective Bargaining Rights Stripped, Unionized Government Worms Issue Death Threats, Thuggery Against Republican WI Lawmakers, Storm Capitol (video)

Maggie’s been filling her Notebook with news on the Wisconsin Fleebaggers also.

I’ll be updating this post as time allows, so check back often. Right now, I’ve got bidness to attend to.

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