The United States is under siege. Make no mistake. The progressives / statists are not coming. They are here, behind our lines, already in the fight. They have impersonated the elected officials we voted for and stand ready to destroy our Constitution.
The enemy launches attack after salvo after attack at our liberties. They play parlor tricks with class envy and condemn capitalism while distracting us from the slow erosion of our god given, inalienable rights: Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of happiness. Where men’s governments are concerned there are no other entitlements but these.
Wise men wrote those words. Wiser than I to be sure, and I respect the common sense and wisdom employed to arrive at their conclusions. I have read and am reading their letters, notes and manuscripts. They should be required reading for every United States Citizen. The current administration does not respect those beliefs, in law or action. Obama, Reid, Pelosi and their ilk are busy setting fire to those beliefs.
We are barraged daily with so many uncountable, unaccountable, unconstitutional, incomprehensible bailouts and takeovers and czars and executive and legislative and judiciary misfits that our heads are spinning from the onslaught. Yet these progressives have only begun. They want to own, and / or run the banks, the oil companies, the health care providers and the insurance companies! Then they want to continue to indoctrinate our children with this socialist / communist drivel! It has been happening for years, but it must be stopped! Please, God I pray that Obama and his cronies not be allowed to pass any legislation. Period. Amen.
Conservatives and Libertarians, we must stand fast. We must be resolute. We must see through the smoke and mirrors. Our representatives need to understand that if they ignore us they will not be re-elected. Nothing they want can get turned into law. We must keep up the fight. The Tea Parties and Town Meetings are the trenches and we are winning this skirmish. Fifteen months from now will be a battle like has not been seen in the USA for a century or more. The progressives will have smelled victory only to be disappointed. This will anger them to no end. They will then press on with more intimidation like we have seen during the last few months. Indeed, since before the election. Do not be afraid. We must keep up the fight for Liberty. We must advance from the trenches to replace the imposters with true patriots. We The People have been lapse. Apathetic. You know it’s true. Apathy must change to activism. Patriotism.
We must choose new representatives. We must, by careful evaluation, check that they truly represent “We the People” because we send them to a den of thieves. The new representatives must retain their honor in the face of much corruption.
The new representatives are your friends and neighbors. They are outspoken but don’t hold aspirations for office. These are the citizen soldiers. They are the “Mr. Smith Goes to Washington’s”.
Public office should not be a free ticket for the rest of one’s life. The elitist mentality must end. Like it or not, term limits should be required and an inevitable consequence of term limits is more people pushed to public service. That being written, we should prepare and educate ourselves, and our children to be mindful of politicians, and for the possibility of public office. “With great power comes great responsibility.” Therefore, as the people in charge of the government, we must exercise that responsibility. More vigilance will be necessary. Current events obviously dictate why.
Coming to the end of this battle (and this post), let’s not be satisfied to merely beat back this onslaught. This is just one battle in an ongoing fight. Thomas Jefferson said: “Experience hath shewn, that even under the best forms of government those entrusted with power have, in time, and by slow operations, perverted it into tyranny.”
I believe that we must repeal and revise almost a century of New World doctrine if we are to survive as The United States of America. In order to meet this challenge, we must teach our children the Founding Principles. That hard work is a source of pride and accomplishment, and that wealth and respect are not to be envied but earned.

[Originally posted here Sept. 5, 2009]

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