The War of Independence was over, the Constitution ratified, and America’s first President was about to set a precedent.

He could have established a monarchy with his charisma and the fact that no provision was in place for the President’s term of service. The people and the Congress as a whole loved him that much. But as was his way, he lead by example; he set down the scepter of power and passed the torch of freedom and guardianship of the Constitution to the trust of God and the next elected caretaker of America’s Constitution.

This was the setting when George Washington, after presiding over the birth of a nation unlike any ever before conceived, addressed the State Governments in his Circular Letter of 1783, his last before he retired from public service. He wrote in part,

“The Citizens of America, placed in the most enviable condition, as the sole Lords and Proprietors of a vast Tract of Continent, comprehending all the various soils and climates of the World, and abounding with all the necessaries and conveniences of life, are now by the late satisfactory pacification, acknowledged to be possessed of absolute freedom and Independency; They are, from this period, to be considered as Actors on a most conspicuous Theater, which seems to be peculiarly designated by Providence for the display of human greatness and felicity.”

Then, speaking of the age soon to be termed The Enlightenment he continued,

“The foundation of our empire was not laid in the gloomy age of Ignorance and Suspicion, but at an Epoch when the rights of mankind were better understood and more clearly defined than at any former period.”

And in another passage he said,

“At this auspicious period, the United States came into existence as a Nation, and if their Citizens should not be completely free and happy, the fault will be entirely their own.” (as quoted in Founding Brothers ~ Joseph J. Ellis)

Looking at America during my short life time and studying our history, I have to ask, are these the words of a President, a psychic, a fortune teller or all the above?

People of America, our country is in peril! We are in a fight for the very soul of our nation. Barack Obama and his minions are poised to destroy our Constitution and are setting into motion the tools and machines that will be the ruination of our way of life and prosperity.

We are descended from the same people George Washington spoke of as “designated by Providence for the display of human greatness”. We are the descendants of heroes that defeated totalitarians like Hitler and helped free the European continent twice!

Have we become so arrogant and selfish that we allow a tin horn wanna-be dictator to come in using charismatic smoke and mirror, class envy tactics, relying on the the good will of the people, and feeding off the guilt of our past to tear down the very fabric of this nation?

This is not just wrong. What the progressives in DC are doing is evil, plain and simple. It is a reintroduction of slavery to the only country in the world that has ever abolished it.

Obama claims to be another Lincoln. He is not. He is in fact the antithesis of Lincoln. The Anti-Lincoln, in terms of freeing the slaves because he would enslave every hard working soul in America to achieve his goal of domination over them in the guise of equality and reparations. Redistribution of wealth is nothing less than a road to communism and a totalitarian state.

How is it that a man can go to college in this country, profess to learn Constitutional Law and not love the very thing that he swore an oath to uphold?

Who better to destroy the constitution but a supposed expert of it?

People, make no mistake, this is no small battle, it is a war for the soul of our nation. Look at the every day Americans who show up at town halls and march on Washington time after time in opposition to the sheer lust for power and control in our halls of law and justice. Those halls were built to proclaim and promote liberty and freedom, not to spread tyranny and fear and the people who march are to be commended because they speak for the millions of us who cannot go. To them I say Thank You.

In the course of our history, Americans have bonded and banded together against their common foes. Why is it that now we are so divided? Why is it that some of us are too selfish to see that they are projecting their own selfishness onto others?

It is time once again for Americans to recognize a common enemy and combine our strengths to defeat it.

Years ago, a friend of mine who held three black belts, had a quote on his vanity mirror. It read, “We have met the enemy, and he is us.” This is closer to the truth than you think, for it is our own greed that will destroy us. If we would live off the fruits of others’ labors then we are doomed to fail. If we would listen to a man that tells us that the cure for problems caused by the Government is more Government, then we are selfish and stupid and are doomed to fail.

Think of your Grandparents and Great Grandparents and the trials they endured in the Civil War, the Dust bowl, the Great Depression and two World Wars in order for us to be here in this time. Is this is how we honor their spirit?

I believe that America is better than this current crop of leadership.

It is time for Americans to once again show that we love our country more than ourselves.

And it’s time the politicians did the same, or got the hell out of our Halls of Congress and the White House.

God Bless America and the spirit of her founding.

Update: I changed the title to something I think better fits the theme. Sue me.

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Gorges Smythe March 21, 2010 12:17 AM
Truer words could not be spoken. If passed, the healthcare bill needs fought by lawsuit, by state legislatures and by every other method concievable. We also need to get government out of the banking and auto industry. Enough is enough.

Longhaired Conservative March 21, 2010 1:16 AM
Amen Gorges, Amen. Tooth and nail.Isn’t the internet is a wonderful thing? I’m glad you like my musings. It makes me feel like a contributor, even in some small way.

God bless.

Bob Belvedere March 23, 2010 8:09 AM
Quoted from and Linked to at:
DEFCON 1: ‘What Comes Next? We Fight.’
It’s Time To ROC ‘N’ ROLL:
Restore Our Constitution & Restore Our Lost LibertiesWOLVERINES!

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