Everybody Panic! Terrorist Attack Certain!

Have you heard? We are going to be attacked by terrorists. I hear that it’s “certain” within the next 3 to 6 months according to Director of National Intelligence Agency Dennis Blair.

Well now, isn’t that the kind of reassuring news we all want and need to hear from Director of National Intelligence? Granted, I don’t wish to be lied to. By all means, be truthful with me.


How about this… If it is indeed “certain”. If in fact they have enough factual information to confirm an actual attempt to kill Americans is going to take place, then why on earth don’t they arrest or kill the terrorist who is going to perform this “certain” act?

Hellooo…   McFly…

It would seem that the people we put in place to protect America have given up on their task if they have pronounced the next attack as “certain”. Perhaps we should fire Blair and his staff and instead put the people who nabbed the underwear bomber in charge of national security. The passengers on that plane were obviously better equipped to deal with a terrorist than our own government. With outstanding leadership like this, we are left shaking our collective heads asking ourselves “Who are these imbeciles comrade?”

The next attack is “certain”. – These types of exaggerations are just the kind of scare tactics the left accuses it’s opponents of.

Such as…
Sarah Palin was accused of inflating the facts when she pointed out that there are Death Panels in the Health Care bill. Newsflash! There are Death Panels in the bill. But if they call her a liar enough then it must be true. The Thinker points to an excellent article on the subject of “spread the lie” strategy.

Obummer calling his opponents demagogues in speeches overseas.

“(There almost certainly will be) demagogues out there who try to suggest that any form or pathway for legalization for those who are already in the United States is unacceptable.” – Pres. Obama

So, if Obummer says it enough, it must be true.

I’m not buying it.

A psychologist would call this a form of “psychological projection“, as in projecting your own faults onto others. Politicians use a form of this against their opponents. It is in my mind “Political Projection” or a form of demagoguery taken to the next level, which is to accuse your opponent of whatever you are doing or are about to do. The left is extremely adept at it. the Clintons used it to great and unfortunate outcomes during their term in orifice. Some would have said they perfected the whole projection as offense/defense tactic. Mixed with various other smear and slander stratagies it can be a devisive tool against one’s political enemies. Yet, as proficient as the Clintons were, I think it has yet to find it’s apex under it’s current employers. “We have only just begun to project and demagogue!” should be the Obummer administration’s credo.

For the uninitiated, let’s not forget the media outlets in Obummers pocket are projecting too.
Case in point Kieth Olbermann. A well known left wing extreemist hired by NBC just prior to the 2008 elections and who has in recent months gotten ever more shrill. There are others – Rachel Maddow, Chris Matthews blah blah tele-blah, all towing the line for the elite projectionists in power. It is time to unplug the projector.

Another case in point:
Right-wingers are demagogues. They must be because we say they are!

As I was writing this, I ran across a prime example of the ultimate bit of projection-ism/demagoguery at The Troglopundit. Seems that someone who shall be unnamed is writing a book comparing Republicans to Jihadists. I don’t know for sure, but I’ll bet he’s a 9/11 truther.

Alice, we are truly through the looking glass.

[Originally posted here February 3, 2010]

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