I am not a doctor. I’ve never played one on TV so, me speaking about healthcare reform is like Nancy Pelosi and a bunch of bureaucrats changing the entire health care system over a small, but inflated minority of people who supposedly slip through the cracks. Oh, wait. The liberals are already doing that aren’t they.  Ok, so maybe if some legislators who know nothing can spout off, then I can too. I think I will. With the main rule being: “Get Government Out of Health Care”. Quite the opposite from current events, don’t you think?
Conservatives might be slow, but we are thorough. So, without further ado (or government intervention)…
Here are some ideas that I’ve heard and liked plus a few of my own:

  • Continue state regulated tort reform.  According to an ongoing NCSL review of state legislative work on medical liability insurance costs and medical malpractice lawsuits: “2005 State Activity Review – Medical malpractice tort law has always been maintained at the state level…”    “Traditional supporters of federalism have turned their backs on their states in favor of intrusive legislation that will nullify the work of their state legislatures executed over the last three years. It will completely eliminate any opportunity for states to continue to craft laws addressing further malpractice issues and formulating responses applicable to specific problems. Federal legislation will also mean that areas of law traditionally regulated by states – torts, evidence and civil procedure – will no longer be under the purview of the states, but rather the federal government.” ~Emphasis mine
  • Offer employer provided HMO/PPO plans but also offer individuals alternative group plans such as community or profession based. (If state barriers are removed, I believe  competition will bear out these options along with others not thought of yet). Free the Free Market!
  • Offer High Deductible Accident/Disease Insurance (HDA/DI). With a HDA/DI you would pay out-of-pocket for check-ups, minor doctor visits, (like for a cold) and prescriptions (see below) You don’t buy insurance to have your oil changed in your car. Health care should be no different.
  • Allow Personal Health Savings Plans to be tax exempt/deductible and allowed to carry over year to year. Accruing interest at the prime rate. You should be able to use this money for any check-ups or doctor visits or HDA/DI deductibles.
  • Privatize Medicaid and Medicare. (Awaiting the flame mail in 3, 2, 1…)

Ok, that’s enough to get started. And it only took a lowly designer/drummer about an hour to compile.  Try that Nancy.

Q: How do yo tell a drummer from a musician?
A: The drummer drools a lot, and hangs out with musicians. parrrump splash!

Anyone care to add anything?     Bueller…    Bueller?

While looking for a graphic to go along with my assertions, I found this chart summarizing the state of health care coverage over the last 10 years. Hmmm, it seems that NOTHING has gotten worse in TEN years. In fact, according to these stats (adjusting for population growth) the amount of coverage has increased by one percentage point from 1998 to 2008. Which begs the question: Where is the crisis except in the minds of Democrats, those with their hands out, or those watching the MSM? I contend that there is no crisis. This debate is, and always will be about control. Sure, we may be able to improve the health care system, but not without doing proper Root Cause Analysis: Establish that there is a problem. Diagnose the problem.  Find the cause of the problem. Find the best ways to fix it or prevent the issue from arising in the future, if socially and fiscally possible.

And that my friends, is all I have to say about that.

Ciao for now.

[Originally posted here October 26, 2009]

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