There are 3 major problems facing Americans today: apathy, willful ignorance and corruption. The most damaging of these, in my mind is apathy. I would say corruption but corruption cannot thrive without the other two. The good news is, you are reading this blog. To me, that means you are at least curious and hopefully politically active. Better still, you would be informed, educated and active. If this is you, I’d like to offer you encouragement. If not, I say “Get your head out of the sand! Cease being an ostrich! The political climate has taken a drastic turn and you don’t know it.” It’s the same thing I said to my Democrat Father over ten years ago and he still won’t believe it. I understand blind loyalty. I’m an Astros fan. If you don’t understand blind loyalty, you can not be a fan of the Astros. However, there comes a point in one’s political life when you simply have to examine the facts.

Progressives/socialists/lefties, call them what you will, are so convinced of their intellectual superiority that they will not accept debate. I call this willful ignorance. The ability to look at the fact that your political philosophy has been proven wrong, or worse, is downright harmful and despotic, and still push it on an unsuspecting public is borderline treasonous. I don’t have to be trained in scatology to recognize a steaming pile of horse manure when I see it and for the statists to try to convince us otherwise is surely misleading and more likely an outright lie.

Which leads me to apathy. An unsuspecting public should not be the case in this USA. Put another way, our public schools have been taken over by these progressives who, by design, do not teach our founding principles, our constitution, or our values. Diversity is not the key to our country. It is a part of it but not the key factor. The key is the Constitution, personal property and the defense thereof and the right to live freely and pursue our dreams. These things should be the center piece in any social studies class in American schools. Not class envy, entitlement mentality and songs sung to and pledges made to our president.

I’m no Washington insider. I’m not running for office in your town or mine. I’m a concerned citizen. That’s it. I’ve been awakened within the last few years as to misdeeds by our leaders both Democrat and Republican who claim to want the best for us (U.S. as Paul Harvey used to say). These enlightened sophisticates and aristocrats are busy whittling away our very title and sovereignty as Americans. How can we call ourselves Americans if we have presidents who run around embracing things like “New World Order” or apologizing for doing what needed to be done on the world stage while blatantly disowning our Christian heritage? I find these things disgusting and I feel that it is a disgrace that 537 aristocrats in our federal government think that they rule America. Our ancestors, with divine help, built this nation to what it is and here we are, by apathy and willful ignorance, allowing it to be destroyed.

I cannot sit idly by and allow this to happen, and neither should you.

Consider this another call to action. I would encourage you to talk to one person each week who you think may be an ostrich, who may have given up because of apathy or because of the constant media blitz telling them “It’s not worth the fight – you can’t win.”. That’s the same tactic that Tokyo Rose used and we know how well that turned out. We are Americans, after all. Let’s start acting like it.

As for corruption, when enough good people cease to stand idly by,  only then can we rid ourselves of enough corruption to begin to turn this country around. Until then we are derelict. Until we stand against tyranny and despotism, we are not living up to the potential our founders envisioned and the promise they supplied in our Constitution.

May God one day bless America again.

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Jeffrey Ellis December 9, 2009 7:42 AM
I think there’s a fourth problem facing America today: a lack of critical thinking skills among the general public. This is what enables the political demagogues and propaganda artists to have their way with the voters. Without critical thinking, even those Americans who are not apathetic will come to the wrong opinions and will be unable to hold politicians (even those of their chosen political stripe) accountable for making good decisions.

Longhaired Conservative December 9, 2009 5:13 PM
I agree Jeffrey. I would like to think (hope) that most people have enough common sense to discern for themselves what is best if only they are given the truth. Truth is a rare commodity these days though. Our founding principles have been ignored and need to be taught again is all I’m saying. Let’s start with that.

Sorry about the late reply. My internet at work has been spotty. I think the IT dept. is on to me. lol

[Originally posted here December 8 2009]

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