Some highlights from my reading over the last few days, in no particular order:

Missing girl: Marizela Perez – Michelle Malkin’s 18 year-old cousin, Marizela Perez, is missing

Searching for Marizela: An update

Bachmann explains how $105 Billion was already appropriated to Obamacare

I’m Not Surprised

Breakdown of 2011/2012 gubernatorial races

Obama Demands That Taxpayers Fund Sexual Pleasure Training for Girl Scouts

Related:  The radical homosexual indoctrination of our children ramps up, now with U.N. approval

I Will NOT Be Censored!

Fishwrap of Record Targets the Supriya Jindal Foundation for Louisiana’s Children

Secrets of Foamy the Squirrel’s Cult

The Powers of This President

The New Effing Tone

Outrage: Chowchilla

Charlie Sheen Stricken with ‘Power Rangers’ Villain Voice

Michael Moore: Your Money is a “National Resource”

Baby Boomer Blues

Great news: gas prices hit $5 a gallon in various parts of the U.S.

Women And Children Hardest Hit

Obamacare = Doctors in jail?

A new whirreled record!

Related: Spellchek does the math –February deficit spending is over $92,000 per second!

Whoa, was that a sacred cow that I slaughtered for dinner? My bad!

Heh. I’m loving this new breed of spam …

The Woman Marine Pilot….

ObamaCare Waivers Now Top 1,000; HHS To Wait Before Taking Your Health Care

House GOP’s $61 Billion Spending Cuts in Perspective

Gas Prices Up 33 Cents in 2 Weeks — Blame the Democrats

Let me say bluntly Robert Stacy McCain is worth 20 of you

In Search Of The Internet Kill Switch

The lunacy of the Eco-nuts: Oil? No. Natural gas? No. Nuclear? No. Coal? No. Clear-cutting pristine mountaintops for wind-farms: Hell, yes!

From Matt,  “The Master of Aggregation” –Public Employee Union Roundup

Some people have no business breeding

Related: This Just In: Our Joy Ain’t Real

Coming soon to a “Smart Thermostat” near you, CEO of UK National Grid: “Electricity consumers in the UK will need to get used to flicking the switch and finding the power unavailable”

“The Mouth Of God” Is A Hateful, Greasy-Headed Hag

Drive-By Blogging – Obama FAILboat

Ha! Jamie get’s asked: “You have to pick one- T or A?”

Video Proof That Jesse Jackson Jr. Is Amazingly Stupid

Longhorns 17, Badgers 1

Chris Matthews Still Spooked By Michele Bachmann’s: “Manchurian”, “Queen of Diamonds”, “Hypnotic Trance”

Leftists: A Buncha Pros.

The End of The Beginning

Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood Leader Loves Israel!

A Couple Interesting Quotes

Teeing it Up: A Round at the LINKs

CAIR takes another scalp – Paco says:

Islamic special privilege continues to leech into our culture, drop by corrosive drop.

Spot on.

Also related: Islamophobia is a GOOD Thing: Support Radicalization Hearings

and – Shocker… Radicals Threaten Rep. Peter King For Holding Hearings on Radical Islam

Patriot Guard Shields Family of Fallen Marine

Congressman Alcee Hastings: Sexual Predator?

NPR executives caught on tape bashing conservatives and Tea Party, touting liberals

Our National Debt Nightmare is Worse than You Think

The Idea Of The Decade! + Bonus NSH Smitty photoshop!

Something Wicked This Way Comes – H/T Matt at Conservative Hideout

Will add to the list later, if time allows.

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