Peter is back with his commentary on an alternate way of dealing with illegal immigration, one which we used to employ here in the US.

The Peter Morrison Report:

It’s unfortunate, but writing a conservative political newsletter in today’s environment means that I rarely have good news to share with my readers. I’m usually criticizing a politician who has deeply disappointed us or betrayed us, in one way or another. Make no mistake; I’m always looking for positive developments, and I’ve certainly written about a few of them in this newsletter. Most of the time, though, whether it involves Austin or Washington, what I’m discussing isn’t good news for conservative patriots.

This report is different. This time, I’d like to talk about a courageous and principled leader who actually puts the interests of his nation first when it comes to dealing with illegal immigration. He doesn’t repeat the usual pious PCs platitudes such as talking about the need for “compassion”, or the “responsibilities” or “obligations” that citizens supposedly have toward the invaders, and he doesn’t worry about members of the media calling him names like “racist” or “bigot”, because he understands that a nation’s immigration policies are supposed to be for the benefit of the nation’s citizens, and not for the benefit of foreigners who have no respect for the nation’s people or laws.

These days, to see a politician acting like this and actually putting the interests of his own citizens ahead of the feelings of the invaders is almost astonishing. We’ve gotten so used to politicians, whether liberal or conservative, Republican or Democrat, pandering to illegal aliens and their defenders, and cowering in fear of being called “racist” by the left-wing media, that we’ve come to expect it. Except for a few brave souls such as former Congressman Tom Tancredo and Arizona sheriff Joe Arpaio, there are almost no elected officials willing to stand up for Americans when it comes to illegal immigration. That’s why this politician’s behavior is so refreshing. Unfortunately, the political leader I’m referring to isn’t in America. He’s Benjamin Netanyahu, Prime Minister of Israel. He is cracking down on the tens of thousands of illegal aliens who have flooded his nation from Africa in the last few years, promising to round them up and deport them. He is also promising to speed up the completion of a 150 mile-long wall near the Egyptian border to keep illegal aliens out of his country, and he’s not mincing his words when he speaks about how important it is. He says plainly that illegal immigration threatens the Jewish character of Israel. Here is what Prime Minister Netanyahu told his cabinet:

“If we don’t stop their entry, the problem that currently stands at 60,000 could grow to 600,000, and that threatens our existence as a Jewish and democratic state. This phenomenon is very grave and threatens the social fabric of society, our national security and our national identity.”

Can you picture any Congressman, Senator or presidential candidate here in America making a similar statement, to explicitly state that America has a right to preserve its existence as a Christian nation? In Israel, though, leaders are apparently cut from different cloth. Benjamin Netanyahu is not being treated as a pariah for saying these things and cracking down on illegal aliens; far from it. In fact, he has lots of company. Eli Yishai, the Interior Minister, said this about the invaders:

“Why should we provide them with jobs? I’m sick of the bleeding hearts, including politicians. Jobs would settle them here, they’ll make babies, and that offer will only result in hundreds of thousands more coming over here.”

This man is exactly right. If Israel allows mass immigration of Arabs, Palestinians and Africans, who have lots of children and then expect the Israelis to help pay for them, Israel will face not only financial bankruptcy but certain death as a first world society, their identity wiped out by the brutal math of demographics. No matter how much the liberals want it to be so, you can’t have a first world country with a Third World population. Since most Americans and Israelis would prefer their country over the rest of the world, it makes sense to be skeptical about large groups of immigrants from those less preferable countries. The quality and type of culture is directly related to the quality and type of people who live in it. For example, if millions of Egyptians were to move to Alaska, Alaska would become distinctly more Egyptian in its culture.

This admirable realism about the fragility of their nation-state is why the government of Israel is taking swift and decisive action to stop and reverse illegal immigration. In addition to speeding up completion of the security wall, the Knesset has recently passed one law allowing them to detain illegals for three years, and another one mandating sentences of five to fifteen years in prison for anyone offering aid or shelter to illegal immigrants. A third bill, which would fine any business that hires illegals up to a half million shekels (approximately $130,000), may also be passed in the next few weeks.

Here in the USA, things are pretty much the exact opposite. The media recently gleefully informed us that whites now make up less than half of the births in America. This is entirely due to immigration, both legal and illegal, and it signifies a radical demographic transformation that is entirely unprecedented in history. Yet if anyone here dares expresses any concerns about what this huge change to America’s population means for the future, or exhibits any wish to maintain the traditional American demographic status quo, he is denounced as a Nazi and driven from public life.

The federal government, under both Republican and Democrat administrations, has refused to take serious action to stem the tide of illegal aliens for decades. In Arizona the situation was so bad that legislators took things into their own hands, passing SB 1070. Now the “conservative” Supreme Court has ruled that three provisions of the law with actual teeth in them are unconstitutional, on the grounds that they usurp federal authority. In other words, only the federal government has the power to write and enforce immigration laws, and if they refuse to do so, that’s tough. Unlike in Israel, Americans will just have to get used to having their cities and town overrun with illegal aliens. In fact, the same day the ruling was announced, the Obama administration immediately announced that they would no longer cooperate with Arizona when it comes to immigration enforcement.

In addition, a few weeks ago Barack Obama announced that he’s effectively granting amnesty to illegal aliens under age 31 who came here before they turned 16. Of course, like the radical left-winger he is, he denied that it was actually amnesty. His DHS Secretary, Janet Napolitano, said “It is not amnesty. It is an exercise of discretion so that these young people are not in the removal system.” Well, what else is amnesty but taking illegal aliens out of the “removal system”? This is just radical leftist double talk from an administration that has repeatedly made it clear that is has nothing but contempt for average Americans, and is committed to destroying the way of life we cherish.

Mitt Romney may not have the Marxist background and terrorist associations that Obama has, but when it comes to illegal immigration, he unfortunately shares some of Obama’s values. He is not on the side of the American people, but on the side of the illegal aliens. It’s true that he held a press conference to criticize Obama for his amnesty by executive order, but he was merely quibbling with how Obama went about it. Romney supports doing the exact same thing, but wants it done by a Congressional law. He was asked repeatedly at the press conference if he would repeal Obama’s executive order if he is elected president, and he refused to answer. A few days later he appeared on Face the Nation and was asked the same question, several times, and once again, he refused to answer.

It gets worse. Senator Marco Rubio of Florida, who is being promoted by many establishment RINOs as the ideal running mate for Romney because he’s Hispanic, has long been promoting a bill in the Senate that would do the exact same things as Obama’s executive order. This is the same bill that Romney wants Congress to pass. So it’s clear that Romney will be no better than Obama on immigration, even as America faces yet another year of very high unemployment.

Any truly patriotic leader would be saying that the needs of Americans take precedence over the desires of foreign invaders. He would be saying that it’s insane to allow millions of people to come here when we don’t even have enough jobs for our own citizens. He would be outlining a serious program for stopping illegal immigration, and removing the millions of illegals that are already here. Instead, Romney (and almost all GOP politicians) put pandering to the interests of the invaders ahead of serving the people who elect them, American citizens. If we had real leaders, the kind of leaders Israel has, we’d have the illegal immigration problem under control. Prime Minister Netanyahu and other Israeli leaders are to be commended for their actions on behalf of Israeli citizens. The people of Israel should be proud that their politicians care more about them than about foreign invaders. Now it’s time for us to get busy and elect the same kind of leaders here in America. It won’t be easy, but Israel has shown us that it can be done.

The Peter Morrison Report


  • Red June 27, 2012 at 10:53 am

    Americans are a secular self-loathing lot these days.

    • robot June 27, 2012 at 5:36 pm

      What they’ve been conditioned to do for the last few decades. :(

  • Frank Koza June 30, 2012 at 3:17 pm

    Ah, you hit the deep dark recesses of my chaotic mind with this that inspired a deluge of random yet connected thoughts, Bot.

    First thing that came to mind was Tim Minchin’s song, “Fuck the Poor.

    The second was a conversation I had a few weeks ago with a former resident of the former Yugoslavia (I don’t know exactly where, but I seem to recall he said it was either Serbia or Croatia). He claimed that he watched his younger sister killed in the streets with rocks by Muslims when he was eight years old (which brought him to uncomfortable tears which I judged to be authentic). First off, he seemed to be disparaging many of America’s foreign interventions, and rightly so, IMHO. His command of English made many of his points very difficult to discern, but he seemed to be arguing against discrimination and war, yet on the other hand, he appeared to be pissed off at the way America led the charge to limit “their” ability to handle their “Muslim problem” their way, which included discrimination, war, and genocide. Basically, I inferred his point being that we wouldn’t let them kill them all and let god sort it out, but here we are over there in the Middle East killing many of them and letting god sort it out in the name of the War on Terrorism.

    Third, I’ve about had it with the back and forth on the Obamacare mandate/tax by both sides, each wanting to call it both alternately depending on how convenient it is to their political needs/desires to get rid of/keep this Obamanation. To those arguments I bring up our cherished mortgage interest deduction. How is that any different than the Obamacare mandate? The mortgage interest deduction can also be called a “mandate”, a “penalty for not having one” or a tax. Take your choice. What they are telling you is you must buy a dwelling ~and~ you must take out a mortgage to get a “deduction”. Simply renting one or buying your house for cash and not being in debt isn’t good enough. You must have a mortgage or you will pay a “penalty” by being taxed more, plain and simple. And the bigger the mortgage and the more debt it puts you into forcing you to pay more interest (that translates into more profits for the banks which is also taxed) the better will be your reduction in the tax “penalty” for not having a mortgage. It’s win-win for the banks which sell more mortgages and the government which collects more taxes (they only get 15% on your income for us poor folks, but 35% of corporate profits) and a huge loss for you being forced to go into debt to buy something you may not need. All in all, it’s simply and ingeniously designed to take more money from you no matter what you do and make you like it. I won’t go into how corporations lower their tax exposure today, but be assured that it is a pyrrhic victory for the consumer who must pay the corporate tax, regardless. For corporations don’t pay one single penny in taxes. They merely collect them from you and I from every single thing we must buy. They (the government) simply make them the bogeyman with their allegedly obscene untaxed profits (because of all the tax deductions in the code) for us, just as they make illegals, dopers, terrorists, etc, all bogeymen justifying their existance to protect us from.

    Fourth, it all boils down to each of us clamoring for more government for things we are deeply emotionally attached to and equally clamoring for less where they “negatively” affect us. Thus we succumb to taking the government’s “good” programs that we enjoy the “fruits” of, but then we abhor that we “paid” for them and they inevitably want to expand the “benefits” to those who have not in order to buy votes to keep our masters in power. Votes! ha, ha… After watching the efforts to block Ron Paul’s ascendancy in popularity in the Republican primaries across the country and Holder’s suits against Florida to clean up their “legal” voter registrations, should we adopt the blue finger of indelible ink that visions of Iraqis waving proudly bring to mind?

    Personally, I have no problems with “illegals” being here, AS LONG AS they abide by the true rules of law, and by true, I mean those against things like stealing and killing, not the made up rules and regulations that make nearly everything you and I may aspire to do illegal. You know, God’s simple ten commandments. I live with illegals as neighbors; I work with them, doing dirty manual labor jobs that pay poorly which many “legal” citizens refuse to do; I play with them and drink with them and talk with them. Many are not criminals, but simply people like you or I aspiring for a better life.

    Now we hate government telling us what to do and when to do it. But we also have them deciding who can come here and be our neighbors, friends, family, etc… and we apparently like that and want more of it considering all the political angst over it. Why? Are “illegals” really “our” problem, or is it our masters incessantly writing the rules that pervade every miniscule aspect of our lives.

    And self-pronounced Republican “conservatives” soundly rejected Ron Paul. He’s not a Libertarian by any true definition of the word, but a REAL small-government conservative. He’s also a realist trying to open our eyes to the political lexicon of obfuscation by calling things what they REALLY are.

    How’s that for a wonderfully convoluted train of thought? :D

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  • robot July 1, 2012 at 10:32 am

    Good to see you, Frank. I see you took your comment and made a post out of it. Cool!

    Convoluted? Nah. Scattershot might be a better term, but I don’t think that hits it either.

    I agree with a lot of what you said but I can offer an opinion or two on some others, so I will. :)

    On your third point, I think the mandate/tax is a far different thing than a deduction FOR making a purchase opposed to a penalty for NOT purchasing something. THERE is the convolution, in the manner the Obama admin kept switching descriptions from mandate to tax depending on the audience or the day. They argued both ways even before the SCOTUS. (Why the SC didn’t send them home over that one I still can’t believe.) Still while the debate(?) was going pre-passage the mandate/tax/fine descriptions were contrived and absolutely purposeful in order to give ammo to either argument. It’s the Obama way. Take how the talking points have shifted since SCOTUS ruled in favor: The “Needy” are now “Freeriders” but guess what, those people still won’t purchase health insurance, most of them are on welfare, aren’t here legally or are too young to need it and we worker bees will still be footing the bill. Never mind the unconstitutionality of the fed forcing a private citizen to purchase anything. Constitution? That old thing? *blech*

    Illegals? I think Truman and Eisenhower deported a few million between them, no reason we shouldn’t do it today, IMHO, what with unemployment the way it is (Not to say that the unemployment issue rides solely on the back of illegals, it’s Obama’s economy and that’s where the majority of the unemployment problem lies). At the very least, finish sealing the border, get rid of the law breakers as you find them and reform the path to citizenship a bit for the ones already here like your friends who obey the laws. As long as they assimilate to American culture, I’ve got no problem with that.

    Ron Paul scares people. he scares them I think because he represents liberty more than any modern politician and with liberty comes responsibility, the responsibility to pay attention to politics instead of the apathy we witness every day. Paul’s passion, I think can be portrayed as being a bit off the rails, but they (Right and Left) do that to anyone who is standing up against the big government behemoth.

    The convolution train rolls on. :)

    • Frank Koza July 3, 2012 at 12:18 pm

      Yes, scattershot is appropriate. Not quite a rant, but more of a first draft of a much needed essay trying many separate but intrinsically and inextricably linked ideas, the brainstorming session of collecting the thoughts and putting it all down as to what irks me about so many self-professed “conservatives” emotionally lashing out and lambasting Chief Justice Roberts over the ACA ruling.

      Thanks for helping me with it! :)

      • robot July 3, 2012 at 6:46 pm

        Comment sections make for great notepads. Can’t tell you how many posts started that way.

        Roberts? Traitor straight up. Just like all the others who voted for that monstrosity in the congress and the courts. 100 plus years of dumbing down and indoctrination is taking a heavy toll on our great Constitution. This will be a weird holiday for me. I’ll celebrate the idea but not what we’ve allowed America to become.

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