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Found a couple of cool sites today that are going into the blogroll.

The first I found through The Classic Liberal’s blog, who btw, has another followup piece to the Conservative/Libertarian question.

The new site I spotted is Eternity Road and while I was following that link they pointed me to an excellent short essay over at Primordial Slack that I will call the must read of the month. Great story telling that one.


Next, why is a latino woman schooling her city council on Arizona’s illegal immigrant law? Go here for the video and commentary. More from Tammy Bruce an the issue here.

And this from Human Events:

Ever wondered what the U.S. border with Mexico really looks like?


Congress is Rum Dumb

Puerto Rican Rum that is.

From Michelle Malkin:

For our consideration, Puerto Rico’s unemployment rate is about 15.9% and 45% of its citizens live below the poverty level – so statehood for Puerto Rico would basically be like adopting another Michigan. If we?re hell bent to adopt another country, how about Singapore or New Zealand?

For some, statehood for Puerto Rico simply boils down to ~ you guessed it ? “benefits::

“First of all, we are demanding full benefits of our citizenship,” said Thomas Rivera Schatz, the president of the Senate (R-Puerto Rico). “Already, we haven?t those full benefits and we fight the U.S. wars. We are part of a U.S. government and we don?t have the full benefits of our citizens. We can?t vote for the president. We don?t have representation in the House or the Senate. So, those are some of the benefits we are demanding.”

Do we really need more dependents? Why on earth, at this time, when we are providing so many people with so many entitlements do Nancy Pelosi and the Dems want to make Puerto Rico a state? I wonder how many of them would vote Democrat? This is the wrong thing to do. We do not need more dependents. We need jobs and less taxation.


What The…?

Next, on the military side of things, these two gems from Defense Tech:

The first headline read “Russia Losing Valuable Arms Buyer as Chinese Defense Industry Ramps Up”

I have to ask: Ramps up for what?

Read more here.

War on Terror

Then there was this article, speaking on Afghanistan “Taliban Believe They’re Winning…”

“The insurgents perceive 2009 as their most successful year,” the report says. Higher levels of violence, poor turnout during the Afghan presidential elections and reports of Afghan government fraud contribute to a sense of success among the Taliban. While ISAF has seen some success in certain parts of Helmand, putting in place the Afghan government and security forces, the “hold and build” part of the COIN strategy, has been slow. The Taliban have re-infiltrated areas cleared by the Marines and are again intimidating the population.”

I thought we were supposed be out of Afghanistan by now?

Look, if we are going to be there, let’s kick some ass already and get it over with. No, this is not a different message from 2 years ago. I said the same thing when Bush was in office. I just didn’t have  a blog then, so you’ll have to take my word for it.

The difference with this regime is they don’t see any political capitol to be gained by getting out or winning right now. I’m not sure they would know what the true purpose of the war is if it was a scud missile flown up their arses. The fact is, that any advances in the war are to be attributed to the soldiers themselves. Any lapses go on the asshats in the White House due to their politicization of the war and apology tour!

Now I’ve gone off on a rant, but that is what you came for, isn’t it?

Go read the report here.

Things that make you go boom.

  • Opus #6 April 30, 2010 at 5:59 pm

    Yes we CAN make more dependents. Especially if they become Democrat voters!

    I can think of no other explanation for this sudden push to create a new state.

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