UPDATE II: 5/11/13 (10:30am) Sometime yesterday evening I got my tweeps back. Yea! Thanks to Twitter and all of the fine folks who helped resolve that ordeal. I never heard why the accounts were suspended though. Strange. However (isn’t there ALWAYS a however?) Steve’s account is still suspended!

Be sure to turn up the heat on Twitter to get @stevemct released from Twitmo!


UPDATE 5/10/13 (6:23pm)

I’m out of Twitmo, along with @kshaidle @Moonbattery1 (who I was unaware were in suspended to begin with.) & @GoldwaterGal but we’ve all lost our following/followers lists! I had over 3000 and I kmow the others had to have more due to their popularity.

I’m still petitioning twitter on behalf of @SteveMCT who is still suspended, and trying to get our lists back.

Still haven’t received  any info from Twitter as to why or what happened.

The only cool thing is, it’s kinda fun to see the follower list repopulating so quickly. Seems like it took fo-eh-vah to get it where it was the first time.

Thanks again for all of your help and support!

Robo-love to you all. ~ ‘bot

———————Begin original post——————————–

#FreeMindNumbedRobot is not something I would have ever expected to see trending on the Twitterz, but for a time yesterday, it did. You see, yesterday evening as I sat down for a bite before band rehearsal, I checked my @mnrobot account to find it had been suspended and that I would need to submit a support ticket.

What ever for? What heinous crime had I perpetuated? Which hideous leftist troll had I provoked into lodging a complaint against me?

I still have no clue. I dutifully submitted the support request. Their automated reply service sent a return email stating that if I was suspended for automated or aggressive following behavior that I would have received an email stating such and if I hadn’t that I should send them a reply to the present email to re-open the ticket. Really? The ticket I just opened is AUTOMATICALLY closed unless I send a reply email? – Tedious, but very well. I sent the reply and have yet to receive another communication. *robo-sigh*

Then, with only a few moments to spare before rehearsal time, from my secondary account, @TxConservNews, (You ARE following @TxConservNews, aren’t you?) I made a basic message to some of the #tcot #tlot #vrwc Twitterati:


The original list was @CapitaLiszt @LittleMsLiberty @stevemct @WyBlog @MrEvilMatt @ZillaStevenson

And within seconds, before I was finished with my initial plea for help, the torch was picked up by @PubliusNV and @KingShamus YEA!

I also sent quick pleas to @smitty_one_each @rsmccain @BobBelvedere @loopyloo305 and @thatMrGguy.

By then, I was out of time for twitter pleading. I had music to attend to. Thus, it was to my great and humbling surprise when, during the course of the evening, I checked my twitter accounts from my schmaht-phone and found an amazing outpouring of support for little old me.

My musician friends (Who drools a lot and hangs out with Musicians? – Drummers! ~ Har!) looked at me with a deer-in-the-headlights stare when I couldn’t help myself and attempted to share how cool it was to see so many come to my defense. Even @Instapundit retweeted a few pleas!

“Twitter? Wut’s that?”

More fun still was the level of creativity of some of the tweets. My favorite was from none other than the tireless conservative journalist @RSMccain of The Other McCain! Thank you, sir. I’m honored.

I’ll let you click the link to find out who is happy I’m in #TwitterGulag. – Priceless.

Another tweet worthy of note was from @MObeso71

Be sure to check the image M.O. included. – lol

During the evening it also came to light that Twitter has suspended other members of our conservative band of bloggers/twitterati. My #vrwc friend @Stevemct ( has also been suspended and @GoldwaterGal is suspended as well. What gives, Twitter?

Another good friend in the #vrwc, Chris Wysocki of Wyblog posted a plea at his new place Pretty Fly for a Jersey Guy #FreeMindNumbedRobot, please help get @mnrobot out of #TwitterGulag. Thanks bro!

I’ll not waste your time sharing every tweet here but please accept my sincere thank you for the show of support. As of this posting, my account is still suspended. If you would like to petition Twitter for my release, I of course would be grateful for any help. I would ask to please keep it clean and un-accusatory. I still do not know the reason for the suspension(s). Please direct your tweets to @twitter @support and in my case you can include the hashtags #FREE@mnrobot #FreeMindNumbedRobot.

Much Obliged ~ MNR

Interesting collaborative invention between Dave Mears (@dave_mears) and yours truly today on Twitter.

I use the term “invention” loosely because it appears we all have a pair of these things. We just may be unaware of it.


Shhh. Don’t tell anyone until we patent our common-sense invention that everyone has in their possession.

Nah. I’m sure it will go completely unnoticed until the next century or so, when some archaeologist finds them, puts them on and proclaims the last hundred years have been a complete drain of socio-economic and political wisdom and that the world leaders must finally renounce their stranglehold on the peoples of the world, admitting that capitalism is indeed the key to prosperity. Then they shoot him, pronounce him a heretic, lock up the glasses in a warehouse with the Arc of the Covenant and go on about their merry, utopian, business.

Yea. That’ll be about right.

I have a friend who has a big a problem with ‘bumper sticker politics.’
I wonder how loud he laughs at this.


That is funny.

Unless you think about it.

Found on twitter feed#tcot.

@smalgov I miss Reagan If America were a car.. (via @alanqbristol ) #tcot


UPDATE: See Woodsterman’s post for more bumper sticker greatness.

UPDATE II: Carol found the “Idiot Light” – Priceless!

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