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First of all, my prayers go out to the families and the victims in Aurora Colorado where a gunman gave in to evil yesterday morning, taking the lives of many innocent Americans. In so doing, he opened the door to more evil in the hands of word twisting authors who would use this tragedy to tear away at our rights as human beings and citizens of these United States.

The gun control vultures are once again attacking the Second Amendment, suggesting that more restrictive laws haven’t proven a bad thing, which in turn implies that the Founders got it wrong. They would have us entertain the point that we’re being childish to dismiss discussion on the issue.

Well, here’s a clue for you Mr. or Mzzz “I never saw a problem that a little more regulation couldn’t make worse:” that conversation, to me and millions of other Americans, is akin to reinventing the wheel. Get used to it. Those of us who revere the Constitution consider The Second Amendment non-dilutable, solid and untouchable. Americans have already allowed too much erosion of that particular self-defense mechanism as it is, thank you not, and no matter how you attempt to veil your gun control wishes in sophistry and subterfuge it will always be recognized as tyranny. An unarmed populace are merely serfs, subjects, surrogates and servants, indentured or otherwise.

Here’s a little example from an editorial by E.J. DIONNE JR at Investors Business Daily who attempts to turn the tables on Second Amendment defenders. (Question: Why is an IBD commentator concerning himself with gun control?)

Anyone who dares to say that an event such as the massacre at a Colorado movie theater early Friday morning demands that we rethink our approach to the regulation of firearms is accused of “exploiting” the deaths of innocent people. [They are. – ed]

This is part of the gun lobby’s rote response, and the rest of us allow it to work every time. Their goal is to block any conversation about how our nation’s gun laws, the most permissive in the industrialized world, increase the likelihood of mass killings of this sort.

First, the gun lobby goes straight to the exploitation argument — which is, of course, a big lie. You can see this because we never allow an assertion of this kind to stop conversation on other issues.

Nobody who points to the inadequacy of our flood-control policies or mistakes by the Army Corps of Engineers is accused of “exploiting” the victims of a deluge.

Nobody who criticizes a botched response by the Federal Emergency Management Agency to a natural disaster is accused of “exploiting” the victims of a hurricane or a tornado.

ALERT: We interrupt this enlightening quote to question on what planet has Mr. Dionne been living for the last ten years. YES, statists on the left AND squishies on the right used the supposed inadequacies of the levees in New Orleans and the accusations of  slow response by FEMA to exploit the tragedy of Katrina for political gain when in fact it was the inaction of Mayor Nagin and or the State of Louisiana to address either issue.

Nobody who lays part of the blame for an accident on insufficient regulation of, say, the airlines or coal mining is accused of “exploiting” the accident’s victims.

Excuse me? Nice twist. We on the right are unceasingly pointing out the exploitation of victims and issues as reasons for more regulation, as should ANY person with their eyes open to the power hungry encroachment of leftist, statists like yourself. It’s issues like this horrible crime that leftists typically want to use to advantage. And oh, by the way, you’re doing so again aren’t you? So I’m calling you out on it.

No, it’s only where a gun massacre is concerned that an absolute and total gag rule is imposed on any thinking beyond the immediate circumstances of the catastrophe.

Nope. There’s obviously no gag rule, much as you’d like us to believe. The folks at IBD didn’t shut you down or censor you. Quite the contrary. And you used the space to further your scare monger agenda of more government solves problems caused by over regulation while waving the false flag of censorship. Nice straw man army you’ve got there. Do they burn?

Read the whole thing for a glimpse into the fractured reasoning(?) of someone all too willing to give up our right to self defense to gain an illusion of safety. Tragedy Of Aurora Killings Should Reopen Debate Over Gun Control –

Ignore the obvious as it suits your agenda, EJ. That won’t change the reality that more regulation wouldn’t have kept the PhD wannabe from getting his guns, especially given the obvious access to finances and the premeditated nature of the attack. Combined with the intricate booby-trapping of his house, it’s obvious this man was determined. And so would any lunatic bent on doing harm. The only thing that would have stopped this mass murderer from committing his dreadful act of terror would have been deterrence: the guarantee of force that results from less restrictive gun laws or no laws at all. Even if he would have made that fateful decision in light of deterrence, the episode could have ended sooner and with less bloodshed had a gun owner or three with opportunity and ability been in close proximity. I suspect that if you would have been there next to a proficient gun owner, you would have been thankful to a pistol packing NRA member for saving your ass.

Trog has a great idea about who to include on that list before he’ll agree to submit to such a test.

But let’s think about this for a moment.

The libertarian in me says we need less intrusion, not more, but I understand the premise: people on the government dole should be held to the same standard as their benefactors.

We tax payers  are the 53% so by default we are their (the people on welfare and or food stamps) employers. It’s a shame their job description is so undemanding, really. It’s actually non-existent if you think about it, aside from a set-up appointment and a few phone calls the monetary benefits far out-way the miniscule effort/reward ratio. And really, who can resist government cheese? Certainly not the entire class of people the left has trained to suckle the government teat over the last 50 years. So, I’m in agreement, in principle.

But as long as we’re tossing around ideas…

Let’s require drug tests for Congress and all public employees

by randomly chosen, non-union labs,

or no tests at all.

For anyone

except by the requirements of their employer and even then they should be performance driven.

The point is, Congress should be subject to every condition and requirement for employment they legislate upon the people they supposedly serve. That goes for public employees as well.

That’s not asking too much, is it?

I appreciate and admire gun-toting patriots who are proud to be American and are willing to educate the great unwashed as to exactly what that means. Bubba fits that description as well as anyone I can think of.

Here’s his speech on the Second Amendment. I’m posting it here because it doesn’t have enough views, yet. When you’re done with the video (be sure to watch ’til the end), please pay a visit to What Bubba Knows and let him know you appreciate his brand of unflinching patriotism too.

That is all.


Another gem from the Robot’s mail bag:

A Texan cruises thru a stop sign and gets pulled over by a local policeman. The guy hands the cop his driver’s license, insurance verification, plus his concealed carry permit.

“Okay, Mr. Smith,” the cop says, “I see your CC permit. Are you carrying today?”

“Yes, I am.”

“Well then, better tell me what you got.”

Smith says, “Well, I got a .357 revolver in my inside coat pocket. There’s a 9mm semi-auto in the glove box. And, I’ve got a .22 magnum derringer in my right boot.”

“Okay,” the cop says. “Anything else?”

“Yeah, back in the trunk, there’s an AR15 and a shotgun. That’s about it.”

“Mr. Smith, are you on your way to or from a gun range…?”


“Well then, what are you afraid of…?”

“Not a damn thing…”

First, your attention please. A lawful gun owner is under attack and about to be wrongly imprisoned for seven years for lawfully transporting guns, unloaded and in his trunk with no ammunition in the vicinity. How can this happen in America?

The Article:

Brian Aitken’s Mistake – A New Jersey man gets seven years for being a responsible gun owner.

Won’t you sign the petition to New Jersey Governor Chris Christie in  support of Brian Aitken?

Thanks to Red for bringing this to our attention.

And please share this story with every freaking person in America.


Next, two more blood boiling moments:

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Finally, newly added to the Prime page is this center-punched commentary and motivational manifesto from Mister Pterodactyl.

My take? When you start beat boxing your own political pet peeve or single issue voter scenario, re-read this post. You are going to read it for the first time now, aren’t you? Yes. You should. Then bookmark it. Better yet, print it out and tape it to your refrigerator. Then e-mail it to your friends. You could also have it tattooed to your inner eye lids. OK, maybe a bit much. Maybe.

Hat Tip the Troglopundit,

from where I followed this Mister Pterodactyl link.

Now, why was Mister Pterodactyl missing from the Robotic Blogroll?

I blame the leeches.

Omission happily, humbly corrected.

ps, If you haven’t done so, please be sure to stop by and wish Bob a speedy recovery from whatever bad mojo has been oppressed upon him.

Haven’t had a lot of time to peruse the blogosphere of late. I did however read some great entries this morning. Here’s a sampling:

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What do you think the Second Amendment is for? Stephen Broden was interviewed by CBS and appeared to back away from some earlier statements he made while stating a violent uprising “is not the first option,“ but it is ”on the table.”

Here’s a comment I left at Bonzai from the Right, who has the video:

I’m disappointed that Pastor Broden is backing away from his earlier statements. (Or is that a bit of clever video editing?) He was right! I’m also surprised that no-one is bringing up the fact that the threat of a violent uprising is exactly why we have a Second Amendment. Take violence off the table and you have surrendered. That being said, violence is and should be, a last resort, after all constitutional measures are exhausted.

I also think, on the other hand, Mark Adams may be correct in his prediction. Either way, it doesn’t bode well for civil society.

In the coming days, the left will do all they can to paint Pastor Broden as extreme. Knowing that, let me ask you, does this woman look like an extremist to you?

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It’s time to take the car for a drive and clear my head. See you guys later this evening for the Rule 5 posting.

Hey, have you bought a Robo-Tee Shirt yet? They make great Christmas gifts, don-cha-know.

UPDATE: WFAA has released the full interview with Pastor Stephen Broden. As I suspected, there was a tad bit of clever editing. Here is the full interview:

My new favorite song.


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