Can you handle the truth? – From Eternity Road:  Making Amends: A Mini-Manifesto

The Daley Gator has what Adrienne calls “A good start” punctuated with a picture of porkiness. Darcprynce also found a telling video.

Opie is getting all Rule 5 on us and calls out some more shenanigans from Eric Holder

Red has a monster linkfest over at Corndog wherein she graciously links the ‘bot, TYVM. Be sure to wish her a belated Happy Birthday also.

The Other McCain hasn’t so much lost a daughter as he’s gained a son and the always adept Smitty manages a FMJRA with a hangover (guessing about the hangover – projection on my part. I know I would be) What’s with all the whining Smitty? Someone didn’t link one of you posts? I’ll admit, It is worthy of linkage.

Proof Positive hammers a couple of great posts on two blogs. What is he, ambidextrous or something?

RightKlik has the list of nominees posted for vetting before tomorrows poll. Time to make your voices heard. And bring your justification.

Ruby Slippers has some stats she’d like to share with you.

Are We Reliving the 1930’s

Gateway Pundit waves goodbye to the first oil rig to abandon the Gulf. This is just the beginning.

Bob Belvedere has a case of the Red Eye with good reason.

Donald Douglas put a good scare in me. Then promptly redeemed himself. *Whew* Close one.

Victor the Contractor, posted something or another about a Democrat the free mark… – Dayum she’s hot!

Kristen Bell stopped by to say hello to Jamie. I’m sure she was on her way to my place.

Live! “Sex,” Onstage!

Maggie’s got a scoop.

Steve has really been doing some fine work lately calling out Obama’s preferential treatment, unintended consequences of going green and more on the Global Warming fraud

A Nation of Cowards questions the possibility of NASA’s race based initiative?

I warn you not to mess with the Jedi Princess.

If you saw a heat wave, would you wave back? Carol want’s to know.

Saberpoint has OilBama’s new theme song!

Are they just ate up with stupid in the New York City Hall?

Is the tent too big? Maybe that’s the problem.

Lance has a request. I’ll add that yes, I want one too, so double the order.

Move along Citizen, move along…

We missed the cut on this list, but oh well, we’ll take the high ground and double link back.

Krisitn has a lineup of GA candidates for you.

That’s it. I’m outta here. Have you seen a Bunni around here?

Late Entry: Libertarian Buddha has moved to WordPress! devo [lution]

Correcting an omission/ synaptic misfire: Bride of Rove ponders a Sublime Irony and offers another selection of loose thoughts and links of her own.

OK. One more. Just added Conservative Perspective to the blogroll. He’s got some great head bangin’ metal music going on at his place right now, if you’re so inclined.

This installment of the Robo-Love Link Festival will emphasize some of my favorite blogs and writers I’ve been neglecting. Some of which I started reading prior to my blogging life and others who I feel deserve the support just because they are incredibly awesome, as in the Robert Stacy McCain mantra of reporting; “One should either write ruthlessly what one believes to be the truth, or else shut up.” (See how I snuck that in? Bob Belvedere must be rubbing off on me.)

Sharp Elbows…

I’ve been a huge admirer of ever since I found his site. The word fearless was invented for him. An inspiration, is he. Sharp is the one who caught Congressman Phil Hare saying he  “doesn’t care about the Constitution”

Sharp Elbows has another video from Hannity discussing the possibility that the Rod Blagojevich trial might implicate Obummer in some Chicago shenanigans. We all know that there is an incestuous relationship between those two and God knows who else. Pray for the safety of the judge and the witnesses and their families in that trial.

What is it with Hannity? He always brings the eye candy. Are all the hottest babes now conservative? You don’t normally see that kind of hotness on Chris Mathews.

Be sure to take the time to review the rest of SharpElbows site as well.

(BTW Sharp, a search box would be nice 🙂

Speaking of Hot Babes…

Heavens to Murgatroyd! While we’re on the subject, my favorite redhead is hot under the collar over a certain oil company and our President’s mismanagement of the gulf oil slick catastrophe. She also makes sure we take notice of another fine blogger’s efforts in cataloging the insanity.

That blogger would be Pat from And So it Goes in Shreveport and she has discovered a favorite subject of this particular automaton. Beer! What is special about this discovery is that if you choose to purchase some of this malt beverage you could help the Gulf Coast recovery effort while imbibing. It’s a win – win! *hic*

Other babes in the hotness category include Opus#6 of MAinfo, who is righteously exasperated about the effects of the oil slick on the wildlife and the people and inland areas as well. I live on the Gulf Coast and I think I’d rather have the acid rain of the seventies than this.

Righteous indignation can be a good thing. It may well be that it is the spark that we need to spur our people into more activism to restore our broken republic, but every now and again, we need to look for the humorous side of things. When I need a lift, I pay a visit to a very Amusing Bunni and she never fails to lift my spirits. Keep on the sunny side Bunni.

Another Chi-town gal is Backyard Conservative, who has been exposing Obama’s Chicago chicanery since before he was the Democrat nominee for President. Anne is also one of the wise wonderful women who blog over a Pot Luck.

Heed Anne’s warning folks:

Our President Barack Obama, before the election. It was all there, folks. We the Big Government:

“And uh, to that extent, as radical as I think people tried to characterize the Warren Court, it wasn’t that radical. It didn’t break free from the essential constraints that were placed by the Founding Fathers in the Constitution — at least as it’s been interpreted, and [the] Warren Court interpreted it in the same way, that generally the Constitution is a charter of negative liberties: [it] says what the states can’t do to you, says what the federal government can’t do to you, but it doesn’t say what the federal government or the state government must do on your behalf.

We the people. We the people. We must prevail in November. We must. For the sake of the America we cherish, for the sake of the children we bear and owe a better world, for the sake of liberty itself.

While we’re on the subject of intelligent babes and liberty, please let me direct your attention to Pundette who has posted two excellent pieces on the regime’s attempt at up-ending more of our freedoms, one in the form of the DISCLOSE Act, which, if passed, will effectively shred the First Amendment. The other is the issue of illegal immigration and amnesty, which the socialist, communist, corrupt Democrats and Obama know they must push through in order to cement their seat of power.

For the first time since 1/20/2009, America has something to cheer about! – Obi’s Sister

Bride of Rove takes on the stupid and delivers a smack down.

Krauthammer: Why the Surge in Afghanistan Is So Drastically Different From the One That Succeeded in Iraq – Attila Girl

Setting a Liberal Straight About the Tea Party Movement- Teresamerica

Meanwhile my favorite Sheep Herder has a trifecta of sorts this week:

Let Them Eat Cake

The Forgotten War: To Save A Nation From The Tyranny Of Communism

Deceiving the Infidels

Doug Ross

Is conservative the new sexy? Oh Yea.

Another favorite stop of mine is Doug Ross @ Journal. He’s been kickin’ it old school of late.

Frances Rice: Black Republicans Make History

Democrats: Free speech for me, not for thee

Ruh Roh: Blagojevich defense notes contradictions in federal case; demands release of 2008 Obama interview with FBI

Judge plays Whack-a-Moleâ„¢ with the Obama-Salazar Drilling Ban — Reportedly States, “Get That Weak S*** Outta Here, Cowboy Ken”

Whack-a-Mole – ROTFL What a great image.

Scatter Shot

Judge Who Ended Drilling Moratorium Receiving Death Threats – Conservative Hideout

Houston talk show host Michael Berry was on fire Wednesday discussing Obama, amnesty, Sheila Jackson Lee and Houston’s former police chief, who BTW was appointed by Texas gubernatorial candidate Bill White, Harold Hurtt’s dismal record of service and his recent appointment by Obama to head the Immigration and Customs Enforcement. Link is to podcast. Great stuff. Michael Berry is an occasional guest host for Mark Levin and one of the strongest conservatives I can think of.

Frank Pallone: SuperGenius – Russ

Al Gore didn’t get his happy ending – lol @ WyBlog

Sarah Palin with O’Reilly on the BP Spill Address – Republican Redefined

*VIDEO* Milwaukee County Supervisor, Peggy West, Is A Stupid, Leftist Cow Who Needs To Shut The F#ck Up – Daley Gator – Don’t hold back there darcprynce.

Rod Blagojevich, Barack Obama, and Valerie Jarrett – The CL

Schiff On the Ballot; Let’s Make It Matter – Russ

TGIF Rock-n-Roll Oldies: Cream 1967 – Reaganite Republican

Motor City Times…

Obama Bans Offshore Drilling In USA While Financing Offshore Drilling In Brazil

New Financial Regulation: “It took a crisis to bring us to the point where we could actually get this job done”

and MCT on The Resistance:

Environmentalists To Spend $11 Million Pressuring Senators

You go Steve. That’s some damn fine blogging, Sir.

Speaking of damn fine blogging, I can’t very well steal a lion’s line without throwing the big cat some Rebellious accolades.

Washington Rebel

From the Washington Rebel: The Jordan Carver Library Shoot! (Not suitable for puffs, children, or cranks)

Posting at the Reb, Walking Horse offers a reminder of the Obama regime’s attitude toward capitalism and the *gasp* sudden awakening of some morons in the business community.

“if you’re not at the table, you’re on the menu.”

and continues later with

Many of these corporate leaders sold the rest of us down the river for temporary favorable treatment at the hands of government. They betrayed their moral trust. They let us down. Now they are shocked that they are now on the menu. Dickless suckers, useful idiots, the kind of folks Lenin spoke of when he spoke of hanging capitalists with the rope they sold him.

Sha-da-yum! Well done sir.

Read the whole thing. It’s short and laser sharp to the point. —> Ass-Kissing is its own Reward

And with that boys and girls is where I will leave it. This post is upwards of 1200 words and I’m thirsty.

UPDATE: On the way home, I remembered some links I wanted to add, so I added them. No, I didn’t make any distinction. You’ll just have to guess.

Lot’s of love to y’all. ~ ‘bot

The blogosphere is chock-full of awesome. See for yourself.

Gorges Smythe opines on what we Christians should have as our first priority:

…At least for those folks who consider themselves Christians, the most important angle in all this is being mostly over-looked—making sure as many people as possible are prepared to meet their maker, whenever it happens!…

Obi’s Sister calls out Obummer:

He knew from Day 1 the severity of the oil spill, but did nothing. Even in the face of dismal disaster, a nominally Presidential-type President knows to at least put on his big boy pants and stand by Americans hurt by tragedy. Perhaps if the Gulf-bordering states had been full of Democrats, he’d have acted faster, if at all.

The American Thinker warns us: Don’t be fooled by Obama’s perceived incompetence. (H/T Obi’s Sister)

Doug of The Daley Gator, has a new radio show!


Bread Upon The Waters has a great parody video. Stand with Israel!

Red, over at Caught Him With a Corndog calls out Paul McCartney for jumping on the blame Bush bandwagon. Don’t hold back Red.

Liberalguy has the common sense intel plus some babes. Can you find ’em?

The robot + mustache photo comes via email from The Lights Of Albuquerque, who offers a suggestion: “If you lack a mustache, grow one quickly to defeat all that debate you.”

– Heh,  I’ll take that under advisement, Jeff. And thanks for the laugh.

Bob Belvedere asks us to Help Save Mosab Yousef

Runner up for Headline of the Week goes to Steve at Motor City Times:

Dueling Mottos: Obama’s “Yes, We Can” and The US Constitution’s “No, You Can’t”


MCT also had a great analysis of why it’s as costly or even more so to pursue electric vehicles. Hint: It’s the lithium stupid!

Excellent work Steve.

Dirty Money Mansion ~ Take the Tour Of Obama’s Chicago Neighborhood

Government Unions vs Taxpayers

WARNING: This Flag Is More Than A Piece Of Cloth

You know, for a guy with ADHD, that Snarky Basterd sure makes sense:

There once was a land far away, in which principled men established a civilization like no other seen before it, and no other seen since.

It was a civilization in which the rule of law allowed for human beings, endowed by their creator, to set forth on their own journeys, to pursue their own interests, to hone their own talents and succeed by the comforting sweat of their own brows and the rewarding agony of their own thoughts.

R.S. McCain offers up some reading suggestions and techniques,

and a rather thoughtful exaltation of one W.F. Buckley. Highly recommended. Hit the tip jar!

Headline of the Week goes to  Little Miss Attila:

Let Us Now Praise Great Breasts <— Yes. Let’s!

More? OK. Sarah Palin’s Pups

Reaganite Republican found a clip of Sarah Palin, the Killa from Wasilla” slamming Obummer’s incompetence.”

ACORN Election Fraud? Who would believe a silly thing like that?

Left Wing Feminist Says Republican Women Are “A Blow To Feminism”

Lipton T. Bagg finds a teachable moment:

It’s a shame our culture is so fixated on “plausible deny-ability” and other such bovine feces. People fear for their jobs, their reputations, their re-election – all over simple mistakes.  People can understand and forgive a honest error – especially one admitted with remorse and resolve to do better.  But if you’re just plain dishonest or a “fukk-up”, then you deserve the outcome of your actions.  Karma, baby.

I’m Just a Spill

I’m just a spill.
Yes, I’m only a spill.
And I’m bearing down on Capitol Hill…


You know what? I can link straight to the front page of this site knowing that whatever you land on will be top notch,  spot-on, Grade-A analysis. It’s. Just. That. Good.

The Thinker ponders GDP as it relates to life expectancy:

Correlation does not imply causation, but there are some pretty good arguments that can be made to support the notion that higher GDP produces longer life expectancy.

The Troglopudit, always on the prowl for undisclosed information, wonders:

Where’s that sewer line come out?

Oh, and I want one of these.

Jamie Jeffords is a funny guy. Here is his opening salvo regarding a conspiracy theory surrounding SC Democrat nominee Alvin Green:

The South Carolina Democratic Party is now fantasizing that unknown, unemployed Army veteran, and pending felon Alvin Greene, who surprisingly won Tuesday’s Senatorial primary is a GOP plant. The standard bearer for this theory? US House Majority whip Jim Clyborn, who dedicated habit of finding racist conspirators to blame for anything he does not like makes Sheila Jackson Lee look like the poster girl for MENSA.

Guffaw! SJL? MENSA? Michael Berry needs to get wind of this…

As per The War Planner, this is Too good to pass up…

Cry Freedom Video: Today is the Day to Cry for America

Finally Boehner Speaks Out: “Bush Tax Cuts Did Not Lead to Deficit”

Chris Wysocki nails the tenure vs. merit argument:

Base hiring and firing decisions on merit and accomplishment. Merely breathing for longer than the other guy is not a rational employment criteria. ~ emphasis everyone with a brain.

Washington Rebel wonders if it is Time to Jail the Dissent:

Foreign Ministry reports circulating in the Kremlin today are warning that an already explosive situation in the United States is about to get a whole lot worse as a new law put forth by President Obama is said capable of seeing up to 500,000 American citizens jailed for the crime of opposing their government.

GrEaT sAtAn”S gIrLfRiEnD is pondering the Iranian sanctions while stylin’ in da salon.

Speaking of righteous rants, Bride of Rove is watching the horror show from the breakfast table. She isn’t digging on the plot line.

The rule of law is gone now. Can you feel it? The fringes of anarchy are filling in the vacuum left behind as our confidence in the rule of law dissipates. We no longer recognize and protect our land from foreigners. We no longer limit the power of the Executive Branch. People elected to office are not subject to the laws they make. Twelve million or more among us are here illegally and we have thrown up our hands and turned a blind eye to it. Instead we vilify the people trying to address the issues and fix the problems. We are punishing the producers.

Word to the wise. Do not piss this woman off.

Also, as recommended by the Bride, this outstanding depiction of civilizations’ rhythm of rise and demise, and our solemn duty to defend it. If you read nothing else in this list. READ THIS—> by Bill Whittle, The Undefended City.

There is a mountain of great reading out there. Too much for one post. Rest assured, if I missed you, it wasn’t on purpose, I just ran out of time. Now I’m late for work. Some welfare recipients are depending on me.


When you’ve had a long day at work. You’ve been telling yourself all day that when you get home you’ll write that essay running around in your head, or you’ll get busy on that Robo-Love linkfest that you’ve been meaning to do and you’ll take some time to catch up on all the other fine bloggers’ reports in the intricate interwebz at the same time.

But you know what? Some days you’re just too effin’ brain dead to do any of it.

And by “you” I mean “me.” Which is to say, there may be less than the usual minimal robo-output tonight. I’m going to recharge, drink some beer and maybe do some research, or not.

Hey, it’s OK. The three of you can find something to do while I’m gone.

Seriously though, I will do an honest to goodness Robo-Love this week sometime.


Happy Friday to you all. I hope this weekend turns out to be a joyous time with friends and family gathered around a smoking bar-b-que or some such festive event filled with smiling faces and not too much drama. Just don’t forget why we have the freedoms to celebrate this weekend. In doing so we honor our fallen servants to freedom and the protectors of our sovereignty and  liberty. Don’t forget to thank a soldier or a veteran.

The past couple of weeks saw a couple of blog anniversaries…

Obi’s Sister turned four. Is it polite to tell the age of a ladies blog?

Chris at Wyblog celebrated his third year blogging. Congratulations my friends.

I know there were others but I can’t remember who. If your brain cells are in better shape than my frazzled gray matter, please, hook a brother up.

Red has an update on the support of Spc. Joshua Tomlinson’s family at Corndog.

No Sheeples Here has begun a five part tribute to fallen soldiers. Bring a handkerchief.

Conservative Hideout did an expose’ on the DISCLOSE act that should scare the blog out of you.

Bob of the Belvedere at The Camp of the Saints had a very nice piece on the Marines.

A Conservative Shemale passed a milestone. Wait. That sounds painful. Hope you’re feeling better.

Chris Muir at Day by Day has a unique suggestion on stopping the leaking gulf oil well.

Doug Ross breaks down illegal immigration by the numbers

Villainous Company is a bit perplexed at Obummer’s choice of argumentation. Perhaps that is why he chose to forgo the Memorial Day observation.

The Troglopundit makes an interesting point concerning some hot Asian protesters.

The Other McCain has decided that there is a Rule 6! Who knew? And here I am still trying to get a handle on Rule 2 and Rule 5.

Pamella Geller of Atlas Shrugs is righteously fuming that the protest against the Mosque at ground zero had it’s permit canceled.

The Daley Gator posted a frog video, as did the entire blogosphere but me. Hey, I was busy.

The Classic Liberal has some thoughts on how we fund those beloved social programs.

Russ, over at That’s Right has a great picture of Marco Rubio and Congressional candidate Anna Little (with a prediction?) Go get ’em Jersey girl!

Teresamerica has a piece on Sarah Palin’s stalker, who’s email address is given out by Mark Levin!

Ruby Slippers wonders about the Sestak allegations.

Amusing Bunni has some rather good videos for you.

Pundit and Pundette have more on the sleestak issue.

Reaganite Republican points to the impotence from the regime regarding Iran.

MAinfo wonders why Obummer and Calderone are all wee-wee’d up.

Jamie Jeffords has the hots for a Physicist and Mechanical Engineer. Is that possible? Oh yes.

Washington Rebel celebrates Day o’ the Duke…

And lastly, American Power wrote the piece I wanted to on the oil leak in the gulf, asking the pertinent question, “Why are we drilling in 5000 feet of water in the first place?!” The answer is obvious to all but the ignorant.

LATE ADDITIONS: Oversights on the part of yours truly were unintentional I assure you.

Liberal Guy brings the lol funny – Nude Beach Yoga.

Motor City Times notes that Obummer has decided to stop ALL drilling, wonders “How exactly is this going to help?”

And someone let the Left Coast Rebel in the back door of Proof Positive to post one of Carol’s videos. ~ How’s that for Triple Points Play?

A Nation of Cowards has a video of the flood damage in Tennessee you didn’t see. It’s featured top, right on the page.

Gots ta go. Be back later. I promise.

Up waaay too early for a Sunday morning. Couldn’t sleep again. Last time this happened, I wrote some sleepy Haiku but didn’t post them, so here they are. If they aren’t correct in the true syllable count or whatever the phrasing is supposed to be, sue me. It was 3 in the morning.

Disturbed person wakes
to in darkness remove from
head Haiku poems.


Still sleepy, but not enough to sleep…


Oh Insomnia,
how does one employ it?
I dreamt of this bane.


Then, I had to ask….


Who wakes up writing
Haiku? I must be losing
it. Absolutely.


I love the sound of Haiku in the morning. Sounds like poetry, but without the rhymes.

Now for the Robo-Love.  These are all the links back to the Robot  since the move according to Google Analytics. I may have missed a day or two. If I missed you, let me know.

The Other McCain

Pundit and Pundette

The Classic Liberal

Texas Bowhunter

The Camp of the Saints

They Say/We Say

The Daley Gator

Motor City Times

Caught Him With a Corndog

No Sheeples Here

Eye of Polyphemus

Founding Bloggers

Conservative Hideout

A Conservative Shemale


The Thinker

Nation of Cowards



My Thoughts on Freedom

In a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World


Reaganite Republican

Ruby Slippers

That’s Right

The Troglopundit

Obi’s Sister

Tammy Bruce

Washington Rebel

Thanks guys and gals for linkiing!

UPDATE: I just knew I was going to leave someone out…

TeresAmerica – She sounds like a superhero, because she is! Sorry for the omission T.

Howdy! Welcome to my new abode.

I’ve constructed a new nest out of some old mechanical parts laying around the shop and will be residing at these new digs for the foreseeable future. Needless to say, I was in a quandary as to how to get the most mileage out of the move and the most exposure for the new site, so I’ve decided to combine this Rule 2 link fest, with a Rule 5 cheesecake post for maximum effect. I’m hoping Smitty plays along…

Please be sure to update your bookmarks with the new site address. Visit and comment often, I’m open to critique and suggestions for any part of the site.

The new address is

Now, I wish to offer some gratuity.

To all of you listed below, I raise a frosty mug of home brewed goodness and offer a sincere Thank You! for your kindness in linking to the humble Robot. Thanks also for bearing with me as we traverse the tedious terrain that is the political landscape of present day America. Each new day is a learning experience, and I’m honored to be learning from and fighting along side all of you. True Patriots you are.

On with the Love-In:

  • The Other McCain – Smitty and Robert Stacy McCain are the Kings of the Blogosphere! Smitty and co. hold the record for giving the Robot the most traffic evah. Plus, they are really intelligent, nice guys who just happen to be great writers. What more could one ask for? (How’s that for sucking-up?)
  • iOwnTheWorld – Still Rules! Reason being, they hold the highest single day link traffic to the ‘Bot for Christmas ’09. Thanks Guys!
  • Instapundit – I know, Mr. Reynolds has never linked here, but as long as I’m in full suck-up mode, I may as well suck up to the best…

Not to say that these sites are any less worthy of linkage, but prudence dictated that I give kudos to the main traffic sources.

Also in line for a thorough thanking are, in no particular order…

BTW, the model this week, as pointed out by Russ, is Miss Shannon Richards. Her twitter feed is here. Her website can be found here.

If I missed anyone, email me and I’ll get you added to the list.

Thanks for stopping by! Check back later for further additions to the site and commentary on what ever pops into my tin-clad head.

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