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Goes to the blogger known as Editor, who operates the blog Spellchek. Editor has written a very good piece in which he asks us to compare liberty as it existed in 1776 to the “liberty” we experience in America today.

An excerpt:

By any measure, we now live under a shadow of what liberty once was. Everything is relative and we accept a much lower standard to still call us free. The Constitution is now called  outdated. We are told our society has evolved and that the principles outlined in the Constitution no longer apply to a modern society. All of these scenarios were pre-warned by the Founders. They wrote it down. They relayed it in speeches. This is why many are so incredulous that this is happening to our country today. The warnings were issued and history has shown us that the template has been followed to a tee. Of course, today we have an astounding wealth of information at our fingertips about the subject, yet it is still a debate.

How is it that we still debate the definition of liberty? Our government and educational system have done us all a grave disservice by ceasing to teach the principles upon which this country was founded. Yet there are still those who understand what true liberty means and the threats it must endure.

Liberty will never exist unmolested. The more free we are, the more some will want to take it away. It was never a matter of declaring it and just being done with it. So many of us have no concept of what true liberty is or ever was…

Editor then explores a short scenario of what it may take to regain the liberty as defined by the Founders in our Constitution. An excellent read indeed. But don’t take my word for it.

See for yourself. Spellchek: Liberty 1776 vs. 2010

I’ve been meaning to add Paco Enterprises to the blogroll for some time and always seem to get in the middle of a rant or some gear needs greasing or a transistor is screaming for replacement, thus distracting me from my mission. *sigh*

So, it is with pleasure that I announce that I have finally corrected that omission with thanks to Mr. Bob Belvedere, who reminded me of Paco’s site through his Spot-on Quote of the Day, today. Just now. Well, a few moments ago. You get the idea.

Here’s a piece of Bob’s mind (sorry about that visual):

The radical Left believes that their time has come, that this is the best opportunity they’ve ever had in The United States to implement their ideas*.  Up until now, the Progressives have had to operate in the shadows, satisfying themselves with painfully slow progress, but, since 20 January 2009, they have felt it was okay for them to operate fairly out in the open [they continue to hide their exact intentions in order to buy more time].  Though they and their ideas are ultimately the delusions of mutated minds, the Left does retain enough sense, little though it may be, to know that their time is short and they must, therefore, act quickly.

You’ll have to read Bob’s whole post for the rest, along with his pick for the quote. It wouldn’t be ethical for me to steal that golden nugget, now would it?

Outstanding work gentlemen.

Goes to Bride of Rove, who sliced right through to the bone with this gem:

Carol isn’t buying the Sestack lies and neither am I. *shrug* We are full on into lawlessness now. This is what it looks like. They lie right to your face and no one will investigate. The press are in on it. This is what the fall of civilization looks like from the inside. This is societal decay in the last stages of rot. I remember thinking in the 80’s: What is it like to live in the USSR? You know they HAVE to know that nothing they read is true. They must sense that the reality they are living is in no way matching the lies politicians are feeding them every day. People who speak out are silenced or discredited. How soul eating is it to live in that machine?

Well? Now we know.

Emphasis mine. Spot on Madam. Spot. On.

Thanks to Pat at So It Goes in Shreveport who led me to Bride of Rove with this praise:

She could write out directions to build a computer (and probably has) and I’d read it with rapt attention.  She’s gifted.

I saw her site the other day (yesterday?) up at The Other McCain as the featured blog. Sorry to say I passed up an opportunty. Sometimes God just keeps puttin the carrot in front of you so you have no choice but to follow.

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