Carol, over at No Sheeples Here truly is standing guard over liberty. One needs no further proof than to read her admonishment to the media and, yes, to many of us bloggers over the deafening silence she heard when the news surfaced that some 73,000 blogs were shut down by our benevolent government.

What in the world!?

This is indeed, to use the regime’s favorite word, historic, unprecedented is a word I would add. An entire server on the allegations that an unspecified number of the clients were sharing copyrighted material?

I would quote from the article in question but you should read Carol’s post and follow the link from her site.

Needless to say, I believe this to be more Jack-Booted thuggery from the Obama regime.


There is another post on Carol’s site that deserves your attention as well, all of them actually, but this one she asked me to share, so I will gladly do so. It seems that while rummaging around in what must be a vast collection of artwork and saved articles from the web she ran across a piece that struck a chord of truth and begged for action.

I agree, Carol. That post is here.


On a personal note, I had planned to finish the Robo-Love Experiment series today, but the news of the server being taken down prompted me to switch to archive mode. I’ll be grabbing as much as I can from the old blog (just in case) before I do anything else so, it’s uncertain if I can get to it what with normal chores and the various and sundry. Life does interfere with blogging now and again.

I’m in the midst of a quandary. See, I’ve been custodian of some recordings from a band I was in ten years ago.  I’ve been working on a few of them in my spare time, finishing them with the help of some other musicians who were in a previous incarnation of the band and some who weren’t in the band at all.

My quandary is this; Now that some of the tunes are done, I’d like to put together a CD of some of these tunes or put them out on the interwebz, but I’ve lost track of the songwriter. It’s been over ten years since I’ve seen him and probably five since we last spoke. Do any of you readers know a good source to track someone down? I’ve tried linkedin, getting in touch with the university where he was employed when he was here, emailing old friends but all to no avail. I’m pretty sure he’s still in the education field. If anyone has any ideas, I’d appreciate it.

Thanks, Bot

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December 2021