Canned Heat

What a party!

Is everyone ok? Looks like there’s a few who didn’t drive home. I see some who slept on the couch and floor and as I look outside, someone TP’d the house. I’d better get out there and clean it up before the city hands me a fine for the improvements.

Most of you probably don’t remember what you did towards the end of that shindig, but it’s OK, I don’t either  so, your secrets are safe in my scrambled memory banks. Kind-of like Vegas, what happens at the ‘bot stays at the ‘bot.

Thanks to everyone who showed up and once again to my friend, Chris Muir of DayByDay Cartoon for the most outstanding day of hits the site has ever seen.  EH – VAH!

Today, I see iOwnTheWorld has picked up the banner once again and wished us a happy happy. Thanks again to you too. Y’all keep passing out the snark with that laser sighted machine gun.

Now I’ve got to peel some of these stragglers of the floors and brew some coffee. That should wake up the crew.

Honestly though, I had started on a post for today but in the midst of everything else, life took over and I got sidetracked.

You can always check out the Timeline and send me some of Obama’s “accomplishments” to be included in the next update. Or there’s always the Prime page with more than enough to keep even the most ADHD among us occupied for a while.

Hang in there and, hey! Look! Over there, a Blogroll! Shiny Shiny!

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