Monty Python

Woo Hoo! The holy grail has been found! Now where did I put it?

The Other McCain features the Robot today with the The Full Metal Jacket Reach-Around Award!

Welcome The Other McCain Readers!

Guess I should straighten things up around here. Just step right over those beer cans, I’ll get to those in a sec.

Thanks to you Stacy and Smitty or whoever it was I paid to rig the FMJRAA lottery. *nudge nudge*


Speaking of ToM losing their mind, Stacy McCain is unfortunately losing the services of an incredible mind, and all around nice guy for a while.

It may be fitting that Smitty makes his deployment announcement today, Veterans Day, as he prepares to ship off to warmer, sandier, more hostile places. He also takes the occasion to offer us some righteous motivation.

A small sample:

… Liberty ain’t cheap, and rejecting Progressivism may resemble pain for a while. That’s not pain. That’s Socialist weakness leaving the country, and don’t let these liars sell you otherwise.  Stand and deliver, the way a Progressive cannot, for, at heart, modern Progressivism is a synonym for cowardice.

Hear! Hear!

In saying see-ya-later, he requests:

If I’ve done you any favors, I’d ask that you make this the single most linked post in this blog’s history.

I’m all over that.

Get back to the states as quick as you can, Smitty. Here’s praying for your safe return.

And Sir Smitty, a word of advice: If you see the Grail Shaped Beacon, follow it. Face the peril!

Texas Congressional Representative Joe Barton apologized yesterday to BP for the Obama regime’s shakedown tactics in demanding a 20 billion dollar trust slush fund to be used to deal with the damages caused by the oil spill in the Gulf fund the corrupt regime’s political machine and groups such as  SEIU and ACORN. Barton then offered another apology for the use of the term shakedown when referring to the negotiations that brokered the down payment on reparations gutless, thieving, underhanded, conniving, strong arm methods the Obama regime is using to line the pockets of those in political favor without so much as a legal hearing or court order.

Please allow me to be the first to apologize for the Representative’s apology. Not the first apology mind you, which was wholly appropriate in my opinionated opinion, but the second apology that was offered just five hours after the first. Congressman Barton was absolutely correct when he characterized El Presidente’s handling of the matter and should retract his second apology or at the very least, apologize for it. That being the second apology and not the first.

On a personal note, I apologize for any confusion this whole ordeal may have caused, and assure you that the responsible parties have been sacked.

Now back to our regularly scheduled programming, already in progress, but delayed just enough for you to miss the most important piece of the plot set-up, and thus making the rest of the film quite confusing.

Again, my sincere apologies.

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August 2022