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Over the past eleven months, a recurring theme of mine has been to ruminate on the perils of big government and what we can do to combat the over reaching arm of federal encroachments on our liberty and freedom. Since some of you are new to the blog, and since I transferred quite a few of those essays from the old site yesterday, I thought I would take the opportunity to point you to the “Prime” tab which will hold links to those essays for your reference.

As an introduction, in reverse order of appearance, here are ten essays on

The Perils of Big Government

Note also that within the “Prime” tab are what I consider to be some of the best writing by other bloggers I’ve run across in my travels. I don’t always have time or think of bookmarking a post so the list is a bit short for now. Most of my time online lately is focused on defeating the Godzilla of a government we’ve been growing, so if your wondrous work is absent, please take no offense at the omission, it may be that I simply haven’t read that particular work or wasn’t in a situation where I was able to make a note. Either way, the fault I’m sure, lies with me.

In addition to the random readings titled “From Other Blogs,” my friends at The Resistance have been very busy assembling valuable information for us to use and peruse. Those links will be posted on “Prime” also as they come available. I will try to make a note of when I make an addition to the “Prime” tab here on the front page but do check out that page from time to time as I may have forgotten to make note. They don’t call me “Mind-Numbed” for nothing.

Carol, over at No Sheeples Here truly is standing guard over liberty. One needs no further proof than to read her admonishment to the media and, yes, to many of us bloggers over the deafening silence she heard when the news surfaced that some 73,000 blogs were shut down by our benevolent government.

What in the world!?

This is indeed, to use the regime’s favorite word, historic, unprecedented is a word I would add. An entire server on the allegations that an unspecified number of the clients were sharing copyrighted material?

I would quote from the article in question but you should read Carol’s post and follow the link from her site.

Needless to say, I believe this to be more Jack-Booted thuggery from the Obama regime.


There is another post on Carol’s site that deserves your attention as well, all of them actually, but this one she asked me to share, so I will gladly do so. It seems that while rummaging around in what must be a vast collection of artwork and saved articles from the web she ran across a piece that struck a chord of truth and begged for action.

I agree, Carol. That post is here.


On a personal note, I had planned to finish the Robo-Love Experiment series today, but the news of the server being taken down prompted me to switch to archive mode. I’ll be grabbing as much as I can from the old blog (just in case) before I do anything else so, it’s uncertain if I can get to it what with normal chores and the various and sundry. Life does interfere with blogging now and again.

The sun rose over the east lawn with the fusion of orange and turquoise. The light filtered through the trees and passed though the bullet-proof windows. The little boy rolled over, snuggled his pillow and curled up tight in a fetal position, smug in the knowledge that he had fooled all those from the east coast to westward, past The Lights of Albuquerque and past the Gateway. Pundit after Pundit & Pundette alike would soon be hot on his trail to refute the lies strewn about like Hansel and Gretel’s breadcrumbs, except in this case, the crumbs are obfuscation and subterfuge, not to leave a trail home, but to obscure the path, to lead those who would follow them astray. Such is his mission and he enjoys it, thank you very much.

Shhhhh, the boy may still be sleeping. Dreaming perhaps of fishing: “Hey kid nice fish. What’d you use for bait?”

“Well, I Caught Him With A Corndog, mister.”

Or he may be dreaming of Hummers & Cigarettes or perhaps some Innominatus creature. Either way, it’s best to let him sleep as much as possible because of the destruction that follows when he’s awake.

This morning’s Front Page Magazine will report that the boy is mad. Everything Is Backwards, they will say. He is full of Drunken Wisdom and The Observer will note the fact that the boy betrays his lies by his very deeds but still holds to the narrative. Such is the manner of the illusion. Some people only see what they wish to see, making the charlatan’s job that much easier.

A close examination, Viewed From The Right with open eyes and an open mind is all that is required to see through the veil of hypocrisy. Is there available some talisman or possibly something resembling The Black Sphere portrayed in the Lord of the Rings to see what the future holds for the man-child? He certainly goes on about his business with the confidence of someone sure of their destiny. There is no Primordial Slack or sloth-like quality to his character, though some would say there is.

I beg to differ.

Even when he plays, there is a purpose in the game. Whatever he does Outside The Beltway is not just Potluck, it is all by design and that’s not just One Conservative Estimate. Many hold and espouse this very view. Intelligent, insightful folk like Phil Kerpen, Michelle Malkin, Doug Ross, Cynthia Yockey,, Cassy Fiano, Theo Spark,  Cobb, Bride of Rove, Moe Lane, Tabitha Hale and Trestin Meacham have all put forth their belief that the little boy is purposefully dismantling America, so don’t discount the Thoughts of a Regular Guy as naïve. You may say what They Say / We Say is obtuse, but you would be wrong. Even a Neanderthal like The TrogloPundit can see through the mist of confoundment.

Everything the boy does is meant to destroy. Like a child taking apart a toy to examine its inner workings, but this one is well aware of the machinery inside. He has studied the gears and knows exactly what buttons to push to derail the train of freedom. He continually redefines words like equality and justice to suit his own ends. He and his ilk don’t consider themselves bound by the same laws we hold ourselves to, instead choosing which ones they would enforce and when. Take the illegal immigration issue for example, where the petulant youngster tries to subvert our heritage; his wish is to overwhelm our borders much like the storyline in the novel The Camp Of The Saints. This and all the other infractions must not be endured. Who will stand? Who will fight? Has your ire risen to five feet of fury? Well it must rise higher still. We must protect our liberty as a Grizzly Mama protects her cubs. We must fight like the Jedi and even call on Obi’s Sister to join us. The difference is the Jedi were out-numbered and we are not. We are not The Lonely Conservative any longer. We are The Resistance. We are The People’s Cube, assembled and ready for some Smash Mouth Politics employing the Critical Political Thinking necessary to regain our freedom. Didn’ I Tell You? I am William Wallace reborn, as are you, and you, and you.

CARPE DIEM my friends! Si Vis Pacem! There comes a Storm Bringer and he is us! We bring Snark And Boobs to the party and will not be silenced! We have our captains and our soldiers: Hack Wilson, Little Miss Attila, An American Lion, teresamerica, The War Planner, The Sniper and the Washington Rebel. We’re all hanging at The Saloon seated at Randy’s Roundtable with The Classic Liberal making battle plans. Join with us for a brew and some talk of Blue Collar Philosophy and good olde American values.

This is not just Hot Air. Our enemies will know our thoughts and demands by word or at Saberpoint. Which do you chose? I can be The Freeman only to the point to which I lay claim to freedom and I understand the price of liberty is high.

I am ready to walk down Eternity Road with you my brothers and sisters. As DeanO constantly reminds us, the Lord Jesus is with us. Let us walk together, for if we do not make this our cause, a cause will be chosen for us. Such is the yolk of slavery. We must poke out the Eye of Polyphemus much as Odysseus in the old Greek story or we too will be trapped in his cave to be eaten at his leisure.

Sooner or later Atlas Shrugs and it is your turn to bear the weight of the world. We all must stand to the challenge, bear the weight together, for none of us alone can manage. Preparations must be made now for the coming struggle.

As the Teacher said:

“Cast thy Bread Upon the Waters and upon the land, for thou shalt find it after many days” (Eccles. 11:1)

Oil your lamps!

[This is the second in a series. The first can be found here.]

[The third installment is here.]

Today, I sent faxes to both of my Senators urging them to vote NAY on the appointment of Elena Kagan. I wrote of my opposition to her appointment at the end of June, and nothing has transpired to change my mind. In fact, I believe she has been, shall we say, less than forthcoming in her responses to Senate questioning.

The vote may be held as soon as tomorrow (Tuesday) even though one source I found hints at a delay. Now is not the time for us to delay, however. We must make our voices heard yet again.

Join me and many of my conservative brethren by sending faxes to your Senators urging them to vote against Kagan’s confirmation.

I used the Christian Coalition of America’s Fax Congress service, which cost $3.00 total.

More on Mizzzz Kagan’s radical, un-American views at Western Front America and NRO.


Image by Harvard Law Record via Flickr

What’s with the media all bemoaning the lack of intel on Elena Kagan?

Plenty of material is available to reinforce the position that Elena Kagan should be rejected from lifetime inclusion to the highest court in the land. It defies comprehension that I, a mere peon in the political arena, should feel obligated to point out the obvious insanity. But here we go again.

Supreme Court nominee Elena Kagan has lied to the very court to which she is nominated, has in effect admitted she would be a judicial activist, has weakened the protection of defenseless unborn children and demonstrated her disregard for the protection of Free Speech.

With his nomination of Kagan, the Obamachine has once again attacked our liberties and shown a complete disdain for the constitution and rule of law. Kagan, the *hack* Harvard law *cough* expert has shown in her previous writings and recommendations that she is unworthy of the position to which she aspires.

From The Classic Liberal: Kagan lied to Supreme Court in 9/11 Case.

Teresamerica alerts us to an NRO expose’ on Kagan’s abysmal record on the rights of the unborn. While working as deputy assistant to the president for domestic policy in the Clinton administration she[?] made [then secret] suggestions as to the wording of the bill banning partial birth abortion, wording that was inserted verbatim into the supposedly scientific document that in effect watered down their scientific findings.  As Shannen W. Coffin, an attorney in Washington, D.C., who was the deputy assistant attorney general in charge of the defense of the federal Partial-Birth Abortion Ban Act during the Bush administration writes at NRO:

Miss Kagan’s decision to override a scientific finding with her own calculated distortion in order to protect access to the most despicable of abortion procedures seriously twisted the judicial process.

Senators and Citizens alike should read the NRO article.

There is also recent evidence of Kagan’s stance on the First Amendment or rather the twisting of it to suit her desires. As Obama’s Solicitor General she:

argued that the government can imprison you for five years for passing out pamphlets that criticize candidates.

I wonder how Mizzz Kagan would characterize this robot’s opinion on her qualifications.

Mizzz Kagan, as a senior at Princeton, also authored a paper reflecting her longing for Socialism in America.

At Princeton, she wrote a senior thesis under historian Sean Wilentz titled “To the Final Conflict: Socialism in New York City, 1900-1933”, studying the socialist movement in New York City in the early 20th century. In it she wrote, “Through its own internal feuding, then, the SP exhausted itself forever….The story is a sad but also a chastening one for those who, more than half a century after socialism’s decline, still wish to change America.”[11] ~ Wikipedia

All this information and more was available to Barack Hussein Obama prior to his nominating the androgynous Mizzz Kagan, and is also alarming in the contex of the recent 5 to 4 Supreme Court decision to uphold the Second Amendment. Yes. You read that correctly, the SCOTUS recently was asked to rule on local encroachment of the right of an individual to bear arms and defend his life and property and it squeaked by with one vote! What I also find disturbing in the ruling is that they defined/refined the right as personal protection, and not protection from an out of control government hell bent on dominating the American people, which I see as original intent along with personal protection, but then, I’m no lawyer and that lawyer speak is Klingon to me.

You can read some other excellent opinions of the SC’s Second Amendment ruling from Nicki at Washington Rebel and from Matt at Conservative Hideout.

Elections have consequences folks. Remember in November.

Also, don’t forget to say a prayer for Mosab Yousef today.


A couple of items you should know about in the WTF category.

While I was doing the T-Shirt post, I ran across an article at Pamella Geller’s site, Atlas Shrugs, about some Christians jailed for talking to Muslims! in Michigan! This is Sharia law being practiced in Free Speech America and we cannot let it stand.

Also, I received an email from Human Events yesterday alerting me to the same Christian evangelists plight.

Here is part of the email:

Jailed for Jesus in America…Michigan police arrest Christians for talking to Muslims

Four Christians were arrested and jailed for talking to Muslims about Jesus, by order of police chief Ronald Haddad of Dearborn Michigan, who defended the arrests one week after the Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals ordered those same police to let Christian evangelist George Saieg preach openly at a Muslim festival there.

The email also contained this link and explanation:

PLEASE SELECT HERE TO SIGN PETITION (and we’ll fax it to 535 Congressmen), DEMANDING FBI INVESTIGATE POLICE CORRUPTION IN DEARBORN MICHIGAN   (or just watch video and send a free email to Dearborn Mayor and Police Chief.)


The second item I want to alert you to is the new legislation being hammered out in the Congress that will, in effect, allow more government seizure of private companies, industry, or something. The lawmakers are once again chanting the mantra of “We’ve got to pass it so we can find out what is in it.”

I can hear the monks now…

Jamie Jeffords has a short piece on it with some other links:

Financial Reform Bill Finalized; No One Has Any Clue What It Does

I’ve heard of someone “Giving you the business” but this is getting bass-ackward  ridiculous.

This installment of the Robo-Love Link Festival will emphasize some of my favorite blogs and writers I’ve been neglecting. Some of which I started reading prior to my blogging life and others who I feel deserve the support just because they are incredibly awesome, as in the Robert Stacy McCain mantra of reporting; “One should either write ruthlessly what one believes to be the truth, or else shut up.” (See how I snuck that in? Bob Belvedere must be rubbing off on me.)

Sharp Elbows…

I’ve been a huge admirer of ever since I found his site. The word fearless was invented for him. An inspiration, is he. Sharp is the one who caught Congressman Phil Hare saying he  “doesn’t care about the Constitution”

Sharp Elbows has another video from Hannity discussing the possibility that the Rod Blagojevich trial might implicate Obummer in some Chicago shenanigans. We all know that there is an incestuous relationship between those two and God knows who else. Pray for the safety of the judge and the witnesses and their families in that trial.

What is it with Hannity? He always brings the eye candy. Are all the hottest babes now conservative? You don’t normally see that kind of hotness on Chris Mathews.

Be sure to take the time to review the rest of SharpElbows site as well.

(BTW Sharp, a search box would be nice :)

Speaking of Hot Babes…

Heavens to Murgatroyd! While we’re on the subject, my favorite redhead is hot under the collar over a certain oil company and our President’s mismanagement of the gulf oil slick catastrophe. She also makes sure we take notice of another fine blogger’s efforts in cataloging the insanity.

That blogger would be Pat from And So it Goes in Shreveport and she has discovered a favorite subject of this particular automaton. Beer! What is special about this discovery is that if you choose to purchase some of this malt beverage you could help the Gulf Coast recovery effort while imbibing. It’s a win – win! *hic*

Other babes in the hotness category include Opus#6 of MAinfo, who is righteously exasperated about the effects of the oil slick on the wildlife and the people and inland areas as well. I live on the Gulf Coast and I think I’d rather have the acid rain of the seventies than this.

Righteous indignation can be a good thing. It may well be that it is the spark that we need to spur our people into more activism to restore our broken republic, but every now and again, we need to look for the humorous side of things. When I need a lift, I pay a visit to a very Amusing Bunni and she never fails to lift my spirits. Keep on the sunny side Bunni.

Another Chi-town gal is Backyard Conservative, who has been exposing Obama’s Chicago chicanery since before he was the Democrat nominee for President. Anne is also one of the wise wonderful women who blog over a Pot Luck.

Heed Anne’s warning folks:

Our President Barack Obama, before the election. It was all there, folks. We the Big Government:

“And uh, to that extent, as radical as I think people tried to characterize the Warren Court, it wasn’t that radical. It didn’t break free from the essential constraints that were placed by the Founding Fathers in the Constitution — at least as it’s been interpreted, and [the] Warren Court interpreted it in the same way, that generally the Constitution is a charter of negative liberties: [it] says what the states can’t do to you, says what the federal government can’t do to you, but it doesn’t say what the federal government or the state government must do on your behalf.

We the people. We the people. We must prevail in November. We must. For the sake of the America we cherish, for the sake of the children we bear and owe a better world, for the sake of liberty itself.

While we’re on the subject of intelligent babes and liberty, please let me direct your attention to Pundette who has posted two excellent pieces on the regime’s attempt at up-ending more of our freedoms, one in the form of the DISCLOSE Act, which, if passed, will effectively shred the First Amendment. The other is the issue of illegal immigration and amnesty, which the socialist, communist, corrupt Democrats and Obama know they must push through in order to cement their seat of power.

For the first time since 1/20/2009, America has something to cheer about! – Obi’s Sister

Bride of Rove takes on the stupid and delivers a smack down.

Krauthammer: Why the Surge in Afghanistan Is So Drastically Different From the One That Succeeded in Iraq – Attila Girl

Setting a Liberal Straight About the Tea Party Movement- Teresamerica

Meanwhile my favorite Sheep Herder has a trifecta of sorts this week:

Let Them Eat Cake

The Forgotten War: To Save A Nation From The Tyranny Of Communism

Deceiving the Infidels

Doug Ross

Is conservative the new sexy? Oh Yea.

Another favorite stop of mine is Doug Ross @ Journal. He’s been kickin’ it old school of late.

Frances Rice: Black Republicans Make History

Democrats: Free speech for me, not for thee

Ruh Roh: Blagojevich defense notes contradictions in federal case; demands release of 2008 Obama interview with FBI

Judge plays Whack-a-Moleâ„¢ with the Obama-Salazar Drilling Ban — Reportedly States, “Get That Weak S*** Outta Here, Cowboy Ken”

Whack-a-Mole – ROTFL What a great image.

Scatter Shot

Judge Who Ended Drilling Moratorium Receiving Death Threats – Conservative Hideout

Houston talk show host Michael Berry was on fire Wednesday discussing Obama, amnesty, Sheila Jackson Lee and Houston’s former police chief, who BTW was appointed by Texas gubernatorial candidate Bill White, Harold Hurtt’s dismal record of service and his recent appointment by Obama to head the Immigration and Customs Enforcement. Link is to podcast. Great stuff. Michael Berry is an occasional guest host for Mark Levin and one of the strongest conservatives I can think of.

Frank Pallone: SuperGenius – Russ

Al Gore didn’t get his happy ending – lol @ WyBlog

Sarah Palin with O’Reilly on the BP Spill Address – Republican Redefined

*VIDEO* Milwaukee County Supervisor, Peggy West, Is A Stupid, Leftist Cow Who Needs To Shut The F#ck Up – Daley Gator – Don’t hold back there darcprynce.

Rod Blagojevich, Barack Obama, and Valerie Jarrett – The CL

Schiff On the Ballot; Let’s Make It Matter – Russ

TGIF Rock-n-Roll Oldies: Cream 1967 – Reaganite Republican

Motor City Times…

Obama Bans Offshore Drilling In USA While Financing Offshore Drilling In Brazil

New Financial Regulation: “It took a crisis to bring us to the point where we could actually get this job done”

and MCT on The Resistance:

Environmentalists To Spend $11 Million Pressuring Senators

You go Steve. That’s some damn fine blogging, Sir.

Speaking of damn fine blogging, I can’t very well steal a lion’s line without throwing the big cat some Rebellious accolades.

Washington Rebel

From the Washington Rebel: The Jordan Carver Library Shoot! (Not suitable for puffs, children, or cranks)

Posting at the Reb, Walking Horse offers a reminder of the Obama regime’s attitude toward capitalism and the *gasp* sudden awakening of some morons in the business community.

“if you’re not at the table, you’re on the menu.”

and continues later with

Many of these corporate leaders sold the rest of us down the river for temporary favorable treatment at the hands of government. They betrayed their moral trust. They let us down. Now they are shocked that they are now on the menu. Dickless suckers, useful idiots, the kind of folks Lenin spoke of when he spoke of hanging capitalists with the rope they sold him.

Sha-da-yum! Well done sir.

Read the whole thing. It’s short and laser sharp to the point. —> Ass-Kissing is its own Reward

And with that boys and girls is where I will leave it. This post is upwards of 1200 words and I’m thirsty.

UPDATE: On the way home, I remembered some links I wanted to add, so I added them. No, I didn’t make any distinction. You’ll just have to guess.

Lot’s of love to y’all. ~ ‘bot

Anyone Still Wondering Where This PC Bullshit Is Going Better Take A Look  At Britain.

Via twitter friend JihadHunter some disturbing images and a story to wake up the drowsy, that is if you want to be awakened at all. If not, sorry ’bout your bad luck.

From the UK Daily Mail:

Screaming hate and brandishing vile placards, Muslim extremists and far-Right groups clashed yesterday in ugly scenes that marred a parade by soldiers.

Around 40 members of a group called Muslims Against the Crusades (MAC) arrived with inflammatory banners featuring slogans such as ‘Butchers return’ and ‘What are you dying for? £18k’.

Now the good news. Some of our English brethren are tired of the BS as well:

They were soon confronted by 100 people, some wearing English Defence League T-shirts, who shouted ‘scum’ and ‘Muslim bombers off our streets’.

Thank God for anyone willing to stand up to this vile attempt at defaming defenders of freedom. Who do these idiots think protect their right to protest in the first place?
Read the full story at The Daily

In the WTF department, it seems there is a tampon* of a man named Robert Leslie Hymers III, the son of Robert Leslie Hymers Jr. who is the leader of a Protestant cult once named the Open Door Community Churches, and the  son has decided to feud with a certain Blog Mistress named Little Miss Attila. (Full disclosure: I love her blog.)

I would categorize this as a “bad idea.”

In the past, she apparently shared some of her forthright thoughts and comments regarding her experiences in his fathers “church”, and he’s none too happy about it. He’s evidently asked the FBI to investigate stalking behavior from Miss Attila.

How does one stalk from a blog? Inquiring minds want to know.


First off, you need to look again at the title of the lady’s blog before you decide to do something this imbecilic.

Secondly, have you noticed the name of her blog?

Thirdly, if your aim was to quiet the whole thing down, well, you might  be inclined to re-think that little strategy now. Maybe just a bit.


*because Doug beat me to douche-bag.

Right up front, I must apologize. Using the term Baptist in the same sentence, or even the same article with a “man” like Fred Phelps is to disrespect Baptists everywhere. I was raised Baptist and the vile hatred these people spew is beyond contempt.

As an example, let me point you to the latest atrocious demonstration they are planning in Louisiana this Saturday at the funeral of a fallen American soldier. The motorcade and funeral of a hero and defender of freedom will be picketed as he is lain to rest by the very clueless people he died defending.

That’s some fine gratitude there Fred. I hope you choke on it.

I first heard of this from a certain corndog loving blogger and soon found that others such as Pat at So it Goes in Shreveport, and Bob at The Camp of the Saints had joined the cacophonous outrage that surrounds the stupidity.

But wait, there’s more! According to the appropriately named Lipton T. Bagg, at the newly bloggrolled website Viewed From The Right:

Beside protesting at the funerals of SPC Joshua Tomlinson in Minden, LA. (PGR is on this one, I understand) and Ronnie James Dio in Los Angeles, Westboro will also be doing multiple protests at Arlington National Cemetery, Ft. Leavenworth National Cemetery in KS., Boston and Lexington, MA. and in Portland, OR.

This is a travesty beyond comprehension.  To think they were educated within our own borders speaks volumes to the underlying problem these maroons represent. How can these people be Americans? They surely haven’t been properly educated as to what has made our country great. At least what it was before the progressives gained a foothold in government.

I understand moral and political outrage. Most times I think there should be more of it, and I don’t disagree with their right to protest, I just wish they would find another, more appropriate way to vent their anger. This soldier was the instrument of policy, not the maker of it. Take your protest to Washington, not the funerals of brave defenders of the very freedoms you enjoy. For that, you are awarded the title “douche-bag”.

Knowing the members of this hate-cult will never take the advice offered here, to the people who would stand by our soldiers, I will pass on a suggestion or two from the comments at Pat’s blog:

Janet said… At one of the other funerals where the WBC picketed, some students counter protested by holding up white sheets to shield the family from the picketers. What an awesome, peaceful way to take the wind out of their sails. It would be amazing to see that become a trend…

Also, stolen from Pat’s comment section, is this excellent counter measure from First Baptist Minden:

First Baptist Minden said… In response to the Westboro protest group, First Baptist Church Minden is providing a way for you to positively and to peacefully express your support. So for every minute that the protestors are on site, we are asking you to pledge a per minute monetary amount. ALL the proceeds will be given directly to the widow of a TRUE HERO, SPC. JOSHUA TOMLINSON. So the longer they choose to stay and protest, the more it will benefit SPC. JOSHUA TOMLINSON’S family.

If you would like to help, you can print and fill out this card and bring it by the church office, email it to or mail it to the church office at:

FBC Minden
301 Pennsylvania Ave.
Minden, LA 71055

Or you can call the Church Office at: 318-377-4434!/photo.php?pid=178886&id=299800060

I tried the FB page link. It appears to be down. The First Baptist Minden link should be working however.

Read more on this at My Bossier and an invitation  here, and at Andy’s Place, both also added to the blogroll.

God Bless America and the men and women who defend her.

UPDATE: Looks like the Westboro folks were a no-show. Good. Lipton T. Bagg has video of the patriots who lined the streets to honor this man and his service. Warms my heart to see Americans standing on principle.

Cass Sunstein, Elena Kagan, The DCCC, El Presidente Obamalama ding-dong and former President Clinton are worried about your informational intake, your knowledge consumption.

Why wouldn’t they be?

Much like the food or drugs they regulate or the job you are chosen for, or the housing you receive, it must be categorized, approved, diverse but standardized, financed, subsidized and inspired by the government, but that’s quadruply redundant isn’t it, comrade?

I read today of yet another veiled attack on freedom of speech by the very informed Bill Clinton. Addressing a Yale graduating class he reportedly

…told Yale seniors on Sunday to listen to people with whom they disagree.

Some of us are, sir, and we don’t like what we’re hearing.

He also thoughtfully warned of some bizarre consequences resulting from info-overload:

…while the country is less sexist, racist and homophobic than it once was, people today only want to be around those who agree with them.

“In our media habits, we go to the television sites, we go to the radio talk shows, we go to the blog sites that agree with us, and it can have very bizarre consequences” he said, citing the controversy over the origin of President Obama’s birth certificate.


Don’t they sell stuff at bazaars?

I’m not buying. As a matter of fact I’m here to return something defective. (Can you say Health Care Reform?) What is bizarre, and telling, is the former President’s lack of understanding as to likely causation of bizarre behavior.

…as information becomes more available, so does the potential for its misuse.

He noted that Faisal Shahzad, the man accused of attempting to bomb Times Square, received a college degree in the United States before flying back to Pakistan to train as a terrorist.

Wait. Did I just agree with Clinton on something? Did he just blame an immigrant for taking advantage of our county only to use that privilege against us? Did he even name a country as the source of the hatred?

He did. But he got back on point soon enough. The cause is not an ideology of hate against America. or Christians, it’s the information itself!

“It shows you that when you tear down all the walls, and you can break through all the barriers of information, that the same things that empower you to get access to more information more quickly than ever before could empower you to build bombs,” he said. “It’s an unstable world.”

We do agree Mr. Clinton. It is an unstable world. We disagree however on what it will take to make it a better place. I and many like me would rather the free flow of political thought not be challenged or obstructed with demagoguery and political projection.

I hold as a tenet that it is the free exchange of religious and political ideas and concepts that have the most promise in our daily discourse and for anyone to suggest censoring or forced diversity and dissemination of ideas runs contrary to the fabric of our nation. But then again, socialism will not be accepted willingly by a free thinking, outspoken people.

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