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I missed donating to a candidate this past Friday and felt a bit of loss at not having made that weekly donation. So I was thankful that Instapundit gave me a method to relieve my stress. A Monday Money Bomb for Ruth McClung, the rocket scientist running in Arizona’s CD-7!

Hey, thanks for the heads-up, Mr. Reynolds. who also notes that , according to an article at Gateway Pundit, there may be some major voter fraud being attempted in Ruth’s district.

Ruth needs our help to defeat these leftist shenanigans.

Ruth McClung for Congress.

McClung Miracle Monday Money Bomb.

Another conservative lady comes to Arizona’s defense, and by doing so, America’s as well. Ruth McClung is a physicist who is concerned about the direction of our country, not a career politician, concerned with lining their pockets.

…I cannot stand on the sidelines when politicians in Washington (like my opponent) are grabbing control of our personal freedoms, wrecking our economy, recklessly spending our money, and destroying America’s greatness. We need to return to limited government, personal responsibility and integrity, a strong work ethic, and opportunity for all. The American dream is to be self reliant and work to achieve the life that you want, not live off the government.

As a nation, we face many complex challenges requiring innovative solutions. My technical knowledge and expertise in scientific problem solving will be valuable in solving these problems. I will take strong, decisive stands on border security and immigration, curbing out-of-control government debt, and promoting job creation through a free market economy. I am committed to limiting our government and defending our Constitution. Working as a physicist, I understand the importance of finding the right solution instead of causing new problems. Maybe it does take a rocket scientist.


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Donate to Ruth McClung’s campaign.

UPDATE: More info on Ruth McClung at Right Klik.

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May 2022