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A few weeks ago, while listening to some old Hank Jr.  I remembered a song he did in the seventies called Outlaw Women. It occurred to me that it might make good background music for a tribute to the conservative ladies in the political arena today. I sought out the tune and upon hearing it again, realized that a few lines just didn’t quite fit what I thought the proper message should be, which lead to a search for a song that did fit, but I kept coming back to the Outlaw. This left one choice. I would have to rewrite some lines and *gasp* sing the thing myself.

What follows is the result of the last few weeks agonizing in the studio over enunciation and phrasing and then compiling photos and learning how to use the video software. (Thanks Carol!)

I apologize in advance if I left anyone out. You can also blame me for any mistakes or faux-pas, or you can just blame Bush. Yea, that’s the ticket. Blame Bush.

Feel free to share it with anyone who likes Grizzly Mamas and really bad vocals.


Both of you who read this blog on a regular basis Anna Little for Congress sign Texas 3know that I’m a big Little fan. Jersey girl is alright with this robotic writer, so I’m extremely pleased to announce that this weeks Ten Buck Fridays vote has been tallied and Anna Little has emerged victorious.

Now head over to Anna’s site and donate what you feel you can afford. Anna is facing a tough incumbent in Frank Pallone and her campaign can use every dollar.

RightKlik has a nice post detailing the Anna Little victory and give suggestions on another worthy candidate if you are feeling extra generous.

Super-Blogger, Nice Deb has picked up the TBF torch and is running with us, as is StopTheACLU, Maggie’s Notebook, WorldDailyNews, Hack Wilson, The Conservative Lady Polemicon and many many others.

I’m swamped with work today so, this is short and sweet. Go give Anna Little some money!


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May 2022