Climate Change

A new Automotivator for you. Sorry ’bout the visual. Here’s some eye bleach.

Ever since the “don’t touch my junk” business, I’ve been tinkering with this idea and finally found the picture to hopefully make it work.

Thanks to The Weekly Standard for commissioning this artwork and for publishing the informative article on the Anthropomorphic Global Warming fraud that accompanies it.

UPDATE: What do you think? Should the Smithsonian give me a grant for creating this? They seem to have plenty of money laying around for “high art” these days.

UPDATE II: Steve Burri has chimed in with one of his own. I bet AlGore would like some of those parachute pants right now. Mom!! The Mind Numbed Robot is Picking on Al Gore Again!

I don’t know. But I’m curious.

A few days ago, I received an email announcing what should be a booster shot for our children in math and science education. The program is called “Connect a Million Minds” (CAMM).

Here is an excerpt from CAMM website:

On November 17 at 12pm ET, join host former Vice President Al Gore, inventor Dean Kamen, astronaut Sally Ride and young people from around the world for an interactive discussion exploring youth attitudes toward math and science education.

Immediately after seeing Al Gore’s name, my inner conspiracy theorist surfaced and asked a few questions:

Is Al Gore the best they could do for a moderator? Really?

Is this another Global Warming / Climate Change indoctrination attempt?

If not, why front load the panel with known Climate Change theorists Kaman and Gore?

I don’t want to get overly excited about this. I actually like the idea of pushing kids to excellence in any field of endeavor, especially math, science and technology.

My concern is the hijacking of what could be a good program by the wacko environ-mentalists who could use the opportunity to push an an agenda that has been proven to be at best flawed science and at worst outright lies. Is that what we want our children to learn? If the math doesn’t fit the hypothesis, make up the numbers that will support your theory?

I’ll stop before I go too far here, I’m not pointing the finger of accusation just yet. I’m merely asking for feedback from teachers.

Are you aware of the program?

Is your school participating?

What are your thoughts?

Bueller? Bueller?

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December 2022