Merry Christmas fellow automatons! And you humans too.

Update: One of my favorite Christmas songs:

Here’s a small sampling of Christmas posts from the Robot’s blogroll:

The Troglopundit found some beauties singing well, beautifully.

A new addition to the blogroll, PoliticalJunkie Mom, brings Bill Whittle: Christmas in America, circa 1776

Hey, did anyone else notice Pundit and Pundette passed the One Million hits mark? Congratulations Jill! That’s some great work you’re doing over there. Pundette found a great rare Christmas song Everybody’s waitin’ . . .

Angel got jazzed up for Christmas, Ray Charles style. Good stuff there, Angel.

Chris has a few Christmas messages for us. “…this coffee cup is my Christmas gift to you“, “The Best Christmas Tip Story Ever” and “Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and Hugo Chavez wish you a very Nuclear Christmas

My good friend Steve, of Motor City Times has been hitting the Christmas music for the past week or two. Let’s see if I can find a common tag over at his place to link to them all. Hold on.

Now, I swear that I wrote that prior to going to Steve’s site. Check it out, he’s waaaay ahead of me. Great minds and all…

The Motorcitytimes Christmas Music Roundup

plus today, Apollo 8 Christmas Eve Broadcast

Thank you Steve!

Bunni’s Christmas Wrapping……Cats

The War Planner: “Merry Christmas, Mr Scrooge, in keeping with the situation..

YankeePhil found A Perfect Christmas Meal MMMMMMMMM, BACON

Jamie found Jennifer Aniston in red!

A Christmas He Will Never Forget – Obi’s Sister

Ronald Reagan Christmas Address (video) – Reaganite Republican

The Daley Gator just informed me of their own Christmas Linkapaloosa – Yowza! – Thanks Ed and Doug. Merry Christmas to you both!

Randy, of the Roundtable found Santa Baby! – I love that song. Merry Christmas to you too, Randy.

Mean Ol’ Meany gives the gift of blogging traffic tips and keeping up with gubment regulations. Hey someone has to do it. ~ Thanks Meany!

BTW, stop by Red’s place and offer some get well wishes. Hope you’re back to your cantankerous self soon, Red! Are you trying to get better or have you been watching too many vampire movies? 8^0

More rare Christmas music at Bread Upon the Waters.

SENTRY JOURNAL’s version of ‘Twas The Night Before Christmas

Vicki found some cool Classic Christmas TV Commercials

Gorges says: Merry Christmas!

KingShamus found Santa Meets Cops – I wonder if those guys work for Michelle?

Matt has another of his great link round-ups. Christmas style.

Dustbury: Stocking Stuffers? Hmmm. or Mistletoe the line. <— That’s just wrong.

Foamy’s got some choice words about the war on Christmas. [Language warning]

Here’s a neat idea – Rocket’s into Roses! – American Perspective

Robert Belvedere has been busy with the Rule 5 action.

iOwnTheWorld found someVintage Christmas Ads

Verum Serum: If Mary and Joseph Were on Facebook

Wait a minute. Verum Serum wasn’t on the blogroll? Omission corrected.

T.L. Davis, over at Washington Rebel, has his own take on the Night Before Christmas – A Redneck Christmas – Yee Haw!

Pixie’s under the weather. Get well soon! Being sick sucks anytime, but at Christmas, well, just makes it worse. She still found time to post some Chipmunks and Charlie Brown. Cool!

Maggie informs us: What Christmas Is

Christmas Rule 5 from the Pirate

American Power – Wonderful World and Zombie Holiday

Teresamerica – Animals Singing Christmas Carols

Need a hot last minute gift idea? – SpellChek

RightKlik has a nice round-up too.

Merry Christmas Carol!

Stacy posted a great video of his family wishing us a Merry Christmas and also one of Herman Cain doing the same.

Adrienne, what beautiful stars you have…

Proof: Dean Martin – Let it Snow

Cool! Woodsterman found Bailey the Unknown Reindeer

KurtP has some singing signing Monks.

Joan, you are beautifully eloquent:

I’m curious. Is there some dark harm in believing in a virgin birth at that time, in that place, in those inconvenient circumstances? In believing in such a thing, am I inspired to fear and loathing, or might I share in an utterly unlikely miracle that makes me doubt my own goodness– and to look up for answers instead of around for a stone?

Also, this video, because charity begins at home and Joan asked us to share it. Visit her site for more info.

I may add on later, if time permits.

Merry Christmas, my friends and reader. May God bless you all.

‘Twas the night before Christmas, and through the White House,

Not a creature was stirring, no Obama mouse.

A steel plate was mounted, blocking the hearth.

There be no Christmas spirit, here in their hearts.

The children were nestled, all smug in their beds.

While Utopian visions clouded their heads,

And Michelle in her boob belt, had set a trap.

If Saint Nick dare land here, he’d never come back,

When on the south lawn, there arose such a clatter,

The trap had been sprung! Now Christmas was over!

Yippie Kai Yea! She screamed with such laughter.

If the fat man’s not dead, then I’ll be his master!

I went to my window and threw open the sash,

In time to see delivered, the very first lash.

Swear to me Kringle, you’ll give no more candy,

And sing no more carols that we did not hand ye.

No toys shall be given without gubment approval,

They’ll be from China, Taiwan and communal.

We shan’t put up with your cheeriness either,

Now kneel down to grovel and beg for your life, sir.

I cannot do such things that you say,

You might as well bury me with reindeer and sleigh.

My life is to give for the children, you see,

Not bend to the will of your bureaucracy.

For even if, I could do as you say,

I would never, never, ever have it that way.

You seek to manage each little decision,

Why not leave such things to the singular person?

The living of life is the freedom of choice,

It’s what God intended, as we each have a voice.

To dictate to people what you’d have them do

Just kills innovation and charity too.

I’m begging ye ma’am, for the common folk,

Not for myself, you must turn loose this yolk.

If’n ye did, you’d be so much happier,

You might even enjoy to listen on laughter.

For you and Obama are God’s chosen ones

It is not chance you sit on those thrones.

Perhaps it’s to teach you a little humility,

And to govern much less, and lead with civility.

How dare ye Chris Kringle speak such to me!

As I’ve caught you myself and will not set you free!

My bidding you’ll do and there’ll be no debate,

Or buried you’ll be with those reindeer I hate.

What’ll it be mister fat man of flight?

Will you consent to slav’ry tonight?

Nay. Nay my dame. My answer is naught.

My life is all servitude, but never at cost.

Away to the dungeon! She commanded her minions,

He and his sleigh and reindeer and elflings!

I’ll see you in time, my fat man of frolic.

You think on these things as your deer get the colic.

She retired to the state house as they took Santa away,

With a wry backward glance at the fat man in chains.

The next morning she woke from a frightful dream.

Saint Nick had broke free and was not to be seen.

She ran to the dungeon, where they’d taken the bastard,

Only to find that the cell had been shattered!

With the light of the morning almost coming through,

Outside she ran to see what to do.

Off in the distance, the sleigh bells were ringing,

With a Ho Ho Ho Ho, she could just hear him singing.

One can’t imprison Christmas, she’d learned the hard way,

Much like our Messiah, who just will not stay.

The spirit of Christmas won’t remain in a cell,

It lives in our hearts, and our souls as well.

It’s the spirit of giving as the Christ gave His life.

That He died for our sins was His sacrifice.

The sleigh bells waned and Michelle retired,

As Santa flew home and the morning grew brighter,

Singing his carol and reminding us all

To listen with our hearts, to heed the call,

To live like the Savior, and love one another,

Every mother and father, and sister and brother.


UPDATE: Linked by the missing link! Thanks Lance!

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December 2022