Been a while since I had time to take a snapshot of the olde blog-o-sphere so, here goes…

Soldiers’ Angels Valour IT is still on. Check out Howling at the Moon for an update. Then donate to the Marine Team, you Jackwagons!!

Belvedere and Shamus share a couple of great, if somewhat unsettling, posts:

When Mark Steyn Starts To Talk About The Break-Up Of The United States… 

Living And Fighting With The Left

Hat Tip to FleeceMe who has his own killer roundup.

No One of Any Import garnered another Instalanche with one of her recent posts. If one could actually turn green with envy, my muffler looking moniker would be lime with it. Congratulations, Linda. Well deserved praise indeed.

An Opinion On All The Casey Anthony Opinions

M friend and fellow Texan, GatorDoug has a few bullet points of comparison between the principles of Marxism and the policies affecting Americans today:

Yes, Communism still stalks us. Never forget that.

Video- Communists agenda Grinding America Down

Reaganite Republican:

History Will See Obama as Nothing But a Communist Tool… and a Failed One at That

Pundit and Pundette:

Adulthood undermined

Proof Positive:

Obama is C-in-C of Dems Class Warfare Against Productive Members of Society

Fuzzy Logic:

Rebutting the BO is a Genius Meme

Joy McCann and Dan Collins have a new venture going. Here’s a link to get you there:

Marco Rubio: New Taxes vs. New Taxpayers

Full Metal Patriot:

White House staffers got raises nearly three times the national average. And (surprise!) Obama lied about it.


Questions, So Many Questions

Political Clown Parade:

Plouffe And The Gang Have Their Heads In The Sand

Pirates’ Cove:

On Debt Talks, Charlie Rangel Gets All Religiousy

Primordial Slack:

Remember the Atlantis countdown stalling at 31 seconds?

The Busted Nut calls it like he sees it:

9.2% FUCKERS! Yea! I can feel the Hope and Change…..Can you?

Don’t hold back, Jake. Tell us how you really feel.


Oh My! Guess Who Got Illegal Money From HUD?

Frugal Cafe:

Bahamas Now Bans Commercial Shark Fishing, Shark Fin Soup Debate & Demand Continues (video)

Hot Air:

Former “alarmist” scientist says Anthropogenic Global Warming (AGW) based in false science

That MrG Guy:

Union Taxes Teachers $10 for Obama Campaign (via Phoebe’s Detention Room)

Bride of Rove:

Well it was definitely a “Shovel Ready” Project ~ Updated: It’s Latin American Spring!

Liberty at Stake:

Contemporary Politics and Newton’s Three Laws (Part 17)

Right Klik:

Why The Left’s Global Warming Agenda Is Wrong

The Conservative Lady:

Democrat Talking Heads

The (somewhat less) Lonely Conservative:

On The Economy President Obama Blames Everyone But Himself (And A Letter To The President)


Imagine John Lennon growing a brain

The Troglopundit:

Let that be a lesson to you, Rep. Ryan…

From Verum Serum, we learn:

Michelle Bachmann and Rick Santorum want to BAN ALL PRON! Well, not-so-much.

Think Progress Hacks Can’t Read but They Can Lie

US Calvary Veteran:

Sarah Palin, Paul Revere And the Importance Of An Armed Populace

Gorges’ Grouse contemplates:


What Would the Founders Think:

A Living, Breathing, Evolving . . . POPPYCOCK!

From What Bubba Knows:

Too bad to check: Project Gunrunner was funded by … the stimulus

Also found at WBK:

Look Who’s Buying Up Flood Ravaged Farm Land

Zilla’s got a killa linkfest of her own.

The War Planner:

One Big Joke..

Maggie’s Notebook:

Rush Limbaugh: Third Party if Republican Leadership Gets it Wrong

Motor City Times:

Would you trust your economy to Debbie Stabenow (Democrat-MI)?

Woman Honor Thyself:

Sept. 11 Memorial & Museum <– Charging Admission?

Doug Ross@Journal:

Holder Lied, People Died

The Conservative Pup:

Lisa Fritsch Does Not Speak For Me

The Other McCain:

The Rest Of The Twitter Townhall Story

U.S. Recognizes Southern Independence!

Sentry Journal:

Friday Ramblings: Is anyone else tired of the games the Republicans are playing?

Obi’s Sister:

got Leadership?

Left Coast Rebel:

Fiscal Responsiblity and the Debt Ceiling… Do They Not Go Hand In Hand?


Right To Work? Not in New Jersey!

Gateway Pundit:

Union Cop Suspended For Not Working Collects $75,000 in Pay While Not Working

(Where do I sign up?)

Conservative Hideout:

Holder Busted? Video Announces Operation Gun Runner-in 2009

The Classic Liberal:

Why Be Libertarian?

Atlas Shrugs:

No American Flags at GITMO in Submission to Muslim Terrorist Detainees

American Perspective:

Plant a vegetable garden, go to jail?

Eye of Polyphemus:

The Casey Anthony Verdict

And last, but not least, Go wish Red a Happy Birthday!

Have a great weekend folks, what’s left of it.

Blog update:

I’m still on self imposed blog-cation until such time as my cranial circuitry is upgraded to increase multi-tasking capabilities. This is to say, I’m still on extended leave from blogging due to a day job and spending excessive time in the studio which results in a lack of paying more than remote attention to any news of political or social context and therefore the lack of thought given to proper posting. (Ha! As if that ever stopped me before, right?) I do miss dishing out the robo-snark, but I’m also happy to be immersed in the musical world for another project. Recording is a welcome break even though I am constantly reminded of how out of practice I’ve become, both in drumming and working with the production software.

Thanks to those of you who continue to stop in and check on me. Rest assured I’m fine and haven’t been abducted by aliens (illegal or otherwise) nor have I been ‘bot-napped by agents provocateur in black helicopters.

Commies, Commies Everywhere

On the semi-political/personal front, I’ve had it with any individual that can still support Obummer and the democrats/progressives/communists/socialists/rinos. Anyone who can say with a straight face that they support these anti-American types is no friend of mine or of America for that matter. I’ve come to this decision over the last couple of years and it continues to be reinforced by their statements, accusations and actions. Concerning the state of civil discourse in America today, my experience for the most part is as “they” aptly but wrongly say, “It keeps getting worser and worser.”

Case in point:

As some of you may know by my recent Comment Policy, I’ve recently decided to disengage in debate with liberals, Kristen being one lone exception. They refuse to play by any standard rules or look honestly at the policies and politicians they support. I say this because I’ve recently banned a supposed friend from my personal Facebook page. (My personal FB page and the blog’s FB are not the same.)

The rules of Facebook should be no different than any other social situation. I expect the same treatment on Facebook that I would in my living room. Say someone posts something on my wall with the simple demand “Read this.” I read it, then point out the article’s falsehoods and twisted logic and offer refuting evidence. If said person commences with derogatory remarks, I reserve the right to kick said trouble-maker out of my house, or off my friend list. The way I see it, something posted on your own wall is open for debate. Heck, something posted on my wall is open for debate, but when the conversation declines into name calling, I draw the line at my door, or FB profile.

This scenario happened to me lately as a communist-in-denial attempted to engage in a little bait-the-robot-into-an-argument-in-his-own-living-room ploy, which in turn resulted in a de-friended and blocked ex-friend. Those that saw the short exchange might have wondered that I was a bit quick in my judgment, but I can assure them that after many such arguments over the last couple of years via email, it was the prudent choice. I will not be goaded Alynski style in my own venue. So Adeu. Ciao, Hasta la vista. Arrivederci. Au revoir. Auf widersehen. Don’t let the door hit ya where the good lord split ya, “friend.”

C’est la vie.

Fortunately, that is the first person I’ve had to make an example of.

Just out of curiosity, anyone else have similar experiences? What did you do?

Now, I’m off to do some more recording. We’ll be doing pedal steel tonight. Should be lots of fun with an old friend I haven’t seen in years. Good times ahead.

You guys hold down the fort until I get back and remember we’ve got to take a break every now and then to get charged up for 2012. At least I do.

Cheers! ~ bot

Sorry so quiet. Been busy at work during the day and at the studio at night working on a new project. This one is shaping up to be pretty intensive so blogging will likely be lite for the foreseeable future.

Hang in there. I’ll be back before you know it.

Here. Have a little Fleetwood Mac to tide you over.





I got a very nice surprise today when I discovered that Walter Hudson of News Real Blog had ranked the ‘bot as #7 in his list of Top 10 TEA Party Bloggers You Need To Read.

This was totally unexpected and greatly humbling. Thanks Mr. Hudson. I’m grateful for the acknowledgement. It’s good to know these pixellated pages are read, much less appreciated.

Another big plus is, I’ve been introduced to some unknown-to-me blogs I obviously need to visit. Out of the ten, I was familiar with only one blog listed, my new friend The Conservative Pup. Congratulations, Pupster!

Be sure to check out Walter Hudson’s piece and all of the worthy blogs he has honored.

Thanks again, Sir.

Walter Hudson also blogs at Fightin’ Words.

Quite a few bloggers have stepped into the radio world of late so here’s a little roundup of those shows for you.

First, Chris Wysocki from Wyblog and Right Wing News was interviewed on the Andre Contraversa Show. He’s got the last thirty minute slot, right after Prof. William Jacobson of the blog Legal Insurrection. Both interviews have some great conversations.

Chris has embedded the player in a post over at his place.

Next, Joy McCann of  Little Miss Attila and R. S. McCain of The Other McCain discuss feminism on DaTechGuy’s Radio Show in an ongoing feud to drive more traffic to their blogs. I think it’s working.

LMA has a post discussing the dustup and she thoughtfully included some feminist Rule 5. (Can there be such a thing?) Thanks Joy!

Stacy McCain has also posted about the debate and included a list of his previous postings on feminism.

Bonus: Roxeanne de Luca and Cynthia Yockey also make appearances on DaShow.

Now, while we’re on the subject of bloggers on the radio, I remember a show from last December featuring a couple of my favorites, the fearless Pamela Geller of Atlas Shrugs and Bob Belvedere of The Camp of the Saints, also on DaTechGuy on DaRadio. Pamela, as I recall, was on fire that day, let me tell ya.

Lastly, please note that DaTechGuy is moving to a new website so, be sure to update your links.

Congratulations to all of you guys on your excellent interviews and debates. Here’s to many more appearances in the future.

To the rest of you, happy listening!

…makes for a dull robot.

So, I’ve been playing some music and working in the studio a bit more lately.

Yesterday the family celebrated my father’s birthday. The old codger turns 70 years young today and we did it up Cajun style with some crawfish and all the fixin’s.

Lighting the fires…

Purged and ready for their last swim…

Say hello to my little friend.


Hope you’re all having a great weekend. I’ll be back blogging in a few days. Sooner if I get a wild hair.

Just this morning I changed some text to the last post about the cartoon. I felt a line or two wasn’t worded properly, so I changed it. Being as that text was of little import, it was just an intro to  a cartoon and no one is likely to quote that particular piece of drivel anyway, I don’t see any harm in revising it.

On the other hand is the case of an article to which I might like to add some corroborating information. It was published a few weeks ago, and I’m considering an addendum since I think sometimes people are hesitant to follow links provided in an article because they are in a hurry or fear their ADHD might take over (like me) and get side tracked from the topic at hand.

While pondering the addendum, I was reminded of a post over at Little Miss Attila’s place last year where she discussed some basic guidelines of blogging, and was wondering if what follows would be an acceptable form of revision rather than a re-write and/or re-publish of the article under another title or an additional piece referencing the original article, which would split them up.

For the sake of this example, I’ll use some Lorem Ipsum text:


Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Robot blathering on about something or another. Aliquam rhoncus justo in nisl dapibus sed dapibus libero auctor. Curabitur tincidunt posuere augue, ut cursus urna iaculis vel. Blather blather blather. Vestibulum viverra, ligula eget mollis aliquet, arcu orci venenatis dolor, quis aliquet quam nunc tempor felis. Sed bibendum arcu as noted in the article in The American Spectator:

This will be the added quote from the article previously linked but not quoted. Sed porttitor accumsan erat a sodales. Integer luctus dictum posuere. Proin gravida blandit nibh id fringilla. Pellentesque ut cursus nisl. Donec ultrices facilisis imperdiet. Fusce condimentum justo sed dui blandit eleifend.

Article continues verbosely meandering along…


As in the example above, the previous article is in the original text’s color and the new text will be in some color designated at the end of the article as addendum. No other changes other than whatever verbiage is necessary to include the new quote(s) in a readable manner. As mentioned earlier, the only reasons to include the quote(s) is, I feel it will help the validity of the original arguments and possibly entice some readers to actually follow the links they may not be inclined to do otherwise.

Any thoughts pro or con?

How do you handle such things at your blog?

Oh, and in case your wondering, the post I’m considering adding the quotes to is the one on treason from President’s Day.

UPDATE: Changed the words “This will be the added quote from the article previously referenced.” to “This will be the added quote from the article previously linked but not quoted.” in an attempt to clarify.

Been really busy the last few days, as both of you might have noticed. I’ll be back directly. Until then, you can put this in the too good not to share category.

I haven’t posted on the ‘Charlie Sheen winning’ debauchery because well, he’s such a publicity hound and he’s not doing himself or anyone else any favors by acting up like he is, more like being the role model from hell. Anyway, this cartoon summed it up for me.

Thanks to Sharon for the email.

Space Shuttle Discovery landed today, ending her final space mission and making her the most traveled human transport in history.

39 missions – 148,221,675 miles. SALUTE!

Space shuttle Discovery lifts off from Pad 39A at the Kennedy Space Center in Cape Canaveral, Fla., Thursday, Feb. 24, 2011. The crew of six astronauts are on an 11-day mission to the international space station. / Wilfredo Lee / Associated Press

What a great program with so many achievements. Sad to see it end. I’ve followed it from the very beginning. When I grew up in Houston, I’d pretend to be doing reports for school and write or call NASA for pictures and whatever they would send on Apollo and the Shuttle and space flight in general. Wish I still had those old photos and artist renditions of the shuttle and various spacecraft they sent me.

Let’s all drink a toast to Discovery and the fine folks of NASA.

Most of us out here still love you guys.


Image found here.

Whaddup my blogging buddies and all you lurkers out there?

Yea, I’m talking to you ‘OBammy. I know you hired a Big Brother to keep an eye on me. That’s OK, I’ve put him to work. See, last week we installed a new monitor at the studio for a stereoscopic effect. In 3D, even.

Dual monitors rule.

After tweaking the settings a bit, I’m ready for the session this weekend.

That was last week.

This past weekend, a good number of the family and I made the 3 1/2 hour (1 way) trek over the river and through the woods to Grandpa’s house for his 83rd birthday. Yours truly was the dedicated driver that day. Tuckered out was I, but not too much the next day to continue preparations for the zombie apocalypse.

Enter the Robo-Gardening mini adventure.

This was taken yesterday evening after completing the plot and framing. I was going to stand the timbers up for about 3 feet to mount a screen for a dog barrier but then I thought, why not use the entire thing as a column and put in some runners to try out some upside down tomatoes? I’ll let you know how that comes out.

Got some good soil in the plot today and will be planting in about 3 weeks to a month. I may start the UD tomatoes as soon as the nurseries put them out. We’ll see.

That’s what’s up in my little world. I’m hoping to get some *cough* real *cough* blogging done later in the week. You know how it is,  sometimes one has to put personal bidness before blogging pleasure.

Check you later in the week.



Yea! I finally issued phase one of the behemoth project for comments today. If they decide to make any changes on design principles, they’re going to have an unruly robot to deal with, let me tell ya, especially after I tried to include them in the process and was brushed off. Grrrrrr.

Oh well, such is life. Today, I’m unchained…

I know I haven’t written anything in a while. Too much going on at work and at home to commit any brain cells to the task. I’ve also been preparing for the coming zombie apocalypse and attempting to convince my closest friends that their world is about to be flipped inside out if the newly elected officials don’t turn the tide tsunami of socialist, infanticidal fantasists running rampant in the halls of government and the main stream media.

We must become hyper-vigilant to any expression of progressive thought or action and take steps to combat it immediately at every instance. We must continue to recruit the newly awakened to the cause of saving America from within. The other option will surely lead us to riots in the streets much like we witnessed recently in Greece. Make no mistake, those people took to the streets because their government sold them socialism and either a) they now realize it is a lie, that the ponzi scheme has run its course, or more likely, b) they are whining about the well running dry and want another handout. Either way, the people have become slaves to their government. The idea of self reliance has been tossed out the window.

The more recent rioting in Tunisia and Egypt, in my opinion, have less to do with socialism than outright despotism, which is the next phase of any socialistic government. Unfortunately, uprisings, even ones calling for a democratic republic can be hijacked by outside influences, as could be the case with the Muslim Brotherhood attempting to move in to take power in the coming vacuum.

The problem with socialism is that you eventually, run out of other people’s money.

There is a simple fact that must be recognized as such. Utopia can not be found or created in a world under human control or creation. Humans are flawed and anything we create will be flawed as well. Giving too much power to too few people will always and inevitably result in abuse of that power. That is why the constitution should be held as sacred. The founders knew of our imperfect nature and put safeguards in place to hold government in check, on a leash, so to speak, and like a sandstone statue in the wind, the constitution was immediately set upon by the winds of ne’er-do-wells and progressives to erode the fingers that hold that leash.

I pray for our country and our people. I’m worried about my family, my neighbors and their children if we continue on this path of gimme gimme gimme more government with no thought of where the government gets it to give and no shame in it when the receiver is aware of the deal.

Entitlements and wealth redistribution, welfare, class envy and reparations, open borders, government takeovers, political correctness, crony capitalism and over regulation by nameless, faceless minions must cease, or we will cease to exist as a sovereign nation, what’s worse is, I fear we teeter on the brink of absolute despotism should our situation decline much further. The last hundred years of constant abuse has beaten a once proud and mighty standard to the point of withering tatters. Can anyone look at the state of America and the world and honestly tell me the current model is sustainable? To do so is to lie to yourself and to your fellow Americans.

I believe:

We must return to self reliance.

We must lose the idea that equality of opportunity is the same as equality of outcome.

In the end, more than freedom, they wanted security. They wanted a comfortable life, and they lost it all – security, comfort, and freedom. When the Athenians finally wanted not to give to society but for society to give to them, when the freedom they wished for most was freedom from responsibility, then Athens ceased to be free and was never free again.

We must retake the high ground in our institutions of learning and in the halls of power, leading in word and deed in what is the right and true way to live ones life, not feeding off the labors of others but creating for oneself that which is desired.

This is what true Americans have done in the past and still wish to do, if we can shake loose the shackles our government would choke us with.

Let us honor those who have given their lives for the ideas of America’s founding by devoting our lives to the return of those principles.


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December 2022