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The Troglopundit must be stopped!

First, he throws some lighter fluid on the already flimsy kindling that is the “when did bin Laden die” conspiracy.

(BTW, I like deathers too, but sharkers might work as well.)

Now he’s attempting to put to rest every conspiracy in the book!

JFK, The Truthers, The Moon Landing, Obama’s BC (You know where I stand on that one.) and now bin Laden, all in one fell swoop!

Hey, hold on there a minute, Bucko. Leave some meat for the rest of us wolves to chew on, would ya? If you disprove all of them, then we won’t be able to milk these things for more traffic until the Danica Patrick sex tape is released.

What? There is no Danica Patrick sex tape? Heh, that’s just what they told you.

As for bin Laden, everyone knows it was Smitty, in the hide, with the sniper rifle.

And now I hear that Belvedere has found the Mother Ship, Bigfoot and Elvis. Say it isn’t so!

Oh, and here’s an FYI: According to just about everyone on Twitter, the first rule of Seal Team Six is, there is no Seal Team Six.

Got it? Good.

Stay suspicious, my friends.

It Took The Obama Admin. 4 Years to Forge A BC, and They Still Screw It Up

So, Obama released his [UPDATE 7/30/18: (Due to Obama’s presidential website being archived, the link changed. It has been updated.  Thanks to Anna G for the heads up via email)] Certificate of Live Birth (long form) this morning after 4 plus years and countless requests for the document. The only problem with it is the Adobe pdf format document posted on the White House Blog web site, when opened in Adobe Illustrator shows multiple layers of information and text which should not be the case with a photographed image. A true photograph would contain only one layer. Another question is, why leave the layers there? Surely Illustrator has a way to flatten or merge the layers into one layer. Did they just forget? The main point is,the photo has clearly been modified and or manipulated. Why?

Here is a video just linked on Twitter that shows irrefutable proof of the layers.
UPDATE: The original video has been removed for some reason. I’ve found others that show the same thing, but, to be doubly sure, I’m going to check it myself before I put up another video. – Check back in a bit.

UPDATE II: I personally downloaded a trial copy of Adobe Illustrator, and the PDF file of the BC directly from the White House blog. This video is absolutely accurate. Not sure why the other video was removed.

Personally, I think this is a Clintonesque distraction, even if it is true that he’s ineligible for the presidency. Disproving his eligibility would take a Senate willing to take on the question and that just ain’t going to happen until the next election.

So why keep the issue front and center?

It’s a ploy to keep you focused on anything other than the destruction he is wreaking on the country and the turmoil he is causing in the world with his Keynesian economics and his dangerously cavalier handling of foreign policy, which is to say, his coddling of our enemies and snubbing of our allies.

Think of the BC as Monica Lewenski. (Sorry) The Clinton trial wasn’t about oral sex. It was about lying under oath about the accusations of Paula Jones, but Clinton was able to distract the public enough to snake his way through that maze. Obama is employing the same tactic that Clinton used much more effectively. What should be much more worrisome is, if he’s willing to carry on this charade, what is he attempting to distract us from?

I’ve said it many times but it bears repeating. Barack Hussein Obama is a charlatan. The BC controversy is but further proof.

Ignore the facts at your own peril, and America’s, my friends.

My conscience is clear.


WND has more on the controversial document.

Obama: “We do not have time for this kind of silliness. We have more important things to do. I have more important things to do.” Gateway Pundit: Cocky Obama Mocks America, Tells Oprah: “I Remember Being Born in Hawaii (Video)

UPDATE II: Goomba asks “Where is the notary seal?” Thanks Kid.

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November 2022