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Howdy! Welcome to my new abode.

I’ve constructed a new nest out of some old mechanical parts laying around the shop and will be residing at these new digs for the foreseeable future. Needless to say, I was in a quandary as to how to get the most mileage out of the move and the most exposure for the new site, so I’ve decided to combine this Rule 2 link fest, with a Rule 5 cheesecake post for maximum effect. I’m hoping Smitty plays along…

Please be sure to update your bookmarks with the new site address. Visit and comment often, I’m open to critique and suggestions for any part of the site.

The new address is

Now, I wish to offer some gratuity.

To all of you listed below, I raise a frosty mug of home brewed goodness and offer a sincere Thank You! for your kindness in linking to the humble Robot. Thanks also for bearing with me as we traverse the tedious terrain that is the political landscape of present day America. Each new day is a learning experience, and I’m honored to be learning from and fighting along side all of you. True Patriots you are.

On with the Love-In:

  • The Other McCain – Smitty and Robert Stacy McCain are the Kings of the Blogosphere! Smitty and co. hold the record for giving the Robot the most traffic evah. Plus, they are really intelligent, nice guys who just happen to be great writers. What more could one ask for? (How’s that for sucking-up?)
  • iOwnTheWorld – Still Rules! Reason being, they hold the highest single day link traffic to the ‘Bot for Christmas ’09. Thanks Guys!
  • Instapundit – I know, Mr. Reynolds has never linked here, but as long as I’m in full suck-up mode, I may as well suck up to the best…

Not to say that these sites are any less worthy of linkage, but prudence dictated that I give kudos to the main traffic sources.

Also in line for a thorough thanking are, in no particular order…

BTW, the model this week, as pointed out by Russ, is Miss Shannon Richards. Her twitter feed is here. Her website can be found here.

If I missed anyone, email me and I’ll get you added to the list.

Thanks for stopping by! Check back later for further additions to the site and commentary on what ever pops into my tin-clad head.

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November 2022