Rachel Weisz

But not for long!

The Robot’sz gonna get out his Sunday-go-to-meet’n-clothes ’cause his favorite lithe and lovely British heart-throb is back on the market!

Who, pray tell, sends me into such a tither?

Why, none other than the fabulousz, fantazmagorical Rachel Weisz! Yoo Hoo! I’ll be a little late comin’ home friendsz ’cause Daddy’sz got a sweet tooth tonight!

Sorry ’bout all you losersz who don’t have a chance in hell. She’sz all mine.

Herewith, a brief primer:

Click to super size.

Heart stopping, isn’t she?

Did someone say Rule 5?

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National Cheesecake Day!

And there was much rejoicing…

What’s that? You’ve never heard of National Cheesecake Day? Well there must be one, because Chris Wy of the famous WyBlog says there is.

And we take Chris very much at his word, we do. Three of the sweetest words we will ever hear.

Both of me.

All of us.


Why are you looking at your monitor like that?

Ha! I get it.

You must be one of those cheesecake haters! How dare you turn your back on the greatly adored and forever admired, adorned with cherries and or strawberries, very much beloved, cheesecake.

I’ll have you know that the robot was raised on cheesecake and we’ll have none of that talk of banning the creamy sweetness around these parts, no-sirree.

So, with that in mind, and with a tip of the Rule 5 mechanical fedora to R.S. Mcain of The Other McCain and his trusty sidekick Smitty, the Robo-diner will now serve up some dessert in the lithe and beautifully British form of the lovely and talented Misz Rachel Weisz.

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August 2022