All Palin February

Belated Valentine’s Day greetings to my female blogging friends.

Here’s a little Heart for you. <3

First up, we’ll keep with the All Sarah-cuda February theme. (You had to know that was coming, right?):

Next, another one of all time Heart faves:

Hope you ladies had a great Valentine’s Day.

I’ll try to be a little more punctual with the gifts next year. :)


Campaign banner from Don Surber at the Daily Mail who writes:

46 years ago today, Sarah “Sally” Heath gave birth to the 45th president in Sandpoint, Idaho.

Right on.

HT Chris Wysocki

Don Surber also has some nice pictures.

The man(?) who inspired the ‘All Palin February’ by vowing not to mention Sarah Palin for the entire month fails at his own resolution – on the first day!

Via Gateway Pundit, who also has video:

WaPo leftist Dana Milbank pledged to make February a Palin Free month.
He couldn’t even make it one day.

Nicely done, Dana.

We here at the ‘Robotic Institute for All Things Sarah’ feel your pain. We ourselves have pledged to not pledge and sworn to not swear. As a matter of flak, we’ve even gone so far as to not go far enough in our hypocrisy, so, to amend this error, erroneously, and without any androgyny or mistaking of the sexes, Dana, we, meaning me, will post a photo of Mrs. Palin so that you may gaze upon a future president who, in comparison, is far more qualified by the positions she has held than the America bashing, radical muslim loving, in-gracious, lying, sack of horse manure currently sitting in the office sipping Slurpees.

So there.

How do you like them road apples?

Whoops! It appears the photographer has found a lens to the future!

How awesome is this?! ‘All Palin February’ has kicked off at iOwnTheWorld and as a Sarah Palin admiring robot of the conservative persuasion, I’m in!

This post will remain at the top of the blog until the conclusion of ‘All Palin February.’

Click the banner often!

New Robot posts will be found below.

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