This past week, Robert Stacy McCain did something most of us would not have the cojones to do. He went out on a limb to stay a few days. He bought a one-way ticket to Alaska to do some light political reporting and in the process scored an exclusive interview with the former First Dude of Alaska, Todd Palin. The piece was published by the American Spectator of which R.S. McCain is a regular contributor. Some might question the wisdom of such a move.


Personally, I think, as bloggers and interested readers, we are lucky to have access to the services of a true seasoned reporter working from the right side of the  political spectrum to help us discern the truly important issues, and candidates from the onslaught of misinformation out there. That, coupled with insightful commentary and analysis, make The Other McCain a must read for anyone who wishes to be enlightened and entertained.

Yesterday morning I clicked over to The Other McCain to find that Stacy’s visit with Todd Palin had transferred, possibly through osmosis, some primal urge to go deer hunting, with his 2004 KIA Optima(!) which, last I checked, isn’t offered with a night vision scope or laser sighting on the standard option package. No wonder the Palins keep the interviews with Todd to a minimum. We wouldn’t want that kind of macho thing catching on in the circles of say, the NYT, The Atlantic or Vanity Fair. Who knows what kind of hell on journalistic earth it would kindle.

I gather through my sources in the interwebz that Mr. McCain came through the Attack of the Whitetail ordeal with only minor injuries. The KIA, he says though, is K. I. A. An unfortunate occurrence since it was just recently repaired of engine trouble at great expense and now leaves our intrepid reporter with no visible means of motor-vation in this, the busiest time of an election cycle. I’m sure some of his readers will be moved to help out in a monetary fashion.

The other half of the most esteemed website called The Other McCain is manhandled by none other than the bagpipe wielding Smitty, a man who can wax prolific on politics, smack down some prose with the best of them and who’s help on the site I’m positive comes at a very high price, so Hit The Freaking Tip Jar!

I could go on prattling about the machismo of the virtuous and talented staff of The Other McCain for days but I find it’s best to let you, Dear Reader, find out for yourself. Head on over to The Other McCain, dictionary in hand, with full expectations of learning a thing or two about how the big boys do it.

Be sure to let ’em know an admiring robot sent you.

  • smitty September 7, 2010 at 5:31 pm

    For Heaven’s sake, MNR, I just bought a new hat!
    Now, I’ll have to go shopping for something larger.
    Seriously, thank you for your kind words. Though striving not to take myself to seriously, a little ego-grease is good for the rivets, eh?

    • mnrobot September 7, 2010 at 5:50 pm

      Hi Chris!
      “Though striving not to take myself to seriously…” ~ Personally, I think that’s what makes you guys so endearing. It makes you more accessible to your readers.
      Hope you get a few new readers out of the feature. I know that I’m probably preaching to the choir here on my site, but you never know. At the very least I wanted you and Stacy know you’re appreciated.
      Cheers back at ya,

  • Jim September 7, 2010 at 10:30 pm

    Well, of course you’re on the money here, mind-numbed robot. Not only can those boys write, they like to get out there and mix it up a little bit, going to the sources and actually talking to the people they are writing about. You know, reporting… seemingly a lost art to aspiring young journalists intent on changing the world.

    Anyway, you’re not steering your readers wrong by directing them to the rapid fire prose of Stacy McCain and Smitty.

    Plus, the linkage is good karma.

    • mnrobot September 7, 2010 at 10:49 pm

      An inspiration they are, those lads of The Other McCain. I can only aspire.
      Thanks for commenting, Jim. I’ve been laughing with you in the comments of some other blogs and at your site. You have a great wit. Keep ’em honest and laughing, Sir, that way maybe they won’t notice when we come to kick their asses out of office! :)
      As a motto, it needs some work but hey.

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