These are not mis-speaks. This is the thinking of the Obama regime.

I think this video should be viral. If you agree, then share it!

UPDATE: Beck produced this video in response to the smear tactics the left uses against Conservative candidates they are scared of such as Christine O’Donnell. They are using an off the cuff admission from Christine that she dabbled in witchcraft while a teenager in high school. Hmmm.

And now the Wiccans are getting their feelings hurt! How does that happen?

Wasn’t Mrs. Obummer introduced by a Wiccan at a fund raiser this weekend? Maybe O’Donnell should court the Wiccan vote a little more closely. ~ Nah.

Also, from the comments over at Riehl World View:

And don’t forget Obama’s first Social Secretary’s voodoo connection (which is probably how Obama got elected):

WSJ: “Desirée Glapion Rogers is the descendant of a Creole voodoo priestess named Marie Laveau Glapion…”

I’m never surprised by the depths the left will stoop to disparage an opponent. Never mind the fact that O’Donnell has since been led to Christ and is a devout Christian.

Oh. Wait. Never mind.

Also not to be missed, Carol over at No Sheeples Here has produced another outstanding piece of artistic snark you must see, so I liberated it from it’s digital bonds to decorate this wall.

  • John Carey September 20, 2010 at 10:58 pm

    Great video MNR! This should be one that people view before they go to the polling place this November. Excellent find!

  • mnrobot September 21, 2010 at 12:45 am

    Yup. Agreed. Must see video.

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  • Bunni September 22, 2010 at 9:57 am

    MNR! This is a super post and a great video from Beck! Is it on Youtube? It would be easier for me to share that way, to my subscribers. I’m tweeting this around.

    You are SO right about the depths the lefties will go to.
    Here in Chicago it’s been off the hook for a week, worse every day…..and
    today it’s even worse. These creeps are desperate, and I’m afraid, dangerous.
    I’m glad I’m a pseudonym, that’s how bad it is.

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