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Senatorial Candidate Ted Cruz speaks at FreePAC.

“We need leaders who will stand up and fight to repeal every single word of Obamacare.” – Ted Cruz


“God bless Freedomworks. God bless Texas, and God bless the TEA Party.”

God bless America.
God bless Ted Cruz.

First of all, my prayers go out to the families and the victims in Aurora Colorado where a gunman gave in to evil yesterday morning, taking the lives of many innocent Americans. In so doing, he opened the door to more evil in the hands of word twisting authors who would use this tragedy to tear away at our rights as human beings and citizens of these United States.

The gun control vultures are once again attacking the Second Amendment, suggesting that more restrictive laws haven’t proven a bad thing, which in turn implies that the Founders got it wrong. They would have us entertain the point that we’re being childish to dismiss discussion on the issue.

Well, here’s a clue for you Mr. or Mzzz “I never saw a problem that a little more regulation couldn’t make worse:” that conversation, to me and millions of other Americans, is akin to reinventing the wheel. Get used to it. Those of us who revere the Constitution consider The Second Amendment non-dilutable, solid and untouchable. Americans have already allowed too much erosion of that particular self-defense mechanism as it is, thank you not, and no matter how you attempt to veil your gun control wishes in sophistry and subterfuge it will always be recognized as tyranny. An unarmed populace are merely serfs, subjects, surrogates and servants, indentured or otherwise.

Here’s a little example from an editorial by E.J. DIONNE JR at Investors Business Daily who attempts to turn the tables on Second Amendment defenders. (Question: Why is an IBD commentator concerning himself with gun control?)

Anyone who dares to say that an event such as the massacre at a Colorado movie theater early Friday morning demands that we rethink our approach to the regulation of firearms is accused of “exploiting” the deaths of innocent people. [They are. – ed]

This is part of the gun lobby’s rote response, and the rest of us allow it to work every time. Their goal is to block any conversation about how our nation’s gun laws, the most permissive in the industrialized world, increase the likelihood of mass killings of this sort.

First, the gun lobby goes straight to the exploitation argument — which is, of course, a big lie. You can see this because we never allow an assertion of this kind to stop conversation on other issues.

Nobody who points to the inadequacy of our flood-control policies or mistakes by the Army Corps of Engineers is accused of “exploiting” the victims of a deluge.

Nobody who criticizes a botched response by the Federal Emergency Management Agency to a natural disaster is accused of “exploiting” the victims of a hurricane or a tornado.

ALERT: We interrupt this enlightening quote to question on what planet has Mr. Dionne been living for the last ten years. YES, statists on the left AND squishies on the right used the supposed inadequacies of the levees in New Orleans and the accusations of  slow response by FEMA to exploit the tragedy of Katrina for political gain when in fact it was the inaction of Mayor Nagin and or the State of Louisiana to address either issue.

Nobody who lays part of the blame for an accident on insufficient regulation of, say, the airlines or coal mining is accused of “exploiting” the accident’s victims.

Excuse me? Nice twist. We on the right are unceasingly pointing out the exploitation of victims and issues as reasons for more regulation, as should ANY person with their eyes open to the power hungry encroachment of leftist, statists like yourself. It’s issues like this horrible crime that leftists typically want to use to advantage. And oh, by the way, you’re doing so again aren’t you? So I’m calling you out on it.

No, it’s only where a gun massacre is concerned that an absolute and total gag rule is imposed on any thinking beyond the immediate circumstances of the catastrophe.

Nope. There’s obviously no gag rule, much as you’d like us to believe. The folks at IBD didn’t shut you down or censor you. Quite the contrary. And you used the space to further your scare monger agenda of more government solves problems caused by over regulation while waving the false flag of censorship. Nice straw man army you’ve got there. Do they burn?

Read the whole thing for a glimpse into the fractured reasoning(?) of someone all too willing to give up our right to self defense to gain an illusion of safety. Tragedy Of Aurora Killings Should Reopen Debate Over Gun Control –

Ignore the obvious as it suits your agenda, EJ. That won’t change the reality that more regulation wouldn’t have kept the PhD wannabe from getting his guns, especially given the obvious access to finances and the premeditated nature of the attack. Combined with the intricate booby-trapping of his house, it’s obvious this man was determined. And so would any lunatic bent on doing harm. The only thing that would have stopped this mass murderer from committing his dreadful act of terror would have been deterrence: the guarantee of force that results from less restrictive gun laws or no laws at all. Even if he would have made that fateful decision in light of deterrence, the episode could have ended sooner and with less bloodshed had a gun owner or three with opportunity and ability been in close proximity. I suspect that if you would have been there next to a proficient gun owner, you would have been thankful to a pistol packing NRA member for saving your ass.

Earlier this week, an old friend reminded me of this band from the eighties/nineties called World Party. Karl Wallinger was the crux of the thing as I recall and played most of the instruments on the studio versions of the songs. He’s also a former member of the neo(?) Celtic band The Waterboys.

Seeing World Party and Jelllyfish in Austin along with a thousand of my closest friends ranks up in my top three favorite shows. Good schtuff, that

Just for fun, try a little game of “Spot the Influence.”


You know what would be worse?

Four more years.

Twitter is a marvelous tool. On it, you can find all manner of verbosity ranging from breaking news to articles of in-depth analysis; from real-time flame wars of the rude, crude, lewd and lasciviousness variety to the Holy Word of God quoted stream of consciousness style personally tailored for the ADHD generation. In other words, it’s an ingenious trap for an information hungry robot like myself to get lost in for hours on end. And so I do.

Once in a while, I run across an article in my internet travels that stands above the rest, like it’s etched in granite on the side of a mountain, awaiting discovery by some traveling information junkie willing to follow a rusty signpost on a side-road detour.

Today, I followed one of those signposts and rounded a corner to find an honest work of personal testimony and, for me, needed motivation. Of course, I didn’t take the road completely on blind faith. I knew one of my favorite writers would be waiting for me, but it was a welcome destination to say the least.

The essay is:


Thanks to Bill Whittle for composing that piece. To say I wish I could command that kind of clarity of expression would be to understate the obvious..

Thanks also to Twitter friend @SmoosieQ for putting up the signpost.

Now, quit wasting time reading my blather. Head over to Eject! Eject! Eject! for some edification.

Side note: You can find other great works from my internet travels on the Prime page.

This holiday is a dichotomy for me. While I plan to celebrate the American ideal, I must also mourn it’s loss by erosion and atrophy. The fact is that too many Americans have abandoned their love of liberty. They either lack the courage to defend it, or know not what they’ve lost and feebly attempt to disguise their apathy or ignorance with claims of overwork and family obligations.

“I just don’t have time.” “We can’t change anything anyway.” or “I voted! What else can I do?”

While somewhat understandable due to the ‘Hate America First’ crowd populating our higher education system, this situation is absolutely unacceptable.

Pay attention, please!

What could possibly be more important than the world you leave to the family you claim to be working for?

This country was founded with the demand that we citizens hold the government accountable and as such it’s our solemn duty to be vigilant and educate ourselves; especially to question every carrot some politician offers for a block of votes.

Part of me wishes the deniers would just be truthful and admit to their selfish apathetic attitude but even then I’ve had enough of their disregard for the outright treason going on in the high halls of our government.

We should be lighting the streets of Washington DC with torches and pitchforks, pushing carts with caldrons of tar and bags of feathers for every Progressive we can lay our hands on!

Instead, most of the hapless, uneducated, indoctrinated sheeple will celebrate their faux freedoms with government approved USDA beef, cooked with EPA tested charcoal and FDA stamped BBQ sauce served on a table illuminated with gov’t mandated, mercury filled light bulbs that require a permit for disposal, powered with electricity delivered through “smart” meters that will soon be limiting the amount of power they are allowed to consume and the happy serfs will never give a moment’s thought to any of it.

“Thank you, Government for the food we are about to receive…” They may as well say.

Need a loaf of FDA approved bread and a twelve pack of pasteurized processed beer to help numb the senses to your lack of liberty? Go right ahead! You’re free to find the nearest convenience store run by immigrants who receive a tax break and subsidy but if you plan on driving that car, you’d better strap on a seat belt for your own safety. We wouldn’t want you killing yourself in an accident making you unable to pay back the insurance companies who apparently rule our lives because we’re too stoopid and incapable to do so ourselves. Not to mention, if a nice helpful revenue assessor officer of the law decides you’ve had one beer too many because the county and state need to fund a few ongoing, never-ending money pits downtown/highway/school beautification or government vote buying entitlement projects (Hey! This one’s got a job!). You’ll likely be forced to give some specimen in a twisted, technological violation of the Fifth or Fourth amendments to be used as evidence against you in a modern-day kangaroo court. (Ever hear of a No Refusal Law?)

Ah Freedom: Wonder what that felt like. You know, I think I once actually thought we were free, and slowly but surely I realized the illusion of liberty was the curtain of OZ and just like the tale, we aren’t supposed to peel that curtain back. Unfortunately, unlike Dorothy with her traveling band of truth seekers, the man behind the curtain isn’t a cute, cuddly, benevolent old man who resembles our kindly uncle. Behind the curtain, is the great and devouring leviathan, its hour come round at last, now slouching towards Bethlehem to be born. (Apologies to Yeats.)

Whatever hides beyond the veil you can be assured it has no designs for your safety or security except as a ruse to steal more of your freedoms.

Remember the phrase: “It’s for the children.”? Well guess what, we are “the children”. Get used to it. Your body is no longer your property, let alone your land, your vehicle or your actual children. The state now lays claim to them all in more ways I care to count. It takes a village alright. A village of idiots to swallow the lies we’re continually asked to believe.

Enjoy your Fourth of July, comrades.

The “transformation” is almost complete.


Note: If this seems unreasonable to you, then I emplore you to get off your ass and DO SOMETHING about it. Donate your time and money to conservative candidates, then STAY involved. We will not turn it around in one election any more than it took one election to get us here. It’s past time to be what the founders intended us to be: Educated, Informed and Involved.

A friend caught me the other day making a simple but profound mistake. While bemoaning the recent SCOTUS decision on ObamacareTax,Image stolen from I brought up the wrongness of striking down the Stolen Valor Act, which made it illegal to claim to be a war hero.

“Why do we need a law against that?” He asked. “We’ve already got laws on the books against fraud. We don’t need to pass another law every time someone gets their panties in a wad about some hot-button issue, especially when there’s usually a law already on the books to address a particular infraction.”

Much as I hate to be wrong, I was. I let my respect for our veterans cloud my judgement. I was reminded yet again to be wary of issuing laws at the whim of what seems expedient which, like my friend pointed out, usually serve to be just another tightening of the clamp around our freedoms.

Don’t let your emotional response to an issue cloud your reasoning. Of course it’s despicable to imitate a war hero or veteran, but it’s not a crime until that person uses the deception for monetary or personal gain. So in this case, the SCOTUS ruled correctly.

We must maintain vigilance over our own righteous outrages in order to be true to the real cause of liberty, even and especially if it’s speech we don’t agree with, because that is one thing distinguishing us from those that would silence our opinions just because we express dissent.

I do not agree with what you have to say, but I’ll defend to the death your right to say it. ~ Voltaire

The right to free speech is one of the many things our heroes fight for. We would do them a grave disservice by diminishing that right in the slightest, especially with some attempt to defend their honor which can never, ever be stolen by anyone.

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