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Carol at No Sheeples Here is doing us all a great service by promoting the ladies who promote team spirit and the spirit of competition that made this country great. Thanks to Carol for allowing us a bit of distraction from the politics of the day. And thanks to the fearless General Robert “Bob” Kurtz Belvedere of The Camp of the Saints for judging the festivities. Dangerous work, that.

Seeing as how I won the first round, I don’t hold too much hope for a victory in the second. However, that doesn’t mean I won’t give it the olde college try, IYKWIMAITYD.

So, without further ado, here are my entries for Round II:

Note: Some of these get waaaaay bigger with the single use of your clicker.

For some reason, I feel a sudden urge to go swimming, or boating, or something.

Be sure to check out the Sweater Puppies Contest roundups at Carol’s place:

The Announcement

While We Wait…

Round One Winners and Contestants Roundup

We now return you to your regularly scheduled Rule 5 programming, courtesy of The Other McCain.


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From the TEA Party Patriots website:

Continuing Revolution RallyCR Rally
When: Thursday, March 31, 2011 at 12pm

Robert A. Taft Memorial, Washington, DC (North West of the Capitol Building, Directly West of Upper Senate Park). Click on map to go to Google for directions.


Patriots across the nation spoke loudly last November.  You voted for change.  You voted for real fiscal leadership.

Unfortunately Washington doesn’t get it.  President Obama and the Reid Senate continue to ignore the fiscal crisis while the House dithers around the edges of spending cuts.  We need bold leadership and we need it now.  IT’S TIME TO ACT.  Join us on the National Mall this week to turn up the heat on entrenched Washington politicians.

Tell them:

  • You want the full $100 billion in cuts they promised
  • You want $105 billion for Obamacare implementation cut now.
  • You expect the courage to lead us out of the financial hole Washington has dug.

Join the Tea Party Patriots Continuing Revolution Rally on the National Mall this Thursday.

While American families have been forced to pair back their budgets President Obama doubles down on costly programs like Obamacare and high speed trains we can’t afford.  This week Harry Reid will participate in a rally to protect entitlements.  That’s not leadership.  That’s just plain irresponsible governing.

We can’t kick this can down the road again.  It’s time to make a stand and put the screws to the Washington establishment.  Join the Continuing Revolution this week.

Confirmed Speakers:
Tea Party Patriots Co-Founder Jenny Beth Martin,Rep Mike Pence (IN), Rep. Michele Bachmann (MN), Rep. Steve King (IA), Rep. Louie Gohmert (TX), Rep. Raul Labrador (ID), Rep. Joe Walsh (IL), Rep. Ted Poe (TX), Rep. Allen West (FL) Rep. Jim Jordan (OH), Rep. Tom Graves (GA), Andrew Langer, President of The Institute for Liberty, Colin Hanna, Founder of Let Freedom Ring, NY Times Best Selling Author and Commentator Dick Morris


It appears the livestream is encountering some difficulty.

Watch Live On C-SPAN. <— UPDATE rally is archived at the link.


Photo’s from the event.

So there. You may as well give up all hope for winning the second round too ’cause, you know, I cheat.

But when I cheat, we all win.

Thanks to Carol and Bob, of the Belvedere, to whom I paid grossly obscene amounts of imaginary monies in order to affect their unquestionable, peculiar, impeccabilties.

And to garner blog hits.

Speaking of blog hits, The Trogolator, his-own-self, passed the million-hit milestone this weekend.

And if you’ve ever passed the One Million-Hit Milestone, you know just how painful it is…

…for the rest of us.

– Parrump-ump-ump.

Be sure to visit No Sheeples Here for the full run down of the School Spirit Sweater Puppy Schema and info on how to enter the fray.

…makes for a dull robot.

So, I’ve been playing some music and working in the studio a bit more lately.

Yesterday the family celebrated my father’s birthday. The old codger turns 70 years young today and we did it up Cajun style with some crawfish and all the fixin’s.

Lighting the fires…

Purged and ready for their last swim…

Say hello to my little friend.


Hope you’re all having a great weekend. I’ll be back blogging in a few days. Sooner if I get a wild hair.

Glenn Beck has uncovered a former(?) SEIU member plotting to wage economic warfare on US banks.

In the video, Glenn finds a

former SEIU leader Steven Lerner lays out a plan to attack JP Morgan Chase.

More Cloward – Piven?

Can you say treason? Sure you can. But who will pursue it?

More from Glenn Beck.


Doug Ross asks: “Didn’t FDR execute a few people for doing what this ex-SEIU official is caught on tape espousing?”


The Conservative Lady has updated her post on this as well: Rep. Chaffetz Sends Letter to AG Holder; Secret Plan to Destabilize America – Economic Terrorism

Is it too early to post another entry?


Ra Ra Rawr.

Be sure to check out the March Madness Sweater Puppies Contest at No Sheeples Here,  and more Rule 5 action at The Other McCain.


Adrienne Palicki New Wonder Woman?

Bob observes the distinctions in costumery with his usual… astute-ery.

TOM brings a bevy of bodacious babe links.

American Perspective found Shakira acting wolfish.

Proof Positive threatens to increase the babe-age. (Is that a promise?)

Not Rule 5 but  how can you ignore this title? —> I Want To Be A Manic Pixie Dream Girl

Gator Doug brings Linkfest-a-palooza.

Maggie has a very lovely bond girl.


Is William Teach accusing me of having man-boobs?

Sorry for that visual.

Rinse your head out with this from The Watcher: Kristen Bell

American Power doubles down: “Rule 5 hotness along with some counter-jihad blogging.”

Kinetic… sweater… puckies?

What a concept.


How cool is this?

The tough choices have to be made. No matter what your political stripe. I don’t know if air strikes are the way to go here, but I’m not the one sitting in the oval orifice.

So O-bomb-a, rather than leading, follows the French and the UN. Tell me again how any of this makes America or O-bomb-a look better in the eyes of the world?

Wait. That was a rhetorical question.

R.S. McCain is also questioning the selective outrage and the outragers.

Meanwhile, The Rhetorican:

What’s missing? The ubiquitous sense of outrage in every nook and cranny of Leftie-dom that we couldn’t stop hearing back in 2003, before troops even started packing for Iraq.

True: The outrage is not “ubiquitous,” but what are lefties like Michael Moore going to do? They got nowhere to go. They backed the most left-wing nominee in the Democratic Party’s history — yes, Obama is further left than McGovern or Dukakis — and actually managed to get him elected. And the result is . . . ??

We’re still in Iraq and Afghanistan. Guantanamo is still in business. Bradley Manning is stripped naked in solitary confinement. Now, another military adventure. You’d think that people who’d been so blatantly screwed over, bamboozled, sold out, ripped off and stabbed in the back would eventually wise up.

But then again: They’re liberals.


Personally, I don’t think O-bomb-a would have called for air strikes on Libya unless it served his political purpose. He may just be bowing to international pressure and hoping to use this for capital later on down the road. He certainly didn’t take any great stand on the issue in the previous weeks, aside from the posturing and speeches with his adminstruation speaking from both sides of the issue thus confusing all parties as to what stance America was going to take.

I believe he wants all unrest in the middle east to continue. It serves as distraction to his radical domestic agenda and if you think he’s going to do anything that helps Israel that he isn’t forced to, then you haven’t been reading the tea leaves properly.


I swear I hadn’t read Instapundit’s article before I wrote that headline.

And there was much rejoicing.

Carol, of the blog No Sheeples Here has opened the Second Annual March Madness Sweater Puppy Contest to pick the best cheerleading attire and whomever represents their school in the most wholesome and attractive way. Or something.

Personally, I welcome the competition and promise to leave no stone unturned to find the breast ladies for the contest.

Luckily for us, the contest will be co-judged by a man with  unquestionable impartiality and who possesses  impeccable taste in Rule 5 goodness, General Robert “Bob” Belvedere of The Camp of the Saints fame.

Now then, to show that I have no particular bias, I’ll post a photo of a lovely Duke Daisy first.

Grovel, grovel.




Hey! Those aren’t cheerleaders!

That’s right.

I cheat.

(Showing my March Madness ignorance here, is a Texas college even in the thing? Not that I really care…)

I’ll be updating this post with other Sweater Puppy and Rule 5 entries as the weekend progresses so check back later. Right now, I’m off to do some recording.


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Just this morning I changed some text to the last post about the cartoon. I felt a line or two wasn’t worded properly, so I changed it. Being as that text was of little import, it was just an intro to  a cartoon and no one is likely to quote that particular piece of drivel anyway, I don’t see any harm in revising it.

On the other hand is the case of an article to which I might like to add some corroborating information. It was published a few weeks ago, and I’m considering an addendum since I think sometimes people are hesitant to follow links provided in an article because they are in a hurry or fear their ADHD might take over (like me) and get side tracked from the topic at hand.

While pondering the addendum, I was reminded of a post over at Little Miss Attila’s place last year where she discussed some basic guidelines of blogging, and was wondering if what follows would be an acceptable form of revision rather than a re-write and/or re-publish of the article under another title or an additional piece referencing the original article, which would split them up.

For the sake of this example, I’ll use some Lorem Ipsum text:


Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Robot blathering on about something or another. Aliquam rhoncus justo in nisl dapibus sed dapibus libero auctor. Curabitur tincidunt posuere augue, ut cursus urna iaculis vel. Blather blather blather. Vestibulum viverra, ligula eget mollis aliquet, arcu orci venenatis dolor, quis aliquet quam nunc tempor felis. Sed bibendum arcu as noted in the article in The American Spectator:

This will be the added quote from the article previously linked but not quoted. Sed porttitor accumsan erat a sodales. Integer luctus dictum posuere. Proin gravida blandit nibh id fringilla. Pellentesque ut cursus nisl. Donec ultrices facilisis imperdiet. Fusce condimentum justo sed dui blandit eleifend.

Article continues verbosely meandering along…


As in the example above, the previous article is in the original text’s color and the new text will be in some color designated at the end of the article as addendum. No other changes other than whatever verbiage is necessary to include the new quote(s) in a readable manner. As mentioned earlier, the only reasons to include the quote(s) is, I feel it will help the validity of the original arguments and possibly entice some readers to actually follow the links they may not be inclined to do otherwise.

Any thoughts pro or con?

How do you handle such things at your blog?

Oh, and in case your wondering, the post I’m considering adding the quotes to is the one on treason from President’s Day.

UPDATE: Changed the words “This will be the added quote from the article previously referenced.” to “This will be the added quote from the article previously linked but not quoted.” in an attempt to clarify.

Been really busy the last few days, as both of you might have noticed. I’ll be back directly. Until then, you can put this in the too good not to share category.

I haven’t posted on the ‘Charlie Sheen winning’ debauchery because well, he’s such a publicity hound and he’s not doing himself or anyone else any favors by acting up like he is, more like being the role model from hell. Anyway, this cartoon summed it up for me.

Thanks to Sharon for the email.

… who’s blog turns five years young today. I always enjoy reading her ‘forceful’ yet thoughtful prose and analogies.

Is it some strange coincidence that today is also Einstein’s birthday and Pi Day? That’s some kind of cosmic trifecta there, methinks.

Be sure to head over to her place and wish the Jedi Princess a happy blogiversary and many more to come.

And save me some Pi, please.

Prayers for Japanese people and all affected by this horrible catastrophe.

Visit Gateway Pundit for more updates and video.

MASSIVE 8.9 QUAKE HITS JAPAN; 24 Foot High Tsunami Slams Coast; Warnings issued for entire West Coast; Stunning Videos Emerge

After Shock: Bullet Train & Cruise Ship Missing in Japan

Heartbreaking… Japan News Says 88,000 Are Missing – 1,000 Feared Dead

Breaking: Pressure Building at Japanese Nuclear Reactor; *Update* Radiation Levels 1,000 times the normal level *Update* Thousands Evacuated


More from Frugal Cafe: Japan’s Devastation Grows: Deadly Earthquake, Tsunami, and Now, Nuclear Power Plant Explosion — Thousands Dead or Missing (video)

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