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Our rabble rousing friends over at Washington Rebel have relocated their lair. No doubt an attempt to fool the noses of the government’s internet snoop doggy dogs. In the process of moving, the rebellious crew have taken some liberties with the local women folk, snapping photos of them in, shall we say, compromising positions.

Well done sirs. Well done.

The Rebel appears to be expanding the roster of fine writers at the new digs as well. The more the merrier, eh? Too much is never enough? Too much of a good thing is usually a great thing. You know, that whole sum of the parts is greater than the holy cow she’s hot!

Be sure to update your blogrolls and if you haven’t done so, place Washington Rebel prominently in your bookmarks.

Rebel brothers, I thought you might need some help getting unpacked and sorting out your files so, I’ve taken the liberty of calling the steno pool.

A word. Peeping through windows with an SLR to your eye and a beer in your hand is no way to go through life, son.

But it’s  a hell of a way to entertain your  friends.

Congratulations on the new site!

Stolen from Right Klik:
B.J. Lawson wins this week’s “Ten Buck Fridays” poll.
B.J. Lawson is a young physician from North Carolina (NC-04) who was running against an entrenched liberal incumbent back in 2008, back before it was so cool to do so. Dr. Lawson has returned in 2010, riding the red wave that promises to sweep away liberals all over the country.
Lawson has been endorsed by the U.S. Senate’s most courageously stubborn defender of the Constitution, Tom Coburn (R-OK).

Senator Tom Coburn, the leading Medical Doctor in the U.S. Senate endorsed B.J. Lawson today.

“Our health care system is broken, and has only been made worse by this administration’s actions. Americans face skyrocketing medical costs with declining quality and availability due to oppressive big government policies.
Reversing these trends demands leadership that will return health care to patients and physicians, and get government and insurance bureaucracies out of our exam rooms.

I’m proud to endorse Dr. William (B.J.) Lawson in his campaign for Congress in North Carolina’s 4th District. As physicians, we have sworn to uphold the Hippocratic Oath — putting patients first, and above all else, doing no harm. As public servants, we swear to uphold the United States Constitution and protect the freedoms of the American people. Dr. Lawson will stand with me in the United States Congress in support of these sacred principles.

I hope that conservative bloggers across the country will join me in promoting and supporting B.J. Lawson for Congress. If you can, please send a few dollars his way…

Donate to B.J. Lawson here.

B.J. Lawson’s campaign website.

Never mind the fact that we have a president who subverts the very documents we celebrate today by appointing czars and creating government organizations through executive order that are unaccountable to the people who pay their salaries. Never mind the fact that he swore an oath to uphold the very Constitution he walks on.

Today let us pledge to re-read the Constitution, it’s quite short, really. What it does, in just a few pages, is limit the powers of government with relation to it’s citizens, not grant rights to them. It states implicitly that the rights we enjoy are granted from our creator, not the government, and the government’s place is to protect those rights from encroachment by other citizens, corporations, or other governments including our own. It creates a self limiting government to serve the will of the people, not a ruling class, empowered to rule by decree and ignore the rule of law.

Let’s empower ourselves to re-establish the government envisioned in that Constitution by learning the tools the Founders gave us to combat the tyranny that resides in men, for it is ever present, always ready to throw bonds of slavery upon a sleeping giant. It is past time for the giant to awake. We’ve been hitting the snooze button for far too long.

God Bless America, and the citizens who protect her.

Here are a few links:

The Declaration of Independence

The United States Constitution

The Bill of Rights

The Federalist Papers

Constituting America – an organization for parents, teachers, students and anyone else interested in learning about the Constitution.

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