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This week’s Rule 5 features a lithe and sultry young lass.

I’ve always had a secret attraction to Pink, the little spunky punk/pop rocker. She’s both adorable and fearless at once. She’s got a drive to be something bigger than herself that’s for sure and her music is not too bad either, and that’s coming from an old school rocker. I saw a feature on Palladia the other day called Carnival that would put even the biggest Lady GaGa production to the test.

Shut up ‘bot! Get on with the pictures!

Ok, Ok! Geez. Hold yer freaking horses already…

Beware the LBD.

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There’s a whole herd of ’em gathering over there Jed. Looks like  they’re settin’ up camp and spreadin’ out for a long stay. They even put out a sign that says Right Network. What do you make of it?

Well, it can only mean one thing, son. Those right wing radicals are diggin’ in. I reckon they mean to stay and do battle with them thar Socialist types that holed up over thar in the White House and hunkered down in the Congress.

You think we need to join ’em? I mean, there’s quite a few of ’em, do you think they could use some help?

Best just to watch ’em for now, and pay close attention. You never know what those vast right wing conspiratorial types are going to do. I’m sure some smoke signals will come from the compound when they get all settled in.  It’s kind-of exciting though, to watch that bunch of pilgrims set up shop. Judging from the list of conspirators this should be more fun than a Mensa kegger.

From Right Klik:

Ten Buck Fridays is proud to announce that Stephen Broden is the winner of this week’s TBF poll. Broden demonstrates a profound understanding of the compelling issues that are at stake in the upcoming election.

Pastor Broden in 2009:

I’ve just made my donation to Stephen Broden’s campaign for Congress. Please join with me and the over 80 TBF blogs and patriots in support of conservative candidates who will fight for us in the halls of Congress.

Mr. Broden’s donation page is here.

Please make a note of Ten Buck Fridays somewhere on the donation form.

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