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My buddy The CL over at the Classic Liberal has a great post documenting the plight of some American farmers defending themselves against government raids. Another friend sent me an email that referenced one of the very same sites CL does. What a coincidence eh?
That site is the Farm to Consumer Legal Defense Fund.

Funny thing is, the farm subsidies the government has been handing out over the years has caused another problem of helping to put smaller farms out of business while paying money to people who aren’t even farmers. Here we go again with another problem caused by big government. I don’t have to wonder what their answer will be this time. More government, I’m sure.

Befrore you jump on me for using JCM’s viodeo, I’m aware that Mr. Mellencamp has a few problems of his own in the mid-west as far as government subsidies go. I just like the song.

Subsidies are just like any other government program, it starts off sold with the best of intentions, only to become the enemy of those it was meant to help.

Wouldn’t you know it… Obi’s Sister takes the time to pass out a gracious honor to your humble Robot and all he11 breaks loose around the homestead, causing the posting to be lighter than usual.

Thank you, Jedi Princess for making the ‘bot your featured blog this week. I’ll try to merit your confidence with some substantive posting as soon as time allows.

Meanwhile, here’s a little something from the email  grab bag…

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