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There has to be more than 25. Although, to the author’s credit, he did admit there are probably more.

Hat Tip: Flying War Pigs and Amusing Bunni.

National Cheesecake Day!

And there was much rejoicing…

What’s that? You’ve never heard of National Cheesecake Day? Well there must be one, because Chris Wy of the famous WyBlog says there is.

And we take Chris very much at his word, we do. Three of the sweetest words we will ever hear.

Both of me.

All of us.


Why are you looking at your monitor like that?

Ha! I get it.

You must be one of those cheesecake haters! How dare you turn your back on the greatly adored and forever admired, adorned with cherries and or strawberries, very much beloved, cheesecake.

I’ll have you know that the robot was raised on cheesecake and we’ll have none of that talk of banning the creamy sweetness around these parts, no-sirree.

So, with that in mind, and with a tip of the Rule 5 mechanical fedora to R.S. Mcain of The Other McCain and his trusty sidekick Smitty, the Robo-diner will now serve up some dessert in the lithe and beautifully British form of the lovely and talented Misz Rachel Weisz.

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This week marks the first time that a candidate I nominated did not win the TBF poll, but I’m not upset about it. John Faulk made a great showing and I’m glad to see the many Faulk supporters out there who wish to dethrone Queen Sheila J. Lee.

I will, as promised, be donating to both of these worthy campaigns.

Mister Faulk also had a bit of fun with the straw poll, showing what a true gentleman he is. For the details on that and the info on the winner, Patricia Sullivan, I surrender the virtual podium to my worthy colleague, Right Klik:

For much of this week, I was wondering what we would do if our TBF poll ended with a tie. Patricia Sullivan and John Faulk were literally deadlocked almost every time I peeked at the poll results.
Making it even more interesting, Sullivan and Faulk made an intriguing deal. Now I’m looking forward to seeing Mr. Faulk in one of Patricia’s tee shirts!
Sullivan and Faulk both worked very hard for your vote, and I want to thank both of them for their good-natured rivalry. I wish them both the best of luck in their quest to unseat two of the most vile leftists in Congress.
In the final hours of this week’s poll, Patrica Sullivan pulled ahead for the victory, so now we focus our attention on her. If Sullivan wins the primary election on August 24, she will go on to face the loathsome Alan Grayson in November. If Sullivan is to succeed, she will certainly need your love, support, and appreciation, but she will also need some cold hard cash.
“But RightKlik,” you exclaim, “I don’t live in Sullivan’s district, and I’m not really keen on this idea of giving up a portion of my walkin’ around money for conservative candidates.” Well, Maggie has a few words for you.
Please give generously to Patricia Sullivan so she can go on with her noble work. I want to hear about some big numbers from Patricia’s people next week!
Patricia’s Donation Box is on the very front page of her website. Contribute to Patricia Sullivan for Congress:
Don’t forget to label you donation “Ten Buck Fridays”
Make your donation to Patricia Sullivan here.
Patricia Sullivan info:
“Thank you Patriots! Although it was an honor just to be nominated, we are thrilled that YOUR hard work and networking handed us a BIG WIN in the Ten Buck Fridays’ poll! Blogs will be spreading the word and you can too. Donate $10 and help us stay on pace to beat Alan Grayson!”

“Patricia Sullivan Won! My congratulations to Ms. Sullivan, a worthy opponent, who campaigned hard and got her base out! Losing to the future CongressMOM FL-8 was an honor. We all need to help her as much as we can. My leadership PAC will be making a contribution to her cause. I hope all of you will do the same. As the loser, I will follow through and post a picture of me in Ms. Sullivan’s campaign Tee shirt! GO GET’EM PATRICIA!”
More updates

You say that chart only portrays about one-third of the ObamaCare monstrosity?

That’s not an elephant in the living room, it’s the whole effing  herd!

Thanks Walking Horse, for another enlightening assessment.

with a raft made of empty plastic bottles, picking up more as we went farther out to sea…

as opposed to building some multi-million dollar duck-taped junk-traption to make your “green” statement.

I’d be more impressed if they constructed the boat from trash they found on the ocean while they were sailing. Now that would be a lot more productive.

More from misterpterodactyl who’s filling in for some unfrozen caveman.

Hey, have you noticed the Shoppe tab? There’s cool stuff in there you can use to annoy your liberal friends!

The vast army of supermodels slaving away in the robot’s basement have at long last produced the soon to be infamous Robo-Tees. Those robotic vixens used their feminine wiles on me and convinced me to change my mind about the size spread.

The sizes now offered are: M, LG, XL, XXL, and XXXL. The XXL and XXXL cost more from the shirt manufacturer, so those are a bit more than my original estimate of 20 dollars a shirt. I’ll still pick up the tab for shipping and sales tax.

The best news is that, all of the shirts come with a fancy American flag on the label because they were manufactured here in the good-old US of A. Woo Hoo!

As a side note, I’m new to this whole e-tail thing so, if you encounter a problem in the Shoppe, please let me know.

If you have any questions or suggestions, you can leave it in the comments, or email me at


Now, go get yourself some swag!

From the spambot:

Your title “announcing robot tshirts…” is just great, other webmaster should take it from you..

Heh, why thank you spaminator, I thought so too. Some other webmaster better not though. That phrase is copyrighted.

Speaking of T-Shirts, I’m hopefully going to take possession of said Tees soon. I expected to have them in my mechanical mitts before now but things never proceed as anticipated.

On another note,

I know posting has been spotty of late. I’ve been covered in work and outside stuff. Please take the time to peruse the Prime tab and the mighty blogroll is always a good reference, as is this weeks featured blog.

I’m hoping things will normalize around the beginning of next week.


Helpful hint from Heloise: If you want more junk in your spam trunk, just do a post entitled “Spambots R Fun.” – Yep, that’ll do it. DOH!

Do not try this at home kids. Leave it to the professional idiots, like me.

From the Robo-mail bag:

The Peter Morrison Report

Summary of this week’s report:

The people of Arizona are attempting to defend their state from a
massive invasion of illegal invaders that has brought crime,
poverty and skyrocketing costs for welfare and other public
services. Barack Obama’s Department of Justice has gone to court
to try to have SB 1070 invalidated. This is not just Arizona’s
fight; we are all in this together, and we must stand with Arizona
if we are to keep all of America from turning into a third world
country. Unfortunately, while Rick Perry has spoken in support of
Arizona, he continues to insist that Texas doesn’t need an
Arizona-style law to deal with our own illegals crisis. Please
send Governor Perry a fax and let him know he can no longer waffle
on this critical issue:

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Matt, the proprietor of the blog Conservative Hideout has shown himself to be a great friend to this lowly robot over the last few months through his helpful re-tweeting and constant linkage. Plus he’s just an all around nice guy with a great passion for our country and the cause of conservatism. So this week Matt, or as he is known on Twitter, “MrEvilMatt” and his blog are hereby awarded the dubious honor of Featured Blog of the Week. Please be sure to click the mini banner at the top right often. You will be rewarded with a pot of gold and a leprechaun.

Thanks also to all of you who clicked through to last weeks featured blog, “Caught Him With A Corndog.” I hope you played nicely over in Red’s neck of the woods.

Happy Sunday patriots! The latest poll is up and running on the sidebar.

Another outstanding list of nominees for this weeks TBF poll. I’ve nominated John Faulk from Texas’ 18th District, who is running against the disgrace that is Congresswomaaaaan Sheila Jackson Lee.

If you reside in Texas I would urge you to at least consider placing your vote for John Faulk. I normally don’t press readers to vote one way or another in these polls, but in my opinionated opinion the Congresswomaaaaan needs to go and Mr. Faulk will be an excellent choice. I will say that no matter who wins the poll this week, along with my TBF donation, I’ll personally be making an extra donation to Mr. Faulk’s campaign.

Mr. Faulk’s YouTube page here.

John Faulk on the issues here.

As is normally the case, Right Klik has the complete roundup of information on all of the very worthy nominees.

He also adds some reminders:

Contribute to last week’s winner, Chip Cravaack.
What form of government would you prefer?
Lilac Sunday: My email to Rush Limbaugh
Tell the big talkers about TBF:

Steve at Motor City Times has a great post today noting the similarities between today’s governmental encroachment on our freedoms, the bloated bureaucracy we deal with every day and the foreboding warnings from the father of our country.

I’ve written more than once on this very speech. George Washington was indeed a prophet and sayer of soothes.

As Steve points out:

On November 2nd, 2010, Americans will go to the polls for the most important mid-term election in years.  Politicians and professional punditry say this sort of thing every two years. However, things have changed.

With increasing frequency,  elected officials are acting less like representatives and more like members of a Junta.  Ask the Speaker of the House of Representatives where in the United States Constitution they get the authority to do X or Y and she scoffs at the question then arrogantly retorts with “are you serious?”

Yes, we are serious.

Damn skippy we are.

The founders studied these issues with an intensity we would do well to mimic and  strive to duplicate. Washington was prophetic in many things he spoke of in that speech. Almost every point he warned us of has come to pass.  As the Teacher points out in Ecclesiastes, “There is nothing new under the sun.” We would do well to remember this fact and to not discount the wisdom of the men who crafted this, the most unique and fair system of government ever conceived and implemented by man. So unique they believed as I do, that it was divinely inspired.

Steve has taken away several important points from Washington’s words that deserve your attention. Please take the time to read his reminder as to why we write and fight.

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